Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

Go antarctic this thing, to a lot of love for the traveller, can saying is an ultimate dream. Arrive from China antarctic, should fly across most the earth arrives at South America most Na Duan, next south the direction of another of the boat that fight ice of change major. Such time complete itinerary come down, want a flower to go up at least small 100 thousand RMBs. But antarctic ice sheet, penguin, seal, deep blue seawater and the bizarre view at the world still are attracting a lot of people to be headed for every year.

The today's person that tell about calls Laura, it is an expeditionary team member that works on antarctic yacht at present. Laura is a lawyer originally, also had done the person that teach the free profession of the domain, belong to married already the person that Yo has a family, but Laura still has deep love for do sth over and over again, like outdoors motion and the life that fill a surprise.

- 1-

To antarctic number penguin goes!

I go for the first time antarctic was Feburary 2018. At that time is antarctic summer, after crossing Antarctic, one day we are taking time cockboat swims in maritime make one's rounds, sailed one waves suddenly the maritime space of full broken ice. Drive the team member of cockboat shut engine, we a 11 people wave to go up in antarctic and quiet offing, the heard voice that bumps between broken ice only.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

Those ice had existed to go up chiliad, in that summer, waved before us, there still are a few compressed8 airs inside ice, melt to give out the sound of bang of Pi Pi bang at the same time at the same time. I feel we are like is tellurian finally a few mankinds, the end of alive bound drifts.

At that time, I understood what is lasting probably, and I resemble is tremendous nature between an insignificant sand.

That antarctic brigade I go with the tourist's identity, but the member that go up to be able to not say the expedition of Chinese because of that boat, I assumed the job of a lot of person that take care of a person of the same trade. As it happens that voyage schedule, the author of ship company also is on that boat, he observed me silently by a few days, feel I hold out those who be good at this job, we chat gradually later, familiar, he gave out the job of antarctic and expeditionary team member to invite to me.

This job needs me arrive every year by October March, namely antarctic summer, will to antarctic work, can deepness experiences antarctic life, need not spend money not only, still can get a pay, I listened very enchanted, begin to discuss with family.

My pa Mom is the responsibility that bears me to do me to like very much all along, concealed a few potential safe risks to them a little plus me, they agreed, still promise to help me take care of a son.

As to my son there, I also discussed with him. I explained to him I am what to should do, ask him, " you are hope mom accompanies you namely inside the home, still say to hope mom goes out to do the business that mom likes? "

He thought, answer me to say, " the mom that I feel everybody can be in the home bake the biscuit, cake that bake of what, but I feel mom goes antarctic number penguin is special cruel! "

After considering integratedly then, I accepted this job, head for antarctic again in the end October with expeditionary team member identity 2018.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

- 2-

The self-discipline of expeditionary team member

Although sound quite interesting,this works, but real working strength and pressure are very great, very tall also to the requirement of individual ability. Each expeditionary team member on antarctic yacht are to strengthen the sailor of edition, tourist guide, outdoors coach and antarctic knowledge expert fit, want to take care of the tourist that comes from world each district not only, have substantial intellectual reserve even. Be in most a year when begin, I saw a lot of relevant books, newsreel, the landforms that will understand antarctic, animal, expeditionary history etc.

Even if a lot of knowledge that had understood antarctic, but before arriving to go aboard truly, still be a bit confused in my heart, the person is a terrestrial animal after all, and ascend a boat this to be meant should be in maritime life a month.

The life of aboard very the rule, our staff member is 6:1 commonly5 get up, expedition grows 6:30 have be on the air to the tourist, when the Chinese on the boat is more, I am about to cooperate captain to undertake translating the job:

" everybody good morning, breakfast time was at 7 o'clock, today's temperature is 0 on 2 degrees, the sun is very big today, ask everybody to notice to prevent bask in. "

These are groovy operations, but because captain is an Englishman, englishman, besides have long expeditionary, drink, the tradition that drinks tea, still love poetry reading, and the one fashionable in liking to broadcasting is interesting, say to come:

" a day in relief bright fawn on is special happiness outside now, I remembered a poem... "

This lets me some unaware, be forced to say with everybody, " a moment ago our expedition grew everybody to recite a poem, a little while I translated this poem stick bulletin board in, everybody has fun at can go looking. "

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

- 3-

Pass through Drake

General our boat is from Argentine black Si Huaiya's haven set out at 6 o'clock afternoon, about the same in the evening 9, at 10 o'clock when crossed Bi Ge water route, the De Lei that begins to enter famous overcomes channel.

