3 danger of Shanghai are changed taste an enterprise to be rectified by stop production! Next, do no

3 danger of Shanghai are changed taste an enterprise to be rectified by stop production! Next, do not send an announcement, do not greet sb, do not hear a report, need not accompany recieve, run quickly continuously basic level, straight insert the scene

Whole town lash-up manages a system to already started the special superintend and director that turns company safe production to danger to investigate the work. Already instructed Shanghai to establish division of limited company of electrical engineering data, star to pack together at present (Shanghai) limited company, Shanghai tries the 3 companies stop production such as 4 chemical limited company or stop production of partial product line to rectify.

Since March 23, total fleet of fire control of system of city lash-up management, city is being carried out execute the law daily on the foundation that examines a plan, formed 26 examinations group, company of dangerous chemical of whole town of leave for different destinations begins special superintend and director to check relative to 9 areas of concentration, undertake reexamination, execute the law again. In all thorough company of more than 300 dangerous chemical, discover problem and safe hidden danger more than 800.

The general character problem that discovers in the examination is: System of safety production has no effect to fulfil; Production stores spatial spot management is waited for rise; Management of fixation of dangerous chemical storage does not reach the designated position; Establishment of lash-up fire control is not perfect. Responsible comrade expresses related city lash-up management board, this special superintend and director checks the place that wants an existence venture discharge one by one check, fall the risk factor that danger turns a company to lowest. In be checked this, the problem that discovers 3 enterprises is more serious, advocate if condition of safety of explosion proof area is not had,wait for great hidden danger, before inspection team already asked these enterprises were not undertaking be rectified and reform thoroughly and getting affirming effectively on the spot, must not resume production. The problem is not solved, hidden trouble does not eliminate, the risk is not eliminated, allow start working return to work after a strike or layoff anything but.

On March 25 afternoon, municipal government is held strengthen dangerous chemical safety to superintend working conference.

Company of chemical of this city danger is distributed bit of much, face wide, amount is large, production, manage, use combustible explode easily the enterprise that danger tastes has more than 17 thousand, and live with the citizen closely related. Whole town forms the dangerous chemical company of great and dangerous source to have 122, need takes a project continuously control, safety administration, individual defend, the safe canal such as lash-up preparation accuses measure to reduce risk grade. Total reserve of whole town dangerous chemical many tons 3000, involve variety 2700 a variety of, store condition, store the standard is differ, brought very great pressure to secure superintendency job. Carriage link accident is sent more, traffic of dangerous chemical road, canalage, aviation is big, dangerous chemical is violated compasses send give a phenomenon to happen from time to tome. This mayor is defeated by cop to have a space long, pressure is great, distributing close, phyletic much, circumjacent environment is complex wait for a characteristic, have a bit inadvertent easy cause calamity accident. Level of management of business presence safety is not high, oneself lash-up rescuing power is insufficient, run the problem such as ageing of old facilities facilities.

Conference requirement, each are each area, relevant the branch should improve thought knowledge further, understand the austere sex complexity of situation of dangerous chemical safe production adequately, cogent heighten sense of responsibility, sense of urgency; Want to draw accident lesson deeply, take effective measures, be on guard stoutly chemical accident produces risk of keep within limits; Want to fulfil safe responsibility strictly, aggrandizement is harmonious cooperate, form dangerous chemical safety to administer powerful resultant force. Should fulfil responsibility of body of proprietor of an enterprise particularly, begin safe hidden trouble to be checked oneself seriously from correct activity. The proprietor of an enterprise wants chief to want to perform safe production seriously the first responsibility, supervise and urge had caught rectify and reform fulfil, till hidden trouble comb-out.

Next, city lash-up management board will pass safety of city dangerous chemical to superintend joint meeting platform of this one work, jointly with relevant member unit, it is dangerous to this city to continue to organize chemical production, store, use, transportation enterprises begins assault sex to selective examination. Various places, each unit is related each the unit checks the foundation from correct oneself, also will adopt " 4 not two straight " (do not send an announcement, do not greet sb, do not hear a report, need not accompany recieve, run quickly continuously basic level, straight insert the scene) the frequency that means increases key examination, assault to selective examination second, form powerful deterrence effect. Right rectify and reform not do one's best, break the law violate compasses problem lawfully from severe investigate, ban a batch, close stop a batch, rectify and reform a batch, form dangerous chemical safety to superintend high-pressured posture, ensure situation of this city safe production is stable.

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