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"Green 3 achieve 4 " came, what trainee chooses excellent program is fervent sweep across and come.

The window that there is a heat that it is a person to discuss before is a way quota of people that installed player of 3 foreign countries in creation battalion.

A lot of netizens exclamation, this is too inequitable to Chinese player.

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Think it seems that to protect foreign player, limitted the actual strength of Chinese player thereby.



" creation battalion 2021 " sow, player of record of 90 student China and foreign countries holds 26. Go out finally 11, 7 Chinese, 3 foreigners, one each is decided.

Good, let us watch the show of the domestic athlete that is not treated by fairness it seems that.

The first group, the name cries " candy exceeds sweet " , what they go is lovely wind.

The old not diminutive is combined together, this gives entire still nursery school, if lovely also calculated, but...

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Dance is not neat also, sound also forbid, implicative breath is so flabby that implicative breath pant.

Among them one has been in this industry 6 years old player sang to be defeated directly sound, not should ah.

The other player on seat banquet looked silent, adviser week looked greatly to lower his head to write, turning is not Deng Chao.

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Look to fall in the circumstance with his thick seniority nevertheless, the adviser this year sympathizes with a heart generally to run rampant, gave him the chance later.

But sing in what everybody sees him after jumping, discover his earnestly practise what one advocates explained a truth: Be no good namely.

The performance from the back pulls hip all the time, out of tune already was have words, turn a somersault gives him whole buttock crouch.

Mind what do not blame is more than and such.

The square dance song that the player wants to sing the conflagration before this " Bacchic butterfly " .

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He tries to be played oneself with Gu Zheng sing oneself, narcissism, shout " Ye " , of shout oneself hoarse is alien does not know his absently completely so called awkwardness.

Deng Chao even ask a question: "This is played. "This is played..

The player is deduced again, did not think of ancient kite overset, the spot a disorder.

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This is " create battalion 2021 " the impression that brings at first, the state that makes much home player at the beginning namely -- enter order extremely, good and evil people mixed up.

Change what with Yang Li the evaluation of type says like student: "Although he is done not have so strong, but very do laugh, very self-confident. Very self-confident..

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Always cannot resemble halcyon and same, the mouth expresses with respect to candid ground amount to a the truest feeling:

"You can dance far from, you do not have rhythm completely, you go up in the dot far from. You go up in the dot far from..

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Advisers are flat later immunity, spoke of tender comforted word, compare each other rise, the Chinese that who says is more Orphean.

Deng Chao says: "Let us see the irregular of the world. "Let us see the irregular of the world..

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Halcyon say: "They are very tacit, every time a person runs tone has a person to sing allowed, too fierce! Too fierce!!

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Zhou Shen says: "You sing should dance went treating. "You sing should dance went treating..

Below everybody's all with one voice, chose excellent program to become the stage of comic performance actually.

But when us dot of prep against laugh examines these " green 3 achieve 4 " section end time, discovered the appearance that makes a person afflictive again.

Dress of hard hold up shows belly, imagine him figure interest to explode inapproachable;

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Brush a floor again and again, him conjecture conquers broad state power.

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These have nothing to do with sex appeal, green, force, essential not young.

Look in a few netizens as good as at " rich person eyeball " , " hot eye " , not be visual regale, however mawkish picture.

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Still the player spelled life ground to make up, what does not know malic flesh glossy too big, dropped the idiosyncratic obliteration of the greenest temperament.

" youth has you " also cannot prevent these situations, then commissioners also are learning the advisers over there to say Orphean Chinese.

Yu Shuxin says: "He is sung jumping is prepare very seriously... still belong to fatter... "

Li Yu spring says: "Still be a little multivariate player. "Still be a little multivariate player..

Audience people directer, they arise spontaneously a kind of distress mood:

"The amusement inside us is chosen beautiful seem to want to be finished really. "The amusement inside us is chosen beautiful seem to want to be finished really..

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So are those protected well how is foreigner player behaved?

Open support of Japanese player eaves is mixed more bolus of close field force came up to be taken out halcyon wanted green flavor.

Creation battalion 2021 [pure enjoy] force bolus support is much " A Camlnhada " _ put together art _ high-definition 1080P is online watch video of platform _ Tecent

They are not all uniform, cooperating cleverly each other however.

Of powerful body core force prop up, ability lets assist much handstand and leap.

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Dance richly experience ability lets force bolus calling pop-up with facility.

This can not be leg of beautiful fist embroider " Hua Meinan " , but this has the beauty of actual strength render truly male.

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Do not need hold up dress, do not need to lick the hormonal explosive power that the floor gives with respect to generation.

The conquer of very actual strength feels such nevertheless.

After all the choreography teacher that force bolus is SM, ever waited for a person to had organized dance to BoA, Gong Beibei; After all assist is champion of international street dance more.

They come here more resembling is in small knife trying an ox.

Come from Ai Hui of company of Japanese famous entertainment get stuck with horse, rice, celebrate pity to pay attention to him play to call the skill of result.

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What they go is Euramerican wind, pay attention to the trait that shows oneself in difference.

