THE9 concert makes group behind the curtain: How to build for them " super- imagination " dream

Late on March 26 at 8 o'clock, THE9 " the city of false or true " be enmeshed type is fictitious concert the first " day · creates a dream " be about to pull open heavy curtain. Become first concert after the group as THE9, the arena that applies XR technology this to make suffers fully fix eyes upon. From already commentate in light of the video that go out and placard stock, included the ten shows setting such as the city that extends the cosmic galaxy, skyscraper that hangs, indefinitely, prospective feeling and feeling of science and technology are pulled full. The XR technology that uses the whole world that compare a shoulder makes fictitious arena, this THE9 concert got the wide attention of vermicelli made from bean starch and discuss. As we have learned, this concert Guan Xuan makes an appointment inside 24 hours the quantity that buy a ticket is broken through 100 thousand, appeared even the second kills a hostage " sky of one second carry out, one ticket is begged hard " grand occasion.

THE9 concert makes group behind the curtain: How to build for them " super- imagination " dream

THE9 concert makes group behind the curtain: How to build for them " super- imagination " dream

Why can a fictitious concert ferment quickly inside short time after all, does the collective that gets an user cluster round? The answer is it knows new generation youth quite.

The youth grows in Internet environment rise, they are gone after more individuation, interactive the recreation that change consumes an experience. Surprise in love art vice-president Yang Haitao looks, "Curtilage culture " the youth below has a network interactive demand, and be opposite the evaluation of content is more objective, they are happy to accept science and technology, the hug changes, beg to appealing to interactively more intense. "When if the youth is in,watching video, finger does not do a few movements to be met very afflictive. " the understanding that the executive producer Wu Lei of concert also spoke of interactive to young user behavior likewise.

The essence that is based on pair of youths just about has an insight into definitely, love is strange art rely on technical innovation and content production advantage, THE9 first concert " move " arrived on the line fictitious arena, use XR technology and LED of class of movie and TV to change the fictitious technology that make realistically at the same time first through the whole world, realize barrage of fictitious arena, fictitious pavilion, AR to interact wait for a variety of forms, youth of sufficient contented new generation is mixed to the curiosity of science and technology to be enmeshed type interacts the demand of the experience.

In discussing the metabolic course that the technology brings to content, the change that how sees those who entertain an user watch behavior and psychology are you?

Yang Haitao: The first, contemporary recreation of the youth more and more curtilage, have the psychology with interactive network and action demand; The 2nd, present the Cenozoic Era as standard of living rise, did not have poor gene basically, they will be more objective to the judge of content, won't blind pursuit, they can view this world more objectively with bona fide, accept science and technology, accept the life, pay close attention to culture more even. The concert just begins, the manier content that we were not done, it is to bring better content to consume a form to the youth.

THE9 concert makes group behind the curtain: How to build for them " super- imagination " dream

Did the youth's content consume a habit what to change produce?

Wu Lei: When group of whole and young user uses video of be expected to rise of mobile phone APP, his watch behavior and habit and our tradition to watch TV different, the tradition just sees TV, when new generation youth looks, meeting hair barrage polls or nod assist, such a lot of interactive behavior, the young audience that we see next generation won't have resembled was being defended euqally in the past the program sees before the television.

Traditional concert scene can bring very strong experience sense to the audience really, but the limitation that gets present ground and number, cannot be accomplished and star close quarters is contacted, interactive feeling sells at a discount greatly. In the technology add hold below, this the concert on the line installed big screen of figure of exclusive and fictitious attend a banquet, fictitious spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else, spot to interact even the line in real time, the spot is the same as frequency substance to answer aid club a variety of playing law, bring brand-new interactive experience to the user. "We can let 325 people follow at the same time direct seeding is executed to connect a line between THE9, become issue of game, answer together, OK also and online chat, the concert below the line accomplishs this without method. " when the advantage that speaks of the concert on the line, wu Lei such say.

"The delay time that should accomplish this to must want to accomplish a program is real time, with calling delay time it is same. " love is strange art chief technology officer holds fundamental framework and intelligent content concurrently to issue a career group president Liu Wenfeng is analysed from technical level. Look in him, no matter be traditional concert or direct seeding,can have a few seconds even delay time of a few minutes, cannot accomplish online real time to interact, and this the concert can accomplish the interactive real time sex on the line, also be very new experience to the user.

