Enlarge of -727379968 GDP city reachs 22, fuji Kang Jili builds finance and economics of | of car ac

Central level country endowment delimit turn social security amount 1.68 trillion yuan

On January 13 message, announcement of Ministry of finance shows, central level delimits turn state-owned capital enrichs the part job of social security fund is finished in the round. Up to 2020 end, delimit in all turn 93 central enterprises and central finance orgnaization are state-owned capitalization 1.68 trillion yuan.

According to requirement of file of the State Council before this, will in the center of with the place state-owned reach state-owned accuse large and medium-sized orgnaization of enterprise, finance is brought into delimit turn limits. Delimit turn scale is unified for the enterprise 10% of state-owned equity. (CCTV news)

| comments on | in recent years, the endowment insurance fund of countrywide much ground pays pressure to increase, the breach with appeared certain even. Below such setting, the State Council started the central country with the place endowment delimit turn social security works, delimited 2020 especially turn the job is carried apparently fast.

Nevertheless, besides the pension issue that exists for a long time, pneumonic epidemic situation still reduced new coronal the integral income of social security fund, in the meantime, just announce free vaccine also wants to finance and cure are protected before long before assume jointly. Sudden state, make national endowment delimits this 10% capital that turn appear no longer so " the canal is full " . Of course, delimit turned to still bring the effect that hold a bottom in the palm to the market, worry about a mood at least OK and temporary slowly.

The silver-colored meeting that keep watch drafts offset to expend financial firm grade

On January 13, the silver-colored meeting that keep watch is released " about print and distribute consumptive banking firm superintends grade method (try out) announcement " . Superintendency grade of consumptive banking firm notchs full marks is 100 minutes, notch according to specific grade, cent is 1~5 class, numerical value states orgnaization risk or question are bigger greatly more, the rate that needs superintendency attention is higher.

In addition, the consumptive banking firm that cannot run normally, will be judged to be 5 class directly. To belonging to the orgnaization of this kind of circumstance, " announcement " requirement, will instruct carry sex and, buy wait for deliverance to plan, or carry out lawfully take-over; Have the company of deliverance to cannot taking step, can carry out the market to exit lawfully. (new capital signs up for)

Since | comments on | nearly two years, internet banking industry is administered at concentration all the time rectify level, platform of the P2P before this has cleared entirely. And the network is small borrow also greet superintend heavy pound file, industry foreground is restricted somewhat, this gave consumptive banking firm a special development opportunity.

Nevertheless meanwhile, disappear gold platform also is faced with win a customer problem of the demote below quality of difficult, asset. Additional, superintend outside emphasizing grade result won't be opposite particularly, announce, more prohibit disappear gold company borrows this to publicize, make ad. The likelihood also is to hope these orgnaizations can be low battalion of regulate the menstrual function, strengthen wind to accuse, avoid bigger financial risk thereby.

Look of enlarge of city of -727379968 yuan of GDP of Chinese reachs 22

Recently, each district began the big check of data of economy of a batch of place. Current, the city such as city of Hefei, Nantong, spring, Fuzhou, Xi'an releases a message to say, GDP broke through -727379968 yuan 2020, formal ascend body club of -727379968 yuan of cities. If add 17 cities that -727379968 yuan of clubs had crossed before this, the amount of city of -727379968 yuan of GDP will achieve Chinese inland first 22.

Urban GDP data showed 2019, our country has 7 cities is city of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of 9 class, they are respectively: Fontal city, Dongguan, Jinan, Hefei, Fuzhou, Nantong, Xi'an. (Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for)

Although,| comments on | 2020 the whole nation each are big the city is different degree got the concussion of epidemic situation, but in epidemic prevention measure suitable case falls, each district is rapid answer of go back to work is produced, especially second half of the year, the countrywide GDP that statistical bureau announces before is added fast become a full member already. Those are apart from -727379968 yuan to close to differ the town that arrives an one foot only greatly originally, if do not give an accident, the difficulty that has stridden this toll-gate won't be very great. But, current GDP data is not final result, sequel can have moisture to be squeezed to go out also very it's hard to say.

Fuji Kang Jili is joint-stock establish company of automobile acting industry

On January 13, fuji health as auspicious as Zhejiang accuse sign strategic cooperation agreement jointly, both sides will establish joint-stock company, reach a travel company to offer era to be versed in production and custom-built adviser serve for global car, include but not car of be confined to truckload or cable length of entire industry of ecosystem of system of control of component, intelligence, car and electric car is entire flow.

As we have learned, joint-stock company will guide ICT (information and communication technology) mode of division of labor, help client company surmounts pattern of existing automobile industry, to innovation efficient production supplies catenary system and commercial pattern to quicken transition. According to the agreement, joint-stock company both sides is held each 50% . (insurgent news)

| comments on | yesterday, in steam assist those who release forecast data to show, sales volume of car of Chinese new energy resources will grow 40% compared to the same period 2021. From long-term in light of, car of new energy resources replaces fuel car already was hasten of general trends place, former market demand still will maintain exalted growth. accordingly, new energy industry gained the favour of numerous capital, fuji health do not calculate early. Nevertheless, kang Ganggang invested Fuji to do obeisance to vacate, mix again now auspicious establish joint-stock company to build a car for tripartite, the determination that works energetically one time is already apparent.

This week, auspicious part and Baidu, Fuji health managed cooperative relation. Such mode offerred pattern plate to transition of traditional car look forward to, build a car with company cooperation on one hand, still roll out the car from personal brand ceaselessly on the other hand, "Walking on two legs " , can reduce the risk that car look forward to runs not only, once joint-stock company development rose, the growth that restrains to battalion also is help strength greatly.