Not very is willing to get stuck with the condescending rice of person Battle, was appeared on the stage to sing please " the love that never loses couplet " .

Besides gasp in admiration only.

Halcyon speak bluntly tells him, you sing Chinese song much more Orphean than foreign language song.

Netizen speak bluntly: "The man that does not wear ear to return forever. "The man that does not wear ear to return forever..

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There with Ma Ye not Huang lets more, he reads Ha Fo, it is magazine of Japanese famous fashion " MEN'S NON-NO " exclusive model.

The Yin Haoyu that comes from Thailand, Gao Qingchen is actor one's previous experience, will this attend choosing excellent program is a ring of light that casts next actors.

Beautiful of all of temperament of 2 people figure, sheet sees appearance had confused.

Start to talk, sound is clear, sweet pour everybody, the edge sings an edge to jump, breath is very firm also.

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2 people tacit understanding is dye-in-the-wood, the movement is orderly, terminal deep feeling is right look, more resembling was to perform theatrical work of a God.

Melting idol play, do not break masculinity spirit again.

Those who connect severity is halcyon the eye that saw cast love.

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Among them the love of the half is to them 3 months practice hard Chinese and the admire with breathtaking effect.

These foreign friend have interest greatly, those who bringing heavy full figure is self-confident and come, taking learn frequently and be practiced hard and come, the expressional level that came greatly student of prep above home.

The netizen spits groove in succession then " inside amusement was over " .

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So, at the outset suspicion gives quota of people 3 times technically to foreign player is to protecting them, discover later --

It is to protecting player of the amusement inside us to be not fallen actually dimension blow.


Of course this locality player is strong is not to do not have.

We saw Chinese wind of Liu Yu, he jumps fan dance, jing admired everybody.

The Battle with he and much support, it is the perfect confluence of at all times and in all over the world, came up against one case accidentally, extemporaneous play, especially harmonious.

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We saw sound penetration of Bai Yuan.

His singing beats atrium of the heart continuously, be about the same with actual strength of Battle of foreign player Mi Ka.

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Let foreign player stand up applause.

But the top of head that the expression of foreign player suspends euqally high in all players as the ceiling, overall actual strength still opposite for be expected cannot namely.

Be in then very direct prep according to with crude two-phase below, everybody spread out to discuss greatly:

"Chinese trainee is too much be raised to abandon. "Chinese trainee is too much be raised to abandon..

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"This whole comes down, besides individual inside amusement player, other the true face that be hit by bang bang. Other the true face that be hit by bang bang..

"Thinking is to seeing Chinese bridge. "Thinking is to seeing Chinese bridge..

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Even one sends support much " buy a hot search friend " , ridicule in implication of li of home trainee a few " habit " .

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In the final analysis still is the problem of actual strength.

Netizens group rise and attack is God of outback recreation the Cenozoic Era people actual strength not good.

When us these netizens spit groove " inside amusement should be over " when, spitting appearance of group of groovy inland entertainment namely actually relatively Yu Rihan and Euramerican more and more bubble is changed, more and more outwardly strong and inwardly weak.

Although this period Korea did not come from in foreign player, but the person makes most in the world of trainee of become terror-stricken at the news is Korea player.

This becomes infallible law quickly in Chinese Internet world -- Han Tuan is ground press Chinese native land trainee.

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A Korea is common trainee will be spent so to Saturday from Zhou Yi.

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Full to the brim, course is English, Rap, vocal music, dancing.

Besides the most conspicuous is 4 words -- " fixed assessment " .

These Zhou Kao, months take an examination of fixed assessment of the form, use fine to fall into disuse make, those who be as high as 50% fall into disuse rate, teachers often say speech of a few contumelious stimulates attack trainee.

This is " standardization industrialization makes a star " , choose -- education -- change now, have clear closed circuit.

In SM company such closed circuit brings about the close 1:8 of percent of pass of choose00, extremely strict.

According to not complete count, the combination that in Korea home every month awaits to go out has nearly 100, and can walk out of Korea finally red the combination that alls over an Asia, the photograph is giant to this it may be said is rare for base.

So Korea trainee must try hard, must stand out, otherwise total somebody replaces you very quickly.

The high strenth below such high strenth pressure takes exercise make their professional ability very outstanding.

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When us present inside amusement trainee looks to come from Korea " homecoming 4 child " , when the person such as earlier even Han Geng, they know where difference is.

Strong song heats up dance to not have is not to be over level.

Otherwise 3 months exercise can go out, crash hind the sth gives the trick out that does not show time of Jack of all trades and master of none very hard.


In " achieve 3 blueness 4 " opened to us inside before the world of amusement and day Han difference, chen Saicheng had played greatly.

" case of Chinese quarter explore 3 " in, the acting of actor of generation of Japanese new student is become almost complete an exclusive window.

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Wife husband Mu Cong (was born 1980) personate wild Tian Hao, wear Gong Gong is greenly, not fat also.

When performing, do not boast and exaggerate, always one is in indifferently.

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Wife husband Mu Cong (surname " wife husband wood " ) also be a gleam of to star in Japan, it is our mouth is medium " discharge stars " delegate.

