Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat

The current situation of Chinese stock market -- big distributing center ground

The stock market, it is a good thing originally, be in China, became a cheater to focus the land unexpectedly. The enterprise builds a holiday to include mount city, big bank packs a sedan to go into the street, small shareholder is being grabbed finally carry sedan, finally, just discover the treasures in the sedan disappeared completely, it is an empty sedan, sodden sedan! Come more than 10 years, chinese stock market does not accord with the correct gene that the stock market should have and system originally, to now, crueler and crueler the nature that shows its nondescript demons and ghosts, swallowed the treasure of ten million shareholder. This far more than is cheater, it is a devil simply.

All through the ages of Chinese stock market has tradition of heavy financing, light investment, the baleful circle of financing process is money, con appear on the market, decrease hold a person that wait for behavior to let financing now fast, investor is painful. Many appearing on the market the company takes the advantage of the stock market to rebound, ground of too impatient to wait is taken out add hair, match a plan, as good as at " grab money " . Again after financing passes, often be share price drops, outstanding achievement glides, stay " full ground chicken feather " nobody are cleared away.

Chinese stock market 2015 " mad ox " prices, not be the big ox municipality that normal outstanding achievement increases, however one violates law of normal market economy, introduce common people and company bank savings the operation measure of the stock market. But brutal actual caution us, chinese macroeconomic did not go up greatly as the stock market and improve, can continue to rely on to imprint only next stock of the hair that fry a ticket comes steady growth, blow bigger more when stock market bubble, and when economic atmosphere cannot support stock market price again, wonderful " stock market pasty " final meeting becomes " stock market abyss " , the shareholder's end drops namely new " Pang fraud " in.

The original intention that Chinese stock market establishs, take off deficient solution in order to serve a state-owend enterprise to strand, financing became the mission with Chinese sovereign stock market, become sole function even. Appear on the market light redound of company heavy financing, not hesitate for financing even practise fraud, management department also encircles Qian Dakai's convenient door for financing, appear on the market financing reduces a kind of naked behavior that grab money greatly. Development arrives nowadays, this kind encircles the nature of money and do not have any changes! No matter be an orgnaization, still appear on the market company, know very well Chinese stock market suits short-term and congenial hype only, cannot have investment of so called value or extended hold a kick in one's galloply absolutely.

The nature that stock market ill will encircles money is deduced today, already arrived the degree of reach the limit, behave the plunder of small investor interest in be opposite for large stockholder not only, as do poineering work board in of platelet large-scale appear on the market, the insanity that a batch of another batch original partner deduced one round another round is covered now, a lot of person not needing the slightest efforts become rich and powerful person of ten million of millions upon millions plute.

The cruel rich myth of Chinese stock market often is being accompanied one large quantities of coming loose door tear and cry cry, and the final result that the legend of the stock market can have type of a China forever, it is when the stock market while creation fortune is mythological, also engrafting congenial concept to millions upon millions shareholder, such stock market, lost right way already actually.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

Immature Chinese stock market is abandoning to come loose in great quantities door

Bovine city namely bowstring

Have not at everybody, I hear the stock market " ox " this word, no matter what is bovine city, slow arrogant, I in the heart very uncomfortable. Because bovine city does not mean profitable opportunity to come, and mean massive bowstring arrival. The more bovine city, common medicinal powder door loss is the more heavy. In ursine instead city, slow knives is cut, still do not have so miserable. Here does not need statistical data, do not believe everybody to be able to ask the friend beside, those who cover is miserable, compensate sends greatly, basic it is to be in bovine city.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

The reason is very simple, bovine city is the story that actual edition wolf comes to. Bovine city is main it is to rise add a callback to rise again. Every time the callback hits spank, rise again a candy eat, as time passes, people forgets a risk. When " ox " end abruptly, when this knife, common medicinal powder door can feeling it is returned only is spank only, there still can be sugar from the back.

And the change of this Niu Zhuaixiong, make a decision cannot be made inside average player short time. Final bolo falls, candy has a deficit completely before smooth, fry change partner.