13 thousand monthly pay enrols peaceful heart times Spring Festival worker staying behind

Recently, in net of some invite applications for a job center of invite applications for a job of worker of peaceful heart times releases many to make news of relevant station invite applications for a job with production. Partial position description says, because order soares end of the year, to encourage everybody the Spring Festival continues to stay behind overwork job, in order to assure company shipment, ad hoc committee is grand bonus is incentive.

Incentive plan shows, not only the Spring Festival has 3 days 3 times legaller salary, returned additional award everyday Feburary 200 yuan, do not come home this months namely spend the New Year, the net income of worker of a gleam of will achieve 13100 yuan, odd monthly wages turns over times, notable is, what point to here is " buckle 5 danger the net income of one gold " . (negotiable securities times)

| comments on | to be in capital market, the share price of peaceful heart times all the way " hurricane " , this specification investor did not come to the company of outstanding achievement value. Enlarge of peaceful heart times enrols heavy gold to want to leave worker Spring Festival to work overtime, confirm from another angle, the order that the company soares has arrived more the pitch that does not make. And the monthly pay of 13 thousand is right for worker of a gleam of, also have allure very much really, plus each district is in this year advocate " on the spot spends the New Year " , perhaps Lv of many person unified exam stay.

Additional, the company works overtime drive plan itself give no cause for more criticism, but Ning Deshi's before long acting before considering one domestic grandson company produced explosion, catching production so while, must not ignore safe issue.

Maotai employee is same do not allow to leave Ren Huai

On January 13, in the light of early before Guizhou Province sanitation is healthy appoint release Heibei to save Shi Mou of 35 diagnose case of illness the mobile contrail that some is in area of abide by justice: Ever headed for Maotai factory loading. Guizhou Maotai issues urgent announcement.

This " announcement " point out, the group is in benevolence employee in principle is same do not allow to leave Ren Huai, do not allow to attend any gathering sexual activity, must not head for KTV, bar, Internet bar to wait public. Should increase superintend and director to guide in the round examination, ensure each are prevented accuse measure to carry out carry out reach the designated position; Drive the unit of not do one's best and individual to the job, group general from severe chase after accusatorial duty, the clue is serious, move send mechanism of local public security to deal with strictly. (China net)

| comments on | to face the new coronal with near future roaring the force with which sth breaks out pneumonic epidemic situation, each district is unavoidable to want to make the plan of nice perfectly sound, arrest epidemic situation stage a come back. From the angle of the company, understandable Maotai is urgent the particular way of the announcement, after all once appear diagnose case of illness, so whole factory faces the possibility of shutdown, brought secondary action is adv unimaginably. More what is more,the rather that Spring Festival of at present drawing near, more the look does not get a bit trip.

Nevertheless, want to ensure employee does not leave Ren Huai, light relies on to punish a likelihood insufficient still, the kind that also can carry award encourages employee not to ambulate in disorder. Even if be the austere hour of epidemic prevention, the one side that human nature changes also can be shown on company management.

Associate the group drafts sprint division to achieve board appear on the market

On January 13 message, associate the group announces announcement, announce the board of directors already approved a likelihood to issue China to put hold a proof in the palm (CDR) achieve to division of Shanghai stock exchange board application CDR appears on the market the initial proposal that reachs deal. According to this proposal, associate the group plans to issue new common stock, already issued number of common stock share after occupying company classics to expand not over 10% .

Recently, newest data shows the market of global personal computer that IDC of international market research organization releases, 2020, volume of shipment of market of global personal computer rises 13.1% compared to the same period, in before 3 big firms, associate group shipment volume is added compared to the same period fast be as high as 29% , the rank holds the whole world the first. (daily economy news)

| comments on the action of | CDR, say simply even if invest the company that appears on the market in other market better for convenient inland investor. Two years many before, originally in A, Beijing east wait for a tycoon to have issue CDR to answer A plan, but delayed because of the accident. And in come A before, in harbor appear on the market associate the group was in the United States early to issue ADR (the United States is put hold a proof in the palm) , with CDR also be an action.

Last year, as a result of the many office demand that epidemic situation brings, personal computer sells global growth inside global limits, associate as among them leading sheep, nature also is accrual quite abundant. Carry in the mobile phone nevertheless, the market share that associate already special small. Future associate in division achieve board appear on the market, how completing transition will be the main factor that affects its value.

A clinch a deal the forehead is defeated 8 days continuously -727379968

On January 13, a number of the 3 thumb after open quotation persists concussion, achieve point to stand on 3200 a little bit for a time, after that index by turn by force weak, break up entirely green, achieve point to drop for a time even more 1% , draw near midday dish, 3 thumb count weak force dish whole. 3 thumb count state of continuance be issued to lower levels afternoon, shanghai is deep two city clinch a deal the forehead trades the 8th times continuously day breaks through -727379968 yuan, achieve point to drop for a time even more 2.5% , yellow white line deviates from extent closes narrow, general drops, profitable effect is general.

Up to closing quotation, shanghai points to drop 0.27% , sign up for 3598.65 a little bit; Become greatly point to drop 0.61% , sign up for 15365.43 a little bit; Achieve point to drop 1.57% , sign up for 3130.3 a little bit. (sina finance and economics)

| comments on A of | Zhou Er go up greatly and the performance that data of Central Bank finance expects not as good as, it is the main reason that brings about week of 3 markets concussion to make firm. Early days goes up bigger embrace a group, because gain profit,can answer the pressure with spit generation constant next. But nowadays A clinch a deal the quantity has been broken through 8 days continuously -727379968, in financing area abundant circumstance falls, even if is popular embrace a group drop in temperature somewhat, a few those who underestimate a cost board piece because of,also meet annulus move effect to appear fill go up. Just lie when the market exalted when, still avoid to chase after as far as possible go up had better.

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