Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

Go up line the drama of love of strange unreal suspense of a month " Si Teng " , updated on April 5 finally two collect. The idle front courtyard of sharp-eyed saw follow closely be as long as at the back of ending 30 minutes time outside. Clicked first in the heart, won't this want the meaning of double ending?

See complete play + time outside hind, idle front courtyard understood the director's meaning: Ending here, ren Jun is taken oneself.

And do not discuss pat two edition ending to hold the post of an audience to be taken oneself, start a kind of of the author lazy move. See final result of this two edition alone only, also carry case " sodden end " 2 words.

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

Department queen and effeminate cannot provide for oneself put

Clue of the text in origianl work ended to 27 collect actually. After big fight of Si Teng, Bai Ying and grave hill, the reincarnate accomplishment that it is a cane gives birth to Si Teng breath. Because,the likelihood is once different has changed, it is so powerful Pi a group of things with common features, after half an year Si Teng again the little girl that different becomes 34 years old, but 3 years many past, si Teng discovers him actually a bit was not brought up, the food that will to the world try to eat the mankind then is brought up quickly. Be adopted to become by aperture essence " Xi Zhu " hind encountered Qin Fang afresh again. She just knows Cong Kongjing in China mouth it is very slow that Pi a group of things with common features grows, think before unless resemble,be brought up quickly, congener in that way photograph is fed.

"If can have come afresh, I should do a very good and very good person, as a child obedient, sensible, to person friendly affection, everybody likes me... "

"Discover later, also do not change actually, you are you, humour had been become, impossible in one day changes so that drop. Discover later again, the life changes to be not dropped, did not like the business that do once upon a time, be done even again... " " Si Teng " time outside textual

Si Teng was done finally with aperture essence trade, took away her bewitching yuan, dissension gives the purest little girl cc in heart of cane of a department, the Qin Dynasty of little girl for company that hopes this happiness that represented her is ideal is put. Si Teng leaves alone.

"Where should you go to? "Where should you go to??

Si Teng does not reply, just look at him to smile, qin Fang also is considered must not other a lot of, ask her straight from the shoulder: "Can I accompany you one case? "Can I accompany you one case??

"Need not, I did not need. I did not need..

"Do then you want to go? You can look after me? You can look after me??

Si Teng did not reply, she raises a head, see the window to aperture essence is bright lamp.

Discrepant appearance? Qin Fang also looks up look on face, heard her to say softly sentence: "Qin Fang, help my deal with problems arising from an accident. Help my deal with problems arising from an accident..

Si Teng rejected all his requests, do not want him to accompany, also do not want him to visit. " Si Teng " time outside textual

After Qin Fang was looking for home of a good person to adopt to cc, lamp of yellow mud of recumbent the Eight Diagrams finds remote in, find Si Teng eventually.

And did in drama adapt, 30 collect abbreviation is ending of edition of die for love. Head of department cane love adds a body, put for visibility the Qin Dynasty forcibly different changes, went very quickly with respect to otherwise. Originally congener photograph is fed also can live, but Si Teng is done not have so do, she drew the partial strength of bamboo essence, can support she and Qin Fang to pat a MV only.

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

The Si Teng in drama for love forcibly different changes

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

Right it is to come back to pat this to be called only " a day of 3 eat " MV

However, qin Fang magnifies suddenly action is hypnotic Si Teng, him body the force of flower of words spoken by an actor from offstage transferred Si Teng to return erasure entirely Si Teng's memory, oneself turn plant person into lethargy 15 years. After Si Teng is grown dim in have oneself how-to, she was found the Qin Dynasty is put and looked for memory, chose die for love and the Qin Dynasty finally to put reincarnate Cheng Teng and tree one case.

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

Actor's lines is informal write

Author end fish ever was in adscript in write: "I am in for a whole life look up at such person, she does not count one, oneself from life atone for is about to save to come out in the sea, laugh slightly, it is the sail from raise. Blue sky is cottage, vast is banquet, calm can flutter. Calm can flutter..

"Be born and be a cane, you think I like to change person entity, fill in oneself into these strange clothing shoes? I am long in southwest close forest, carry head it is a day, lowering one's head is the ground, bounty of hardships of a journey or of one's life, life elite, want to blossom, flower of take things too hard does not blossom, want to who love to love, do not love me I go, except grave hill is eventful, who wants to plunge into the bypath that take a person directly, also won't do alive alive, does love also love to be less than? " " Si Teng " textual

As a whole, " Si Teng " it is a person sets nicer than gut theatrical work, and Si Teng's person is set even if regain consciousness independently easy grace, if say to there still is a word after amative head the upper part of the body, die for love is unusual. The Si Teng of 30 collect and the department cane before 22 collect or same individual? It is that " the decision that has oneself forever, who to also need really " Si Teng?

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

Because wriggle,be

Time outside edition ending is to be close to Yu Yuan to write more originally time outside, just receive in Si Teng amative head mutates forcibly below this one set, appear very barpque with dream. The Si Teng in drama did not draw the strength of aperture essence, and cc comes from a seed that gives at platinum, after department cane dissension gives little girl cc to accompany Qin Fang, disappeared. Thinking originally is BE set, next the plot of a play is grown cc was found live in seclusion the Qin Fang in remote and Si Teng. Idle front courtyard is mixed right now barrage synchronism is muddled force, didn't Si Teng absorb bewitching yuan did not die for what? If dying to also did not become a cane, play even for what disappear? she forcibly does different change is coming back to pat a MV? To this, director explanation is " stay white " .

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

The ending like dream

Stay to be equal to in vain unreasonable more it is clear to differ to say at doing not have forcibly dreamy ending, look at Zhou Zhi.

" Si Teng " when broadcasting, results arrives many reputably, because show of transhipment of through cargo of miraculous cane cane allows authority,be not only Get arrived big sweet beauty, because,be more female advocate Si Teng is true big goodwife is set, meet hill open a way meets water bridges, in renascence bewitching force abate circumstance falls, still can use scheme opportunely, awe black door, exterminate bare umbrella. And after break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties, gut and person are set moved toward convention however, no less than manages queen place says, I have 1000 kinds of kind you living save from water come up, why should do this kind of folly?

Department cane big ending saw a loneliness, director: This makes stay white

The romance that is playwrite?

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