This moment, be seasick personage nightmare begin.

This famous devil west wind does not have any keep out on the belt, 10 meters of billow are very common. When storm is particularly great, the library resembles is Halley baud blackart institute is same, the book on the bookshelf of scamper about; Dining-room resembling is to attending a meeting blow, break a little while one case cup, break a little while a pile of bowl. And pass through this maritime space needs the time of half one day probably.

I can do this work, because I am Asian philtrum,be rare not quite can seasick person. Much is Asian passing through when De Lei is overcome, can produce seasick reaction. We prepare before go aboard every time when, the Hotel Manager that go up meets the boat prepare more vomitive bag according to the Asian amount in this time of journey.

This also is not to say Hesperian is not seasick, however western a respectful form of address for an old person to taking medicine this thing does not repel basically, before they go aboard, with respect to the remedy that can use external application of all sorts of to be taken orally, belt pressing arteries and veins that is a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties even, will prevent possible seasick response. And the experience that a respectful form of address for an old person of some China can feel he has a lot of to take a ship, do not be willing to take medicine.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

- 4-

Can see in antarctic, have antarctic itself only

Antarctic brigade, so-called the journey that is lifetime, because be apart from far, time to grow,be not only, because the price does not poor,also be. According to voyage schedule and storehouse different, the price of antarctic steamer ticket is not quite same also, the cheapest probably 8000 U.S. dollors, and the most expensive flatlet wants 20, 000 U.S. dollors.

Generally speaking, the author that I encounter more tourist is the old husband and wife that had paid child finishing stroke tuition, company is tall perhaps lover of canal, photography and new media rich advocate...

Voyage schedule of 10 days basically is to antarctic peninsula, it is antarctic mainland that spinous place; Voyage schedule of 20 days can arrive antarctic 3 islands, see more species. But actually to a lot of people, aboard is slow-witted two weeks can be overcome.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

I once encountered a passenger, be in the 10th day almost when ask me, " are we landed today what to see? "

I say, " this place has a lot of penguin. "

" is yesterday to had seen penguin? "

" different, this is a very big king penguin collect the ground. "

" yesterday is that very big also? What can you still see? "

" this place still has a very big glacier that hang by the feet. "

" is that still put on the ice? "

" right, we are in antarctic ah. "

After looked, come back, I ask him, " how to feel? "

" quite beautiful still, be too smelly. "

I also had seen the sort of tourist that spent 20 much RMBs to buy top class warehouse really, finally because disrelish penguin too smelly, do not agree to land those who go seeing penguin stoutly. When everybody is landed, only he leaves aboard to see an iceberg smoke at the same time at the same time.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

- 5-

Magical animal is in antarctic

From enter Drake to begin, we can see various seabird, these seabird are very interesting, storm is greater they are jumped over hey.

Arrived antarctic, we can encounter gull of white scabbard mouth, open system snow-white, only the mouth is weak pink, particularly beautiful, but they are fond of eat excrement. They can collect the ground in penguin commonly around life, in penguin fecal in search a few did not digest complete phosphorous shrimp and fish.

This kind of bird is a bit mean, when when having, the father mother when penguin feeds small penguin, it can fly suddenly, extend sole to to step on from flank small penguin one foot. Small penguin is stupid stupid, it so one pedal, food can drop the ground, big penguin and small penguin won't come to food pick up, can the food that one face looks at the ground regretfully to go up. Gull of mouth of this moment white scabbard is ablaze come on stage, swaggeringly pick up food, oneself ate happily.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

Almost all antarctic travel companies are association of organization of international antarctic travel (IAATO) member, everybody observes the pact that protects antarctic wild animal, plant, landforms strictly, accordingly these year come antarctic animal is protected very well, basically also did not guard against too much to the mankind.

