On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and Chi

Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968 hopeful and cloud computation have equal shares

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

According to forecasting, to 2020, the whole world will have the terminal of more than 50 billion and equipment couplet net, the data that exceeds 50% among them needs side of early network brim to undertake memory, processing and analysis. 2023, use the company that has 42.4% the margin + the assorted framework of core is built and run a database, equipment framework to " the cloud, edge, upright " iteration of gradual progress of 3 class framework. Because the generation more of data comes from upright side and brim, data center will become the brim to bear the weight of ideally the professional work with higher demand is delayed when more of manage of infrastructure place to go is right. In 2016~2019 year, dimensions of discharge of global data center from annual 6.8ZB growth comes annual 14.1ZB, hopeful of global data flow broke through 20ZB 2021. Of data flow erupt to high in the clouds to store data brings a challenge, margin calculation stores in help high in the clouds the action in enumerated data is highlighted, data flow erupts the new turning point that will make margin calculation develop further. Forecast according to believing a courtyard, dimensions of prospective brim market will exceed -727379968, hopeful makes the rising market with cloud computation have equal shares, broad market space will bring group of industry of whole data center infinite imaginary space and brand-new development opportunity, brim data center develops hasten of general trends place.

·Now heat

American Department of Commerce: Will allow the United States company and China establish 5G network standard to cooperate

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

American government week confirms, will revise prohibit American enterprise and China to have the ban of business dealings, allow its collaboration establishs standards of next generation 5G network. Reuter reports before this, the message personage that occupies hep inside information discloses, american Department of Commerce and other government orgnaization signed this regulation to revise, waiting to be released in now " confederative bulletin " on, the earliest will local time Zhouer is released. The statement that Weierbai Ross of minister of American business affairs issues expresses, "The United States won't abandon global innovation leading a position. Department of Commerce devotes oneself to to encourage American industry to the bound is participated in in the round and advocate American technology to make international standard, in order to protect national security of the United States and foreign policy interest. In order to protect national security of the United States and foreign policy interest..

·Product technology

Nuojiya announces to connect chip of joint development 5G to include custom-built processor with rich

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

On June 16 message, according to foreign media coverage, nuojiya company (Nokia) week announces, connect with rich (chip of 5G of Broadcom) joint development. Cooperative limits includes new custom-built processor, processor will be reached by conformity Nuojiya " by the 5G of ReefShark drive " in combination. Nuojiya expresses, set of deploy ReefShark chip, can make of bulk of benefit from benefit from of 5G operation business and specific power consumption reduce, capacity and integral performance improve below the circumstance that also can reducing total hold cost at the same time. Nuojiya still expresses, this collaboration enlarges Nuojiya further ReefShark chip set applies to 5G the limits of the solution, the systematic performance that will improve 5G network and the sources of energy are used up.

·Market trends

Sudden technology issue, last north fights a satellite to defer blast off

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

According to CCTV report, emissive north fights navigation system of satellite of 3 whole worlds the long march of satellite of net of group of last whole world 3 second carrier rocket, product technology problem discovers in facing process of the test before shooting, emissive task is deferred, emissive time is waited for calm. According to original plan, north fights 3 the 30th also is satellite of last group net, whole north fight a system the emissive window of the 55th satellite is surely on June 16 10 when come 11 minutes 10 when 50 minutes, aim at window forward position to carry out blast off.

Case of late boat of the first month again sessional, fail to make a decision with respect to program sex arrangement

Canada does not list bump Colombia saves a high court local time 15 days morning at 9 o'clock (Beijing time 16 days of before dawn at 0 o'clock) in Wengehua open a court session continues to undertake hearing of witnesses with respect to case of Meng Wanzhou extradite, the program sex content that judge and lawyer of both sides dominating debate try with respect to the below one phase of case of Meng Wanzhou extradite undertook hearing of witnesses. Ms. Meng Wanzhou participated in judicial hearing of witnesses with phone means that day. This hearing of witnesses basically is a memorandum around what group of Meng Wanzhou's lawyer puts forward comes hearing of witnesses, the content of this memorandum includes: The United States just offers disloyal evidence misdirect to add square, abusive judicatory program. The judge thinks to should be opposite first beautiful square evidence undertakes sufficient sex makes an on-the-spot investigation, but Meng Wanzhou's lawyer thinks to should discuss evidence to whether be belonged to first solid. The court will continue on June 23 hearing of witnesses.