THE9 concert makes group behind the curtain: How to build for them " super- imagination " dream

"Our arena is full of imagination, I can make it abrupt turn desert, building into the top is an image space even. Issue dance beauty than traditional line, the concert on the line has more imagination and reveal a space, this is the innovation that the technology comes to. " total director Tan Yin child evaluate this concert so. The concert is on the foundation of direct seeding, whole journey performance all uses XR technology to appear partly, add AR specially good effect apply, make stagewise besides can present fictitious setting besides, still can materialization of will fictitious object, the audience is OK the setting that stagewise sees all sorts of effects such as the lion, selva, heavenly body are distinct. "We set many XR fictitious seat number, the apply colours to a drawing that cooperates these seat numbers to differ even perspective, ability assures to present more to be enmeshed to the audience the visual perception that change suffers. " love is strange art say of Zhu Liang of chief of the department of vice-president, intelligence that make.

THE9 concert makes group behind the curtain: How to build for them " super- imagination " dream

How does the concert on the line experience to be offerred besides feeling in scene of reservation tradition concert play a way newly?

Wu Lei: The technology on the line can bring new interactive experience. We had made a tentative plan at the outset, similar on-line handclasp is met, the is the same as screen and communication time that the audience follows actor to have half minutes or so, this is not done below the line, we were not done this, spread out this technology develop, let 325 people follow at the same time direct seeding is executed to connect a line between THE9, make game together, answer a question together, can chat, this next online doing not have that what method does, below the line so big, e.g. 5000 the individual's showing number, can hear the voice next only, but we can accomplish such communication now.

You are the content form that the user with how contemporary look upon brings to the technology and demand are contented, why can the user have such demand?

Liu Wenfeng: We were designed in this environment include peach beans still have direct and online conversation the screen on more than 300 people, this has been done not have before, because want to accomplish this to must want to accomplish the delay time of the program,be real time, with calling delay time it is same. Traditional no matter be direct seeding or concert, can have delay time, cannot achieve the hold on online real time. Because this interactive form is very special, the user is accepted degree particularly tall, vermicelli made from bean starch feels to be smoked on the opportunity of screen is particularly rare.

As a director, relatively the concert at the tradition, is the challenge with this kind of the biggest concert that uses a large number of technologies in? To performer, whether a few also can differ?

Tan Yin child: What everybody pays attention to traditional concert more is with spot audience interactive, for instance when can cantata, with spot of what kind of seat number attune the face of some audience comes out, let him go up big screen, more it is the spot this group of him people so play, we involve more on the line. Do the concert on the line, the most difficult is how to let these is absent the person of the spot, experience the atmosphere of our spot, and how is he mixed performer is alternant. We have all sorts of different interactive methods, have updated interactive experience. In the meantime, this concert, our arena is full of imagination, can become desert suddenly, turn a building into the top, become a forest, the atmosphere that beauty of the dance below this line with the tradition gives a person is completely different, it still has more imaginations and space show strength.

Build for them " super- imagination " dream

THE9 becomes a group oneself mothball get attention, girls go all out in work to dream hard energy drive is incentive countless youths. This second the concert becomes a group with THE9 all the way the growing story since regards core as the concept, for 9 girls the quantity had something made to order personally belong to them " the city of false or true " . In whole concert preparatory process, the group that make also all the time with actor people maintain communicate, make him expression of ground of their speak out freely right the imagination of setting and proposal, help them achieve the stage in the dream with the fictitious technology that make.

"Each performer has his ideal world in the heart, this ideal world can come out in the creation in fictitious world, let them realize a dream. And this also as it happens agrees with love to surprise art company mission -- let dream to blossom, make joy simple. " say of Liu article peak.

Every arena is technical arena, is the story had to you can be shared in technology and the respect with shirt-sleeve content?

Liu Wenfeng: Appear when the arena in using technical general ideal when coming out, that momently art people, include us particularly contented. Her dream says this nine girl I should dance in where, good, say to want bright like god same, this world had. Wanting physics to build this thing really is very difficult not only, it is completely impossible, because go actually seeing the everybody when our arena appears can discover, the heavenly body outside going wants in this setting, want to dance before sphinx, the effect is very breathtaking. So this technology also tells performer actually, originality does not have border, you are OK ground of unrestrained and far -ranging goes wanting, next technical synchronism comes true.

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