I, do not work overtime today! ! "Company cultivate " nods next guidelines definitely

I, do not work overtime today! !

Do not know when to rise, we became a standard alive " company cultivate " :

The tiny tip that believe buy is the job chats completely, the boss' message reply for a short while;

To the company inside 2 kilometers outside sell very familiar with sth, all " have a meal together next time " columbine in work overtime buy;

The fruit that buys fed the ash-bin in the home, be forced to change then eat nut;

Now, came off work to also become a kind of extravagant hopes to the dot repeatedly...

Today, la La shares to everybody " company cultivate comes off work guideline " , the hope can help you really, become next activist at an early date.

I, do not work overtime today! !

OKR changes head portrait way

Not be everybody can resemble day of opera " I, come off work to the dot " in female advocate east hill dare rancor in that way the leader says, "My effort heretoes, I should allow nowadays class. I should allow nowadays class..

I, do not work overtime today! !

To bag of major actual Song, we can use gentler OKR to change head portrait way:

Change small letter head portrait into " the XXX that comes off work to the dot " , the job that establishs oneself clearly is attrib border: I should come off work, will chat again tomorrow (if you are again irritated I am feel snubbed of ask for it) .

Show next your OKR publicly the person, to the dot punctual go person, the leader also is met appreciate your powerful executive force.

I, do not work overtime today! !

I, do not work overtime today! !

I, do not work overtime today! !

Head portrait pattern plate sends you:

I, do not work overtime today! !

Applicable crowd: Cultivate of frowsty coquettish company, without leading role aureola but longing adds drama to oneself

Common use: Reply going to work is changed before the first message

Extreme usage: If be ineffective, change a company to retry try

Law of 5W all-purpose client

The job is my life, the client is my father, to market business affairs kind company cultivate, may want to talk about collaboration with others at any time, "See a client " it is common occurrence.

I, do not work overtime today! !

Recommend this kind of friend to use method of 5W all-purpose client, make full use of of the post, invite the suspicion since the boss not easily not only, still appear you have the urge for improvement particularly.

Cite a case:

I, do not work overtime today! !

Applicable crowd: Cultivate of play essence company, love gregarious beautiful butterfly

Common use: The choice does not have has cooperated new client, the moustache when convenient boss asks about makes up chaos to build

Extreme usage: Work hard, find new job become firm client, let your boss see you

PDCA rejects a law

The efficiency that is not you actually occasionally is low, the advent before however always can a few jobs are knocked noisy in next ding...

This may be a destiny the favor to company cultivate, also may be you did not learn knowledgeably Say No.

To friend of cultivate of this kind of company, might as well the PDCA that tries us rejects a law:

I, do not work overtime today! !

Specific when using, be such:

I, do not work overtime today! !

Want you to reject the job that when those affect you to allow, comes off work according to brand-new PDCA law only, you will harvest unprecedented pleasure, become next activist.

Applicable crowd: Cultivate of a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle company, have firmer plastic colleague feeling

Common use: Everyday silent reads aloud PDCA100 to all over, normal temperature Chang Xin

Extreme usage: Father does not work overtime namely today! Will add again tomorrow...

Efficient office law

Solve a problem from fountainhead directly, we should like to ask, if come off work before complete the work, what reason does that boss still have to leave you to work overtime? Classroom of use duty region, skill of of all kinds office all masters ↓ ↓ ↓

Skill of to apply for a job | Duty field promotes | Pass an exam, small letter searchs [duty region Go] (ID: Zhiyu-go) , attention public date gets more growing technical ability

About duty region classroom: Duty region devotes oneself to to make " 0-3 year old the profession of worker grows platform " , aim to pass Internet, offerring for numerous learner professional, interesting, the duty field of makings teachs course, establish half an year to had helped 10000+ this year's graduateses and field of duty of implementation of duty field new personality transition and grow.

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