Yamaxun: CEO Bei Zunsi is willing to go to congress attest with respect to antitrust investigation

Company week shows Yamaxun, its author holds Bei Zunsi of CEO Jeff · concurrently (Jeff Bezos) is willing give evidence of Boule judicatory committee, this committee is investigating tycoon of American science and technology to be suspected of disobeying be related of American antitrust law. Yamaxun's lawyer sends a letter to say to member of Boule judicatory committee, yamaxun had cooperated to investigate, include Rangbeizunsi and other company CEO to be in together among them today the attest on the hearing that Xia Ju goes.

Malic hair considers to report: App Store was not a meeting collection commission to drive sale of 458 billion dollar

Malic company released to aid financially the research that begin to report by its in Zhouyi, state App Store drove sale of 458 billion dollar last year, covered an apple not retail, net makes an appointment with the tangible product of collection commission the category such as car and advertisement. This research is studied by economy advisory company Analysis Group is carried out, the mark is worn the apple is sought first to its not the App Store activity of collection commission undertakes quantifying. Research says, app Store the turnover last year (Billings) and sale are 519 billion dollar, included an apple to be participated in directly processing and finish through IPhone, IPad application, the economic activity that the apple did not participate in directly, among them 413 billion dollar comes from hypostatic commodity and service.

·Invest and buy

IBM buys Spanugo to enhance finance to serve communal cloud security

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

IBM announces today, will buy situation of cloud network security to manage the software capital fund of provider Spanugo. IBM will use these asset to enhance him finance to serve the security of communal cloud, this product that IBM announced to be about to roll out last year aims to help client of financial service industry ensure combine compasses sex, security and flexibility. The network of Spanugo is safe " the pose ensures " software can help automatic discovery browbeat, undertake analyse and remedying. IBM expresses, in serving the finance that adds these functions to oneself the cloud with " the usability that raises safe control center " , the condition that makes a client OK the definition adds up to compasses sex to configure and be organized to whole industry undertakes monitoring. Howard Boville of senior vice president says IBM cloud business: "The finance that introduces the technology of Spanugo us serves communal cloud, will conduce to us be being offerred in real time for the client last add up to compasses evidence. " the technology of Spanugo more took one step, offerred IBM so called " improve cloud safety and adaptability flow " the odds that happens in order to reduce safe flaw. Spanugo combines Doc Vaidhyanathan of official of father, chief product to express: "Spanugo manages the substantial knowledge of the respect and experience in safe posture, to IBM is a natural complement for communal cloud product. To IBM is a natural complement for communal cloud product..

Subsidiary introduces Biyadi the strategic investor such as millet, add endowment about 800 million yuan

Inc. announcement weighs Biyadi, the company controls share company Biyadi semiconductor in order to increase endowment spread means introduces fund of estate of millet the Yangtse River, associate many strategic investor such as fund of estate of science and technology of the Yangtse River, aggregate add endowment about 800 million yuan. Announcement shows, fund of estate of millet the Yangtse River, associate fund of estate of science and technology of the Yangtse River, love is thought of (China) the investor such as business management limited company according to Biyadi the before casting appraise of semiconductor is worth a RMB 7.5 billion yuan, draft to Biyadi semiconductor is aggregate add endowment RMB seven hundred and ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine yuan, among them RMB 32021077.24 yuan plan into Biyadi semiconductor is added newly register capital, RMB 767978921.76 yuan plan enter Biyadi semiconductor capital is common indigestion, epicycle investor is aggregate will obtain Biyadi semiconductor increases endowment spread hind 7.843129% equity.

Ma Huateng is decreased bit higher once more hold Tecent stock 4 days to be covered madly now nearly 4 billion

Ma Huateng since this year decrease 2 degrees hold Tecent, set exceed 4 billion HK dollar now. Calculate on of the beginning of the year decrease hold, the Ma Huateng inside year already was covered show nearly 6.3 billion HK dollar. According to Hong Kong couplet the data that reach place shows, in June 9 to successive on June 12 4 trade day, ma Huateng of chairman of Tecent board of directors, presiding apparitor sells respectively give 1.78 million, 3.35 million, 2.53 million, one million nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand eight hundred Tecent accuse, aggregate sell give nine million six hundred and forty-seven thousand eight hundred, clinch a deal the price is 433.4095 HK dollar, 433.0151 HK dollar, 450.2696 HK dollar, 440.219 HK dollar respectively.

