Ma Huateng is successive goods of 4 days of buy is covered now 4.3 billion! Tecent share price howev

Afterwards the beginning of the year is decreased after holding share of 5 million Tecent, ma Huateng of chairman of Tecent board of directors moved once more recently, successive goods of 4 days of buy is covered show nearly 4.3 billion HK dollar. Tecent president Liu Chi is smooth also follow closely ever since, the tierce inside year is decreased hold Tecent, cause market attention.

Couplet hands in a rights and interests to announce data to show, during coming 12 days on June 9, ma Huateng is successive 4 days attendant inside decrease hold Tecent share, accumulative total nine million six hundred and forty-seven thousand eight hundred, shipment is average valence uprights at 433.4095 to 450.2696 HK dollar between, aggregate set show 4.269 billion HK dollar. This also is its since this year decrease the 2nd times hold Tecent share. Came 17 days on January 14 this year, ma Huateng is likewise successive goods of 4 days of buy, accumulative total shipment 5 million, change show nearly 2 billion HK dollar. It is reported, this also is Ma Huateng since October 2017 decrease first hold.

According to statistic, appeared on the market 2004 from Tecent since, ma Huateng is decreased smally greatly greatly hold had not fallen 40 times. Among them, decrease considerably hold occupied 4 into, cover cash specified amount to exceed 23 billion HK dollar. Meanwhile, its oppose a scale also from 14.43% fell all the way 8.42% newest.

Notable is, ma Huateng is decreased often hold while, ablaze of 2 characters Liu makes the same score Tecent to also be in stock of ceaseless shipment Tecent. Make an exposure according to harbor, liu Chi is smooth reached on May 29 respectively decreased on June 1 hold Tecent share, two trade day adds up to decrease hold 600 thousand, set restrain 247.2 million HK dollar now. Before this, he already parted on January 3, decreased on April 1 held 500 thousand to mix 600 thousand, aggregate set show 419 million HK dollar.

Although Tecent high level is decreased again and again,hold, but Tecent share price is however " sell more go up more " . Since this year, accumulative total of Tecent share price goes up already exceeded 15% , market prise also regain over 4 trillion col. On June 11, tecent share price dish in go up to 455.4 HK dollar for a time / , achieve since March 2018 new tall. Not dread is decreased hold, share price climbs the backside that rise again and again, it is the outstanding achievement report that Tecent exceeds the market to anticipate. On May 13, tecent (00700.HK)2020 year outstanding achievement report shows first quarter, q1 Tecent battalion closed 2020 one hundred and eight billion and sixty-five million, grow 26% compared to the same period, net profit (Non-IFRS)270.79 100 million, grow 29% compared to the same period, exceed the market to anticipate. Up to distribute news dispatches, tecent accuses go up exceed 3.5% , of short duration signs up for 450.2 HK dollar / .

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