Guangzhou police: The net is passed " 3 yuan in, precious jade an in spite of illness of personnel

Civil / Gong Xinwen of Fu Yi of reporter of entire media of ovine wall evening paper's reporter

On April 11, guangzhou police reports: Recently, first 3 yuan in, precious jade stage and other places has " in spite of illness of personnel of two foreign nationality escapes " information uploads in gregarious network sow, show fact of check of classics police nucleus to be a rumor.

On April 9 before dawn, police of Guangzhou Li bay finds the Deng Mou that releases this rumor (male, 42 years old, person of area of Guangzhou Li bay) . Deng Mou is explained, the village lived in place in the morning on April 7 gossip without the pertinent information that confirm hind, small letter of person is in the home group inside sent this message, remind family the attention is safe, did not think of this information to be transmitted extensively in gregarious media by family. Via policeman education, deng Mou and its home person realize his error, had deleted pertinent information.

Government of Guangzhou city people prevents the life that in controlling the job, mixes citizen masses in spic foreigner from beginning to end in current epidemic situation safety and healthy put in the first, to Chinese and treat equally without discrimination of foreign nationality personage, carry out strictly enter a country case of illness of personnel, diagnose and the segregation regulation of the person that contact closely.

Control the job to do virus of shape of very new-style coronal to affect pneumonic epidemic situation to prevent, guangzhou police hopes broad citizen masses and foreign nationality personage cooperate current epidemic situation actively to prevent control the job, do not release without checked information, accomplish not start a rumour, do not believe rumor, do not spread rumor.

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