Bovine city has a deficit more easily money, essence or fortune allocate speed to be more than Xiong Fu. The stock market rises, especially the ox came, bubble is quickening enlarge. At the beginning arrival diverts successor fund, common says to carry sedan; To finally nobody can be received, everybody spells a hand together fast. In this inside short time, fortune finishs big move one round. Very unfortunate, everyman is transferred that namely.

Should learn how to accept loss before gain?

What the great majority in us does not control him heart forever is greedy, in desertion reasonable entrance the blind after the opportunity is chased after go up kill drop. Still have a lot of times, we can't restrain the fear of own heart, did not appear in the system stop below the circumstance of caustic, made the same score the storehouse that can earn greatly originally artificially.

Because trade,the negotiant of almost all failure is met the disorder of the concept, do not know trade the philosophical principle of gain, cause them to cannot accept the loss that appears in the system, also do not enjoy thereby considerably the shock that gain place brings. In trade, deficit is the cost that we must pay to win final victory place and cost only, it breathes same nature with respect to what resemble the mankind. However a lot of investor are in after experiencing consecutive loss a few times, because feel to the fear that future cannot foreknow,often meet, abandoned trading outstandingly thereby system.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

A successful negotiant must want the treats loss correctly understanding since education and state of mind. Only your appropriate ground realised deficit is in whole trade the meaning in the system, the operation of instantly has in the state of mind that just can not have pressure in a kind. Unless you can from trade the calm on the concept accepts loss, otherwise the negotiant that you won't make a profit forever. To seek global profit, must accept temporary loss.

Just think, if we are having,trade correctly concept, can understand deeply to trade successfully not to concern the judgement with much emptier trend actually, and depend on abiding by discipline strictly. So can we still give out the to the trend much air when doing much signal in the system pendulous? If we can understand deeply to trade to have nothing to do with the trend, with hand in credulity date to concern, do we return understanding god to see periphery stock market restlessly, hear a news, in dish in is optional ground operated?

If we understood deeply,invest profit trade philosophy, deficit is the only way that we take a success only, can we still accept loss, and go go after and searching what Gao Sheng leads to trade system?

If we knew all trading,the system can catch a paragraph of specific prices only, any systems are impossible all fluctuant catch the whole lot in an action, the truth that knew to be done many not regular income is more, are we still met want greedily to have all profit and copy a bottom to escape support?

Banker is washed dish means

Wash to achieve dish purpose, and be not come loose door see weak point, banker is met according to market background differ and operand is basic the difference of the face, and the change of all sorts of external condition, use a few kinds as follows to wash dish of means commonly.

One, dozen press type to wash dish

Dozen press type to wash dish it is to show banker is being finished build storehouse and try considerably after pulling, the market was accumulated gain profit in great quantities dish, banker uses investor gain profit time say a desire, hit backhand abruptly pressure, make share price considerably fall after a rise, create the atmosphere that gives panic to the market, shake of investor hold a hope, force them to hand over the chip in the hand, clean the purpose of float chip in order to achieve.

Dozen press type to wash dish the characteristic is " fast " and " firm " , its make the career that controls share price very rapid, and drop a big, gimmick is fierce. Saved already so wash dish time, achieved again wash dish the effect. Use this kind of means to wash dish, it is actual strength powerful, capable to accuse dish banker place is, great majority is aimed at those speculation strong, current dish of lesser, short line litre too big, borrow when be adjusted into city situation dozen pressure, if pursue,5-1 place is shown.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

Medicinal powder door answer skill

1. After share price drops quickly, short line investor can combine mobile and mean line, clinch a deal quantity, prop up with obstruction wait for technical element integration analysis, if dish in got strong prop up, and appear to be bought actively dish, criterion but average of wait for one's chance.

2. Already held in long term investor need not understand share price go up temporarily drop rise and fall, continue to hold wait for go up.

3. Pass certain range when share price after dropping, dish in cast dish appear fatigued and weak when, in long term investor can prepare to build a warehouse.