National electrified wire netting and China amount to 100 billion yuan to wait for collaboration to predict to drive a society to invest dimensions

Company of national electrified wire netting was released in Beijing " digital new capital construction " the key builds the task, enterprise of as large as home Internet signs strategic cooperation agreement, predict to drive a society to invest dimensions to achieve 100 billion yuan. National electrified wire netting is newest those who release " digital new capital construction " the key builds the task, wait for Internet of center of focusing big data, industry, 5G, artificial intelligence " new capital construction " domain, digitlize construction electrified wire netting the priority discipline such as center of big data of 7 platform, provincial the sources of energy this year, and make a batch " Internet of 5G+ the sources of energy " representative application, carry in power facilities the domain such as check popularizes north to fight application at the same time. Wang Yanfang of spokesman of news of company of national electrified wire netting: This collaboration basically covered north of electric muscularity data, 5G application, artificial intelligence, electric power to fight wait for a domain, also formed electrified wire netting to digitlize transition to aid the favorable situation that promotes development of economic society high quality.

"7 oxen cloud " the F that finish annulus financing of 1 billion yuan of RMB

Computation of cloud of tripartite independence and data service provider " 7 oxen cloud " announced to finish recently new F of round of 1 billion yuan of RMB annulus financing, epicycle financing invests jointly by fund of fund of structural adjustment of Chinese state-owned company, the international that make silver, grand million. Epicycle capital basically will be used at the research and development of core technology and innovation, the be born of much setting solution, the market that enlarges industry and area is enclothed etc.

·The autograph cooperates about

Tecent cloud and sea boat group, much Buddhist nun blocks strategic collaboration, the Hainan that help strength is built from trade harbor

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

On June 16, tecent cloud and sea boat group, Duonika signs strategic cooperation agreement, tripartite will be made hand in hand " wisdom aviation + from trade harbor " , innovation drives new and high technology to apply in the round, innovate from trade harbor industry for Hainan with real operation development, for " wisdom Hainan " construction contributes force.

Executive president of group of boat of article of world of son's eldest son of assistant secretary of government of this world of Shen Dan of Hainan province vice-governor, Hainan province, sea considers firm, Hai Hang director of group of boat of Li Xianhua of group assistant president, sea holds CEO Tan Xiangdong concurrently, . Liu Baiheng of general manager of transportation of number of Bao Qifa of senior vice president, Tecent, Duonika sells sea boat group to make Jiang Bo sign strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of tripartite with market department vice president.

Tecent vice-president Ding Ke expresses in the speech, accompanying the Hainan construction from trade harbor, tecent hopes to be able to contribute more digital wisdom. This have the aid of " wisdom Hainan " with Hai Hang the group cooperates, let aviation industry sail the drive of digitlization. Tecent will produce his distinct advantage, nod to be cut with aviation Internet, assist construction of force wisdom Hainan in the round, value of the play in this one great history opportunity is built from trade harbor in Hainan.

·Anecdote of science and technology

Apple but fold IPhone archetypal exposure: Shuang Bing designs the hinge that is similar to Surface Duo

On June 16: Dimensions of margin calculation market will exceed -727379968; American company and China establish 5G standard to cooperate

Accepting YouTube amount recently advocate when sowing Jon Rettinger to interview, the Ceng Duo before this second essence explodes definitely the Jon Prosser of makings states malic interior is grinding send but machine of fold IPhone prototype. Do not cross it and do not use in that way like SamSung Galaxy Fold flexible but fold screen, be similar to Surface Duo however such double screen equipment. Prosser expresses this but the exterior of machine of fold IPhone prototype and IPhone 11 likeness, have fruity stainless steel edge nevertheless, airframe interior screen does not have bang, airframe is external nevertheless the meeting on screen has a little bang that is used at Face ID. He is pushing write in article: "Of the apple ' but fold ' the mobile phone is not real significance go up but fold. Current prototype is to use hinge connective face plate of two independent screen. Brim of fruity, stainless steel is similar to the design of IPhone 11 a bit. Screen does not have bang inside, screen has a bang that accommodates Face ID outside. Screen has a bang that accommodates Face ID outside..

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