Wang Feng gives new song to bump into recreation to encircle attestation of important matter Zhang Z

The husband of Zhang Ziyi of international giant star, famous rock and roll singer bark peak, go up to have a fokelore all the time as his of musical person body, often roll out new work namely, perform art circle to be able to give a major issue, he goes out piece the message can be gone by the lid, land net gave him even exclusive noun " Wang Feng sends a song to have big melon surely " , breathe out continuously he is to want to mount hot search most the first man that never can get however, and he rolled out new special recently " care without the person " , not only bumped into Mao Xiaotong to expose to the sun old love Chen Xiang steals incident of raw meat or fish, still explode give special cover to borrowed, and bark peak atelier clarifies along with late statement, zhang Ziyi also force holds out husband, laugh say: " my husband goes a song not only and produce melon " .

Wang Feng gives new song to bump into recreation to encircle attestation of important matter Zhang Ziyi surely:

Wang Feng rolled out new special recently, arrive from musical quality topic sex, make sufficient enter preparation of perfect of hot search first, he invites Zhang Yi of male round God to promote, actual strength sends gabby singer GAI to cooperate, special of elaborate also arrangement is premonitory with conduct propaganda, thinking of new special is returned finally is deviate main shaft, not only send a day to bump into recreation to encircle big the Eight Diagrams again, return cover of special be explodinged to borrowed medicinal powder the disc that person band rolled out 2019 " call out " cover.

After the accident, immediately of bark peak atelier issued statement, show legal statement and copyright relevant proof, express " care without the person " the work that cover is illuminated is Mexican cameraman Cristian Newman, before this not accredit has made commercial use to other, and bark peak job is copyright license was obtained in January this year, wang Feng and group stem from commercial purpose is the whole world is exclusive use solely, " if have tort action, wang Feng and its group will uphold oneself copyright right lawfully " , zhang Ziyi also is passed sent this article, force holds out Wang Feng: " my husband too meeting, give a song to still produce melon not only " .

Wang Feng is troubled by this time piece borrowed disturbance, let new special get on several to heat up search, but not be the first, review the past, wang Feng gives collect to bump surely perform art group major issue, almost hundred test and verify, the streak before him is premonitory make newly " care without the person " when, explode with the day scandal of acting pregnant of bright giving Zheng, came then incident of pregnant of Hua Chenyu, Zhang Bichen secret, former work has bumped into Li Xiaolu and PGONE close Guan Xuan of Guan Xiaotong identifying love, Zhao Liying marries an outflow, Lu Han Feng Shaofeng, Yang Mi explodes secret loves Wei Daxun, this time new special is released that day, it is Mao Xiaotong makes public recording archives to confirm old love armor of off the rails river is the same as Chen Xiang, let a lot of netizens laugh called want the melon that eats to perform art circle for a short while, decisive the small gain that trails Wang Feng.

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