2, horizontal disk type is washed dish

Horizontal disk type is washed dish also call platform type to wash dish, its feature is share price forms longer platform to arrange pattern inside some area. Banker lacks patient weakness in the light of market investor, go with time the volition of the person that fritter away follows a place of business and patience, force them to hand over the chip in the hand. In the horizontal stroke dish during, medicinal powder door what hold chip to change a hand adequately inside this platform, clinch a deal the quantity is shown gradually atrophic condition. Generally speaking, use this kind of means to wash dish banker actual strength is weaker, main side overweight passes long-term cowhide depressing go situation come fritter away comes loose door hold a hope, exchange a space with time, it is all wash dish of means in cost a the longest kind. This kind washs dish of means more ground appears in big city ascendant period and main area relatively the accomplishment of beautiful actors or actress in, if pursue,5-2 place is shown.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

Medicinal powder door answer skill

1. When sluggish of share price to the limit of one's capacity goes up, investor can come on the stage first.

2. Shrink when share price when the quantity is arranged, appropriate keeps wait-and-see.

3. Once share price to the limit of one's capacity breaks through platform, investor but seasonable follow-up.

3, concussion type is washed dish

Concussion type is washed dish be pull litre, horizontal dish, dozen pressure mix is perforative to together, it is banker is the most commonly used wash dish of gimmick. Its advantage depends on: And dozen press type to wash dish of photograph comparing, can avoid the loss of low chip; Wash dish of photograph comparing with horizontal disk type, can shorten wash dish of time. The way that banker leaves concussion through going up repeatedly is washed dish, let market investor see the real intent of not clear banker, the pace that disturbs they are participated in and rhythm, make its often are in chase after go up kill drop in, be forced to leave field wait-and-see thereby. This kind washs dish of method relatively gentle, clinch a deal the quantity is more active, share price hold together fluctuates inside an area concussion. On attempt of day K line yin and yang is united in wedlock, wait with form of triangle, rectangular, banner, wedge more arrange configuration to appear, if pursue,5-3 place is shown.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

Medicinal powder door answer skill

1. If investor can be better,the ground holds banker to wash dish rhythm, can be in fluctuation concussion process cast high low suck, earn short line price difference.

2. When share price drop speed puts delay apparently, also appeared on attempt of day K line a few stop dropping configuration, and dish buy mediumly dish when also beginning vigorous activity, investor can enter the arena average.

3. When share price up concussion arrives near early days high point, once dish appear on the face rise lack of power phenomenon, and sell dish when increasing ceaselessly, investor should decisive from.

Teach perch of your a few action to run away skill

1, encounter caution should be added more when growing hatching

Dish the face appears in perch growing hatching is a kind of relatively clear signal seeing a top.

Sometimes share price rises certain level, appeared successive 3-5 trade day of to the limit of one's capacity is strong tall, and the rate that change a hand increases gradually, appeared suddenly the K line of the hatching on a belt length, be about to be careful at this moment is brunt in shipment, if morrow share price cannot of recover eve go up hatching, and clinch a deal measure atrophy, this more the city after making clear this can be entered probably adjust, the storehouse should be decreased stoutly when encountering this kind of situation, check inventory even!

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

2, exalted and crossed star is risk omen

Share price rises after larger space, the systematization risk of be pregnant with erupts probably at any time, at this moment must line of K of advertent all the more day.

K line appears that day when crossed star, no matter be yin and yang, want to had made the preparation that decreases a storehouse at any time!

Star of cross of occurrence perch of day K line shows much emptier difference is sharp, situation or will by meeting buyer's market turns for seller's market, it may not be a bad idea of star of exalted occurrence cross drives than us encountered crossroad, probable market will produce a turn, can decrease one part storehouse first for avoid risk.

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

3, share price drops defeat 5 days all the line sells a skill

5 days of lines reacted the fluctuant circumstance of the market inside 5 days, if share price drops,defeat 5 days all line, the specification is short-term inside the force of buyer is weak at the bargainor, share price has the demand of fall after a rise on the technology, short line investor should hold sell an opportunity.

Operation method: After share price callback, after the line developing 5 days on, buy, drop after breaking 5 days of strings, sell piece.

Advantage: Hold a time weak point, the risk is relatively lesser

Defect: The income that trades every time is not high, average every time 3%---8%

To the requirement of handlers: Operate every time do not exceed 5 storehouses, should have see dish of time, trade in every the end of day dish intervene best.

