"The man lays a teacher after 20 years " adjudge obtain punishment one year 6 months, how do you l

Actually, vengeance means has a lot of kinds, not was necessary completely to choose most extreme, effect is the poorest however the sort of!

Plainspoken, face this case, my heart is complex, because I also once was a student, nowadays is a lawyer that is course of study with the law.

On one hand, serve as once student, also once encountered these problems that cross Chang Mou place to encounter: Because result is bad in one's childhood, often get all sorts of supercilious look of the teacher and unfair treatment, I can experience the sort of flavor completely.

Just face the affront of all sorts of languages of the teacher and body, after Chang Mou chose 20 years, avenge, and I chose hard to read, the teacher that when graduating, has let once insulted me is looked at with new eyes.

On the other hand, as a lawyer, chang Mou's behavior offended really law, should get so of law penalize.

Nevertheless, laoluo feels this court decision is overweight, although Chang Mou made provoke affray crime, but this case really there is good reason for it, and existence victim fault, make need to think integratedly when measurement of penalty to Chang Mou.

After all, the cautionary action of this case should overweight punishs action.

In this case, to Chang Mou close watch sympathizes with Laoluo, the shadow when can affect a person really all one's life, chang Mou because of the teacher beat up and be insulted and left a shadow, this kind affects a likelihood all one's life unalterable. However, laying a person sin really, still upload the video that lays a person the network what is more,the rather that, completed bigger abominable impact.

Also can tell people a truth from inside this case, choose to be able to change a person really sometimes actually, because Chang Mou chose 20 years later avenge and brought about the calamity of bagnio, if give Chang Mou the option again,do not know, how can be he chosen?

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