Check-up fish lung is nodal, what should do next?

Fish lung is nodal, want to make clear above all: What lung tubercle can observe? What lung tubercle needs doctor interpose, this need evaluates the probability of the malign tendency of lobar tubercle!

Malign probability is low, the doctor can let you observe first, probability is lower, observation grows more along with the intermittence that visit; If cannot judge fine temporarily malign, the doctor is in distrustful manner, compare along with the intermittence that visit short. If height suspects malign, need further examination treatment, diagnose clearly.

Check-up fish lung is nodal, what should do next?

Here is about to ask: [what lung tubercle may be malign? ] → answer is in this period column, the first " the doctor says: Malign lobar tubercle has these features normally! Malign lobar tubercle has these features normally!!

If be during observation, you go checking, discover lobar tubercle increased apparently, so it is malign probability may become tall.

If tubercle is stable changeless, the probability that it is benign disease becomes tall.

So, when we discover lung is nodal for the first time, the doctor may let you observe first. The cycle of this observation is as follows:

After just discovering lung is nodal, check for the first time for [3 ~ 6 months] , if tubercle does not have apparent change, checking the next time is [9 ~ 12 months] the left and right sides; If tubercle still does not have apparent change, sequel criterion [1 ~ 2 years] check.

Check-up fish lung is nodal, what should do next?

If the doctor has let you,1 ~ does CT check-up 2 years to follow visit, common people is actually normal check-up is OK. Annual check-up is the basiccest performance that everybody pays close attention to health.

What meaning is grinding vitreous tubercle? Is the possibility that this kind of tubercle is lung cancer large?

CT hints what meaning is grinding vitreous appearance tubercle? Does it become lung cancer more easily?

Present general point of view thinks, grind vitreous appearance tubercle (frosted glass appearance is nodal) it is the pathological changes before a kind of cancer, perhaps say a of cancer very inchoate position.

But from [the pathological changes before cancer] arrive [cancer] process, the likelihood needs the left and right sides 10 years. Some patients may develop the land a few faster, 35 years the likelihood became cancer with respect to development; Some people are a few ruder, the likelihood is as long as 20 years. Got lobar tubercle to cannot be afraid of actually so, resemble saying this kind grinds vitreous tubercle especially, it evolves into the lung cancer of this kind of wellability, it is a very lengthy process actually. How long does this process have after all? Follow regularly with respect to need visit check.

If fruit is honest very afraid, resemble cut away it, broke off thoroughly " lung cancer " a way of escape, is this kind of operation feasible? Can lung cancer is far from thoroughly after cut away?

The answer is in this column → [lobar tubercle should not become an operation, when to see? ] [after lobar tubercle operation, does breath suffer an effect? What problem can art hind encounter? ]

Check-up fish lung is nodal, what should do next?

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