Two case are below

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

Uncover the secret of fraud of secret China stock market, innocent medicinal powder door but retreat city, who is operating this is conspiratorial!

Do not look down upon every time 3%----The accrual of 8% , want to perserve only, you can come loose to undertake luxuriant face about to large family as a child!

The 6 big indefectible results that the stock invests

Investment has a risk, this is to fry person a word that knows, but some of person can be in however,battle often surpasses a sea average, unique skill of their some what, the following 6 are them fry a result:

Result one: Before buying a share, must grind into travel general trends first sentence. 1, is oriented be helpful for which board piece;3, collect a target full data, eliminate shedding all-around is too big, sexual slack or the stock that major problem appears not to have the company that recombines a hope again temporarily in managing.

Result 2: Central line ground measures law. 1, choose 10 days, 20 days, 30 days all 6 months stabilized the line in the past up, if meantime grail drops, this all are behaved fight drop, general only brief drop defeat 30 days all line;2, OBV is stable up, achieve a new tall;3 ceaselessly, when grail sees an end occurrence ground is measured, hand in 100 thousand to be standard;4, quantity is in the ground to appear with 30 million current Pan Richeng before closing quotation 10 minutes met that day low intervene;5, short line arrives with 5 % group by group 10 % give bureau point to gain profit;6, central line is with 50 % .

Result 3: Short wire overhead measures law. 1, choose what bottom emited day of amount recently, day changes hand rate to be more than 5 % to arrive continuously 10 % , dog rightly observation;2, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days all line occurrence bull arranges perch of 60 minutes of;3, MACD dead forked retraction measures a callback, stability of 15 minutes of OBV rises, share price is in 20 days all walk along firm;4 over the line, in 60 minutes of MACD once more the 2nd hour of golden fork meets low enter the arena group by group;5, short line gains profit 5 % above meets jerk distributes;6, once grail is choppy, protect this going out instantly bureau, with benefit again battle.

Result 4: Strong new a law. 1, choose main area good, have growing sex, shed all-around to be in 60 million the following new a;2, appear on the market first days to change a hand to lead 70 % above, or grail steeped fall that day, morrow drops situation slow down receives bigger positive line instantly, above of 2/3 of line of north of recover head day person;3, innovation is bought high or rule of choice day volume buys bit of intervening;4, gain profit 5 % give bureau;5 to 10 % , stop damage site is set to keep this price.

Result 5: Clinch a deal capacity rule. 1, clinch a deal the quantity conduces to grind sentence a trend when to invert, a pithy formula is valence certain amount shrinks just is bottom;2, clinch a deal the quantity exceeds 5 % continuously, it is brunt active at;3 of among them clear sign, to the limit of one's capacity plays a classics litre, horizontal dish after arranging, boundless rises, it is brunt chip height the concentration, mark;4 that accuses Pan Lasheng, if encounter paroxysmal perch,huge amount grows shade line, the circumstance is unidentified, should go out instantly bureau, in case major interest sky is brought about break down the gender drops.

Result 6: Do not buy be in drop the stock in the passageway. 1, guess drop the bottom of passageway stock is danger, because its are likely,what do not have bottom;2, existence at all is reasonable, dropping stock has dropping reason certainly, do not go touching it, although the likelihood has very much person,feel it already too cheap.

Comply with the market, him market can say, the market is right forever, always despise the person of market ability, can eat to have a deficit greatly after all

The stock market is right forever, wrong is us forever, we cannot change the world quite, can change exclusively have ourselves only. We look at the complexion of the stock market obsequious, overcautiously only, ability is in the stock market remain invincible.

On stock market, no matter how is the person forecasted, it is wrong likely, only the market just can give out the rightest answer. For example, before Chinese oil appears on the market, have how many person boasting " in oil is an Asia most profitable company " , forecast share price to be able to rise ceaselessly, can result how? The person that perch is bought suffers a prison, final share price drops however defeated release price. Still have, people is valued " the prices before the Olympic Games " , can result how? Appeared of the unprecedented on field of A stock market 10 even shade, 10 short trade Shanghai points to dropped with respect to accumulative total 19. 2 % , make how many investor acedia to extremely. Such, more or less once vowed solemnly forecast, analysis, say or state with certainty, be in " the market " before this teacher almost collapse of itself, error is great, injudicious again and again. The reason is in: The stock market is not had formerly " master " , "Master " namely the market; The stock market is not had originally " god " , "God " namely the rule.

