15 buildings finance and economics | Acting character Intel causes Yang Li " scold battle " releva

15 buildings finance and economics | Acting character Intel causes Yang Li " scold battle " relevant content is fallen to wear

Take off a beautiful actor Yang Li to be immersed in public opinion eddy again, the comment about the male is before, it is the commercial conduct propaganda about Intel jotter this.

As a result of Yang Li acting character Intel is caused " sexual distinction is contrary " scold battle, relevant content is fallen to wear by Intel. At present Intel besides leave a relevant product, express without other.

Before " the man is so common so self-confident however " make Yang Li successful give a group, also let her for many times be immersed in controversy.

Occupy boreal blueness additionally - Beijing head reporter understanding, arouse controversy again and again " the congress that spit groove " , today midday at 12 o'clock, its government small gain issues announcement, former on went up at 8 o'clock that evening of the line " the congress that spit groove " the 8th period, because time of editing and rearrangement is insufficient, cannot meet with everybody on time.

Recently, because Intel jotter undertakes conduct propaganda, yang Li is boycotted by partial male netizen.

Anti thinks, show of Yang Li that take off a mouth is laugh at dot and stunt with insulting the male to make, express to will reject the product of reoccupy Intel henceforth.

On March 18, intel consumes kind of product core tastes Intel of Guan Wei @ collect the relevant content that releases Yang Li to publicize Intel notebook computer, deserve to go up " see gold investor Yang Li how be duty field computer ordinary " article table.

In publicizing content, yang Li plays had the stem in the show that take off a mouth: The eye of Intel is too tall, the eye that raises a target than me is tall.

This are small after rich is released before long, the netizen stands in male angle to express boycott, think Yang Li serves as to once was in in buccal show provocative " sexual distinction is contrary " still " contemptuous male group " person, do not have a qualification to hold the position of " give priority to with male user " Intel product propagandist.

In relevant opinion on public affairs, there is no lack of the assault and battery that has pair of him Yang Li, mix pair of female groups " do not know electronic product " sneer at.

A batch of stations support Yang Li's netizen to come round to support in female angle, the vituperation of the person that also launched pair of boycott at the same time battle.

Look in these netizens, yang Li just points out partial male " blind self-confidence " with " double mark " fact, the problem of nonexistent affront, instead is those think " Intel basically faces male user " the talent is to be in do sexual distinction to discriminate against.

Of course, the person that have extreme of partial opinion on public affairs also theres is no lack of to publish contemptuous sex content to male group in the person that support, cause more each other to scold a circumstance thereby.

In fact, yang Li is on bisexual problem all the time controversy is ceaseless.

Last year in August, yang Li is in " congress of the show that take off a mouth " a when go up " why does the schoolboy look so common obviously, but he is OK however so self-confident " give a circle quickly to explode fire, at the same time also open the beginning of bisexual controversy.

Last year December, is Yang Li in " is the show that take off a mouth crossed instead year " one when go up " does the man still have a bottom line? " it is this field controversy expands further more, cause a large number of " sexual distinction is contrary " scold battle.

At that time, because,Yang Li stagewise talks about him " so common so self-confident however " and when offending a lot of men, say: "You male pleased too hard also. I say you are ' rubbish ' , your affirmation is not willing; But if I say you are a good person, you also feel I am in insult you; I say you are an Everyman now, you are grouchy also. What person are you after all then? ' see benevolence ' see wisdom thing... "

Another actor gives Yang Meng grace before Yang Li expresses when telling this Duan Zi, the other side expresses " your bottom line in challenge man " . And Yang Li listens to ask in reply: "Man, still have a bottom line? Still have a bottom line??

Very fast, netizen check scheme says, somebody with " be suspected of sexual distinction discriminating against " for, to national broadcasting television total bureau undertook informing against. Actor Yao morning makes public a comment to say, "Every time a such affront are accepted slowly, our world is much also about life, human likelihood. Our world is much also about life, human likelihood..

The netizen expresses, as the male, a bit did not feel by Yang Li affront. Although partial statement of Yang Li also has one-sided sex, but still answer in the show that take off a mouth inside some expressive space categories, should concessional more Yang Li is conveyed in more comfortable environment.

This year in Feburary, is Yang Li in program of put together art " below same eave " in about " does the man struggle with how old strong? " spit groove, let many netizens consider as obliterating male value.

At that time, the honored guest states the man's career is the natural enemy of love, can bring about a man to ignore the spouse's mood; Another honored guest expresses, the man goes all out in work for the career is to protect good woman, the female should be more understand a schoolboy.

Yang Li hears character to spit groove to instantly: The schoolboy's energy so is? Struggle with how old strong ah?

In " Yang Li publicizes Intel " in conflict, many netizens take 3 paragraphs of afore-mentioned character of Yang Li to regard your work article, weave the Duan Zi that rose to spit groovy Intel.

As we have learned, at present @ Intel core is tasted collected cutout to divide " Yang Li publicizes Intel " publicize small gain. Core tastes @ Intel to all did not withhold the propagandist information related Yang Li with @ Intel China, also did not make a response to this conflict.

Meanwhile, intel government cleaned out treasure inn to also remove the propagandist placard related Yang Li.

Be aimed at this battle royal, still one part netizen thinks, no matter which one party should be not changed extremely, do not answer the men and women two groups undertake opposing.

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