3 article fish of Chinese time-out Europe import Norway 3 article fish in the gun drops together

Local time 15 days of messages, because Beijing sends ground market cut newly to import 3 article,detect in piscine chopping board new coronal virus, the Norwegian farm that count the home affirms past China exports 3 article fish to had been made stop temporarily later. China holds the whole world 5% of sales volume of 3 article fish, import disturbance of 3 article fish this to had caused whole industry small concussion inside global limits.

Through this weekend ferment, include Norway royal 3 article fish, and Bakkafrost of farm of 3 article fish inside 3 article fish of several Europe produce business to had affirmed, the company imports intermit to the 3 article fish of Chinese market. Now, breed the country with the biggest crop of 3 article fish as global farm, norwegian stock market 3 article fish suffer this negative news effect neat drop. Among them, make a person anxious most than share price, it is to be under the worry that whether epidemic situation can be raided the 2nd times, consumer is right " 3 article fish " after confidence is damaged restore very hard instantly.

Norwegian and royal sale of 3 article fish and market sale chief inspector had affirmed, they halted all pair of China sales, awaiting the news that makes clear further. Meanwhile, denmark is abroad autonomy is feudal the Bakkafrost of the Faroe Islands and Norway are royal 3 article fish (Norway Royal Salmon) the employee that all represents them had done new coronal to detect, appear without infection case.

Appear in price of 3 article fish while small drop, early now dish before half hour, share price of Salmar of sea product company drops urgently 7.8% , grieg marine company drops 6.1% ; Mowi drops 5.6% , the Bakkafrost of the Faroe Islands drops 5.6% , lery drops 3.3% . Although whole of Oslo stock market drops somewhat now, dan Sanwen fish drop exceed the drop below stock market whole to make the same score apparently: Atlanta sapphirine (Atlantic Sapphire) , royal share price of 3 article fish drops extent is 5% to 7% , but later share price picks up somewhat.

Card is able to bear or endure base investment bank (Carnegie Investment Bank) security market studies the analyst makes an appointment with writing dark (Lars Konrad Johnsen) the analysis says now: "In prospective number week, a large number of 3 article fish need to change other market to the sale from Chinese market, this will bring very great pressure to sale price without doubt. Because the demand of other market also has a lot of uncertainty. China affirms now importing 3 article fish new coronal virus discovered on cut board, so consumer wants ability a few years to restore at least to the view of 3 article fish. So consumer wants ability a few years to restore at least to the view of 3 article fish..

At the same time Yaohansen thinks, because the situation produced very big change, before level of supply and demand can't is opposite now future the price of 3 article fish make predict. Because at present each district is fear of epidemic situation of the 2nd new coronal to raid, do not have any products right now, or the country is willing to be inspected by others of the 2nd epidemic situation " fountainhead " , and look now, deep water fish breeds an industry to will face very big challenge.

Yaohansen is pessimistic even predict to say: If day is counted in future, perhaps count trade of aquiculture of the farm inside week relevant stock price falls panel height amounts to two digit, he also does not feel to surprised.

The data that understands through Norwegian and marine bureau before media is, last year, norwegian farm breeds 3 article fish to export gross to be as high as 1.1 million tons, value 7.51 billion dollar. This occupies the growth that had 6% again than 2018. Among them, china is Norwegian farm breed 3 article fish to consume large family, those who import China is fresh gross of 3 article fish broke up 2019 time, value is as high as 150 million dollar. In the meantime, the 3 article fish of the Faroe Islands also is exit large family.

As the whole world the biggest 3 article fish breeds business, announce before Mowi battalion closes first quarter was last year almost the half of the corresponding period, price of main be enslaved to be enslaved to drops, and the output of 20% drops. At present till, europe still is the biggest market of Mowi3 article fish, contributed 2019 of sale 70% it is America and Asia next, take its sales volume respectively 20% with 9% .

Same, in Scotland, there is farm of fish of 200 3 articles at least now, produce fish of 150 thousand tons of 3 article every year. Sina finance and economics from British revenue (HMRC) all computation arrives as we have learned, as similar as Norway, 3 article fish exports Aberdonian to also exported total value to be as high as 618 million pound 2019, grew 22% 2018 compared to the same period, among them, france, the United States and China are Scotland 3 article fish exports 3 the biggest markets, imported value from Scotland 2019 the 3 article fish of 59 million pound.

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3 article fish of Chinese time-out Europe import Norway 3 article fish in the gun drops together

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