So, to coming loose door for, want to manipulate fine stock, above all must to the market this teacher learns. A lot of come loose a friend in buying and selling in decision-making process, or listens judge, or listens message, or is to rely on sciolistic technical knowledge to coach operation, lack oneself independent analysis and judgement alone only. Why the capacity that lack lacks independent analysis to judge because of them. Only this one, be destined its invest sure failure.

The ability that education is analysed independently and should judge must do obeisance to the market to be division. In our market, who is the easiest gain money? Brunt orgnaization carries trend of pair of policy, capital, appear on the market the research with all thorough respects such as the company, and have the aid of runs a resort at adept operation skill and capital, compare easy gain fund finally. And all sorts of advantages that brunt orgnaization place has often are individual investor can not look forward to reachs, but if the individual is after the essence that knows fair market, OK and active put oneself from the solution in the position that follows suit blindly, turn and analyse the market with the eye of brunt orgnaization. As a whole, this plastid of the market is the following now two respects:

1. The market is very fair, very obstinate also.

It does not look " authoritative " , " ascendancy " complexion and act; It also not because you are " individual investor " and cold-shoulder you, it is right participator treat equally without discrimination. No matter you are,stand high above the masses " controller " , still be talk irresponsible " talk by gold " person, be in " the market " before this teacher, it is " student " ! It moves by its complexion, when Niu Zeniu, when Xiong Zexiong. "Policy " can control it temporarily, cannot decide it however go situation. Its meeting straight face tells you realistically: What is " risk " , what is " opportunity " ; When can enter the arena, when should leave; He Ren is comfortable fry, he Ren should look on -- " the market " be one oneself are all readable however the schoolbook L that may not can understand

2. The market is forecasted very hard, but have the law but abide.

There is countless unknowables variable in the stock market, wave cunning cloud cheats, ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, sincere difficult hold. If somebody is vaunting he can be accurate forecast so called " high point " " low " , can escape the top copies a copy, that affirmation is " cheater " ! Like that of the world thing fluctuant, especially of the stock market move, have its surely underlying law. Andre Kesituolani of German investment Great Master has to the relation of the stock market and economy very the analogy of figure, may help us hold the mystery with fluctuant stock market. "A person takes a walk on the street, his dog is on the side. The dog always is such, it runs in front, but run back to host a little while beside. Next, it runs again in front, see oneself run too far, ran again, run to master back even, it is all the time such. Finally, they arrived twice same a destination. Walked along one kilometer slowly when the person when, the dog runs however bump went to the ground running to have 4 kilometers. This person is economy, and the dog is the stock market. " visible, the stock market always defeats billow type to advance, go up more to drop necessarily, and drop more to go up necessarily, won't go up to go up or drop all the time absolutely go down. If investor has wisdom, the observation of together with acumen, rich market experience, go up with respect to what can hold the stock market from old way drop, step billow and go.

Be in " the market " before this teacher, no matter position discretion, capital how many, person city morning and evening, we can modest academic, guard against arrogance, can control desire of be addicted to only, buddhist monastic discipline fears Buddhist monastic discipline having an insatiable desire for, can take advantage of an opportunity and for, get better closes. Every flatter oneself has a place " ascendancy " , all day long is thinking over to do in of small investor " teacher " , publish the opinion on public affairs of exaggerate sth just to scare people at will, break grail by accident go situation person, often be instead " the market " this teacher place is cold-shouldered, give another person with laughingstock.

So, we should establish right idea, that is -- the market is right forever, the mistake depends on him. Want to do good homework, want to raise oneself ceaselessly. Should modest learn to the market, want to be brave in to admit oneself error, want to find out oneself wrong place in time, want seasonable error correction. Those who be afraid of is not operation error, either gain and loss, however wrong do not know a fault, do not know where the fault is, cannot draw a lesson from which.

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