Check 2020-2021 sports season ends day trades

Beijing time on March 26, NBA turns can trade to end formally. Player of NBA of 2020-2021 sports season trades fell heavy curtain, a few trade greatly Guan Xuan.

One, Sa carat door holds kingly government in the palm to announce, team sends a forward Neimaniya - the examine that fasten benefit, get Morris from Miami showing tremendous enthusiasm - Hakelisi and Kelisi - Xierwa. In addition, king still announces to cut forward into parts Gubali - handkerchief gram.

Check 2020-2021 sports season ends day trades

This sports season, the examine that fasten benefit gives fight in all in king 26 matches, all notch 7.2 minutes of backboard 3.8 secondary attack 1.9; Player of showing tremendous enthusiasm breaths out Chris field to all can get 1.2 bank 1.4 minutes; Banquet Er made of baked clay field all can get 2.3 bank 2.6 minutes.

The player fastens benefit examine to say: "I had had made great efforts. I think every player should do this. No matter they are rotate, still enter the court or end is very short, you need to give extra effort. You need to give extra effort..

Be in at the same time trade after finishing, Maikenaier also is in kingly general manager the respecting in statement " very glad to can greet Hakelisi and Xierwajia league team, welcome them to hold in the palm, they brought battle array deepness for team, defend fill strong and sharp edge of on-line motion ability fill strong. Appreciate the contribution that the examine that fasten benefit brings to team place even at the same time, his experience on field is impayable, hope he and his family did not come everything is successful. Hope he and his family did not come everything is successful..

2, magic team government announces, team sends a Nigula - Wuqieweiji and Al - Faluke - Aminu, get small Wendeer from the ox - Carter, small Otto - baud and two first-run autographs.

Check 2020-2021 sports season ends day trades

This sports season, wei Ji field is cut to all can get 11.8 bank 24.5 minutes in magic team fierce 3.8 secondary attack 0.95 grab 0.64 lids cap; Field of A rice slave all can get 1.7 secondary attack of 5.4 backboard 5.5 minutes 1 grab 0.53 lids cap. The Otto in ox team - baud field all can get 5.6 bank 9.9 minutes 2 secondary attack 0.48 grab 0.16 lids cap; Xiao card spy field all can get 2.2 secondary attack of 7.8 backboard 10.9 minutes 0.75 lids cap.

Wuqieweiji left effectiveness of 9 sports season magic, it is one of center with allied highest efficiency. 2019, career of Wu Qiewei strange profession first selected complete star is being surpassed. In the past two sports season, he leads the game after the team rushs into season continuously, this sports season is seleted complete star with reserve capacity once more.

Regrettablly magic military successes is gloomy, with the past two sports season acquire the eastpart part early or late the 7th, the expression of the 8th compares the eastpart part, the condition of team glides point-blank, at present with 15 get the better of 29 negative platoon is in the eastpart part the 14th, get the better of rate 34.1% what have pity on only, the piston that compares the eastpart part only, rocket western and silvan wolf are outstanding, magic management layer the decision that makes hardship, break up of will existing battle array rebuilds.

Trade after finishing, jeff of president of operation of magic team basketball - Weierteman says: "Trade the player dispute of this kind of level often decides Wuqieweiji hardly, he is magic one of players with team best history, we thank him extremely attendant the contribution that go up and makes for team below field. We thank him extremely attendant the contribution that go up and makes for team below field..

3, trailblazer team government announces, team general small Gary - Telunte and Luo Deni - Hood sends to fierce dragon, change Norman - Bao Wei Er, bao power Er will be in join in continue to wrap around personally after trailblazer 24 polo shirt.

Check 2020-2021 sports season ends day trades

This sports season up to now, bao power Er gives fight for fierce dragon 42, all 19.6 minutes of 3 backboard 1.8 secondary attack 1.12 grab, 3 minutes of balls score a hit lead 43.9% Gao Julian league the 10th, 3 minutes of balls score a hit several 118 mark Gao Julian alliance the 13rd. Telunteben sports season gives fight for trailblazer 41, all contribute 15 minutes of 2.2 backboard 1.4 secondary attack; Hudeben sports season gives fight for trailblazer 38, all contribute 4.7 minutes of 1.9 backboard 1.2 secondary attack.

Accordingly before report, fierce Long Zheng and many team are discussed about Bao power Er trade. When speaking of oneself may be being traded by team, say of Bao power Er: "I did not consider these issues completely, the someone else all round me thinks more than me. My root is here, I paid everything for this team, I want to continue to stay of course here, I do not want to leave to play a ball game for other team. Now, I am dedicated at this sports season, dedicated at team, I hope to be able to walk along sports season end with team. " but still be traded finally to come trailblazer. Bao power Er expresses: "Manage a meeting to make them think to suit the decision of team, you must be borne and accept this fact. You must be borne and accept this fact..

4, Atlanta eagle government announces, will pull brief - grand sends to flier more, change Louis - Williams Mu this, two round of autograph (mixed 2023 2027) with partial cash.

Check 2020-2021 sports season ends day trades

This sports season up to now, grand is much give fight in all 27 compare competition ground to all come on the stage 14.9 minutes, get 2 bank 3.9 minutes 3.5 secondary attack; All come on the stage 21.9 minutes, get 2.1 bank 12.1 minutes 3.4 secondary attack 0.93 grab.

After Guanxuan, eagle full back is special thunder - Yang Zai is pushed go up especially bask in gave he and grand the photograph of much more attendant edge, write: "A true professional player, wish you are lucky, champion! Champion!!

5, report according to EPSN, magic dust article - Fu Ni Ye trades to Kaierte person, change two round of autograph and Jeff - case of the base of a fruit.

Check 2020-2021 sports season ends day trades

This sports season up to now, give fight in all in magic effectiveness 26 field all 2.9 backboard 3.7 secondary attack 1.04 grab.

On March 25 magic the match with the sun is body of Fu Ni Ye wrap around battle gown gives Orlando last match of battle, in before end of a show 6.4 seconds, ai Du of center of sun of prep against of Fu Ni Ye is finished on basket, the help is magic with 112-111 win by a narrow margin.

The contract of sports season is rich Niyeben 17 million dollar, green army used a part to trade special case obtained him.

Fu Ni Ye is in be informed be traded to come Kaierte after the person, it is first write on individual socialization media: "Hey! Kaierte the person's fan people, if you are right I am not familiar, so the surname that searchs me in search engine please, not polite. Not polite..

Later, fu Ni Ye sends proclamation to fasten again magic, he writes: "The feeling that I can express my gratitude to your everybody exclusively uses up me everyday namely can work hard, become a better player, let us make a better team. Come 7 years, I paid everything my, leave everything on field. Hope you are my pride. Thank your Orlando, I can miss you. I can miss you..

NBA is field of a business after all, the hope trades to be able to have better progress and future to the player of new team.

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