He also is trainee at the outset general from Japanese whole nation of 3 million person anthology show itself in show.

The award of Japanese film institute that wife husband Mu Cong wins later is called again " Japanese film Oscar " , that is to say he is to contain the shadow emperor with dye-in-the-wood Troy already.

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Long Zeyamei (was born 1987) Nai of personate small Lin Xing, it is we are familiar more " discharge stars " , with Xin Yuan bear clothes becomes many Chinese youths in the mouth " wife " .

She also is trainee shows itself from inside 35153 competitor commonly at the outset.

Later deep ploughing acting, took many prize.

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Catch cereal general too (was born 1992) , like to challenge different role particularly, challenge the motion picture of different style.

Be in " Tang Tan 3 " in it is a murderer, in old paean " bewitching cat is passed " in it is the empty sea bonze with elegant demeanour.

19 years old had taken Venetian optimal newlywed person, this can be international attestation.

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In them these 8090 hind below the attack of take turns acting of Neozoic actor, domestic actor was out of line a little it seems that, do not follow to go up the acting level of Japanese actor.

More the firewood that exaggerated is Japanese actor proposes a toast.

Remuneration of wife husband Mu Cong: 45 million yen (2.75 million RMB) ;

Grow remuneration of Ze Yamei weak market: Weak market teleplay 1.6 million yen (nearly 100 thousand yuan) ...

Can say even " Tang Tan 3 " in the remuneration remuneration the sum of actors of 6 Japan treasure stage not as good as actor of our country second line.

Korea acts art the income circumstance of star also is like this.

The God star professional ability that compares us is good, but remuneration far under us, make a person really unimaginably queer.


If a word will generalize our country the Cenozoic Era,God stars and the current situation of actor group, I hope is -- blundering.

Blundering backside is Qian Taihao earned.

Our film TV work moves a ten million in the expense on actor remuneration on 100 million.

Save save outback recreation

Save save outback recreation

How many having among them is solid really of dozen of fact, social status of how much true not let sb down and remuneration are there?

If your without a single redeeming feature, as Neozoic God, you are OK coronal name " actor " .

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In " why so much singer attends " I am an actor " " in the problem, netizens ground of be filled with indignation breathes out accuse:

"How is the singer's doorsill so low? "How is the singer's doorsill so low??

Save save outback recreation

Actually they more oversight such problem:

When the actor's doorsill is so low also, be the individual cries it seems that " 1234567 " can you be before screen beautiful?

When can the actor carry actor's lines on the back to know to take showed off to hot search?

Save save outback recreation

Can want to take one part only can hundred thousands of remuneration, millions of remuneration, what was held back again they tear down face, is deceive Thespian?

This is probable the income that is the class star such as day of Han Tong a year.

Then, what is worth them to be willing to sit 34 years again a cold reception, training acting, come out to make play bone again?

"Zhang Guorong just also should have 10 years today " , "Zhou Xing gallop ran 8 years utility man " ... these chicken broth philosophic theory are in it seems that this times is not sweet today.

Because had better make money, an idea is going straight towards everybody crash go.

Good profitable extreme is Hei Gong also be red, of loiter others red also be red.

Save save outback recreation

Such circumstance encircles very difficult imagination in the recreation such as day Han, day Han pays attention to the actor's public praise particularly.

Performed actor person public praise to be bungled to turn over very hard later when, of course they are unthinkable inside the current situation of amusement.

And the Internet here does not have memory particularly. We perhaps do not need memory, the battle of the footing that the dispute morality of need asks.

In this footing, star cannot talk about love, male star can be installed lovely.

God trainee is OK God practices all one's life, can do not have work all one's life.

Finally, what outback recreation goes all out probably is actual strength no longer, however discharge.

Discharge serves as an a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties, mean everybody to have red opportunity.

Without legal limitation, without moral tie, wanting you only is discharge goes.

See Yan Zhi, look bestow favor on pink, see a group, and actual strength has become add dispensably, wanting you only is discharge goes.

I am sorry, here does not need work, of need is " go up hot search " .

Lean " weak yellow long skirt, fleeciness hair " make times gold music?

Save save outback recreation

Let beautiful girls " Gong Dou " , make new network topic point ceaselessly?

Save save outback recreation

Can you come?

Should know to regard as " Chinese God the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor " just went 3 years 2018.

Want to know drain the pond to get all the fish does not have future.

Amusement wants a few big evidence of a crime that be finished inside, OK finally end is " actual strength " 2 words, it is effort rear harden oneself acting, the local firm that cannot see in others interest.

So, if just do the trainee that try luck, good really?

Bad of course.

Very lucky, we saw the person such as Liu Yu, Bai Yuan, Gan Wangxing, we still can see more can be mixed the domestic trainee of foreign player hand wrestling.

This is meddlesome.

Yu Min big say: "Luck lasts impossibly all one's life forever, the thing that can help you last all one's life has the capacity of your individual only. The thing that can help you last all one's life has the capacity of your individual only..

A lot of people know this word, more trainee went doing, just be better thing.

What be worth Respect most after all is actual strength.

- END-

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