Advanced two years, when we are landed, I sit on beach, often elephantine seal darling is in look me up and down up and down aside, see me not quite if moving, come over to my peristalsis, lie on my leg, regard me as another seal. When it raises a head to look at me, eye big round, of bright, make a person complete do not have counteractive ability.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

Because zoologist discovers,this kind of association with the mankind may affect the behaviour of seal later, be about to seek all landed people, when seal is adjacent, want to leave actively. Every time seal darling is close from me, I want to sheer, they can resemble a doggie seeing me euqally, seem to saying, " are we friends? Why do you sheer me? "

Besides, in Weideer one near the sea lands a dot to go up, have the penguin of A heart benefit of all over the mountains and plains. This kind of penguin grows very chicly, whole head is black, have a small white rim of the eye only, each resemble Drama Queen. They are opposite it seems that your not care a cent, but the every act that does not have acoustical ground to observe you in quiet all the time actually.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

Once, I sit on the boat to rest, abrupt " pit-a-pat " skip from water come out a goose, whole goose skips directly be in the boat. After coming in, it still got angry, be like this boat is it is same, crying madly to me all the time. I stood up later, bit further from it, it did not cry, seem to say, " travel, you went, I do not follow your plan. "

When you observe one swarm penguin, it is to be able to see them in penguin society all sorts of theatricalizing of time -- for instance, mutual lapidation head, mutual quarrel, did not make a noise to pass to fight each other... the child that I still had seen a penguin, had grown so that follow its mom about the same big, bai Lai ground is getting dead still beg to warm oneself below past mom abdomen. I am OK the head fills come out, an adult still gnaws old scene in the home.

Osculatory time grew, I discover penguin of avery kind of, perhaps say animal of avery kind of, have oneself disposition and behavior kind, very amused.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

In numerous animal, my individual favores a humpback all the more, seeing whale is a very excited thing me to, leave a boat particularly close when it especially when, under intuitionistic contrast, appear of gigantic animal suddenly in this kind of sea, can let a person one is plant already excitement feels scaredly again.

The dactylogram that the grain on the tail is like the humpback is the mankind is same, you can identify through the tail a whale. Have a website that is called Happy Whale, you are OK above this whale that inquires you see, if discover you are the first person that discovers it, you still can name to it, later every time somebody witnessed this whale to appear where, the website can send a message to tell you to you. This is you and a wonderful join between whale.

Have before night, I and a lady that come many years old alone drink on board together chat. Abrupt, our all round appeared 229 whale, big whale is getting porpoise fish, porpoise fish is frisky, surface temporarily between boiling! Cetacean darling resembles dot same, very the new mastery of a skill or technique that agitato is showing it to just learned, skip a little while rise, throw tail a little while, turn a little while, several whale suddenly a gush of a whale, submergence, advance side by side- do two or more things at once...

We look twice stayed, that lady begins suddenly mad weep. Feel at that time camera of what is redundant, we stand over namely, look at silently.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

- 6-

Scot's grandchildren

Ci Weige is in " when human galaxy is glaring " in had written the name is " great tragedy " biography, told about Scot led British explorer 1912 group and the contest with bit more antarctic conquer of Norwegian A Mengsen team. The leading role of this story Siketebi his adversary became late 5 weeks reach antarctic point, because encountered successive soup final he dies unfortunately. This story is antarctic and expeditionary history go up a particularly famous canto, although Scot failed, but also became one of the famousest explorer on the history because of his story and courage.

Very scratch is, when my aboard works, an explorer colleague also surnames Scot, after chatting a few times with him, I discover he is the grandchildren of that famous Scot unexpectedly.

Go to work in antarctic: Of penguin, whale and expeditionary team member daily

■ on January 18, 1912, scot and companion arrive at British explorer antarctic dot, the Amengsen before 5 weeks is from the back the team inserts the Norwegian ensign that go up

When we work together, want organic meeting to go out only, he should stand in a light boat only, see seawater, glacier, he can become suddenly particularly excited. Once he is a light boat that drove 67 hours outside, when coming back, whole person was frozen stiff, but there still is light in the eye, like rectifying an individual to resembled hitting gallinaceous blood.

Like him, a lot of be engaged in us the person of this industry, have a few familial inheritance, they have the adventurous mind that for generations heredity comes down.

After I was doing this work, often somebody asks me, " what is your serious work? "

I say, " the serious work that this is me. "

A viewpoint that I and my work in the same placing agree with is, " if you do a business, opening an eye every morning is not to say to be filled with joy, the word of too impatient to wait, why you should do it then? "

In 3 years this of in the past, antarctic is right for me, it is the home, office, also be Eden. Arrive every time antarctic, see a world of ice and snow, had blown sea wind, smell the flavour of penguin, I feel particularly kind, seeming is to return the home. An adage is told, how is the heart to return namely place, I feel antarctic to let my contented place namely.

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