They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still h

Of the late night hind factory village lights is brilliant.

Some people queue up 60 much people are waiting for a net to make an appointment with a car to receive his to come home, also some people still are in labour on the plan that cudgel one's brains should give a leader the report a little while, worked overtime to calculating for them at 9 o'clock, may be even " come off work ahead of schedule " .

On the land that created complete China most market prise in this, the lamplight of factory village is meant on one hand after fortune and brilliant, but also mean on the other hand sweat and miserable.

But, innovate to be mixed certainly with productivity 996 delimit good number?

This period microscopical the story was told about a flock of " not of 996 additional kind hind factory village person " , in them:

Some people can leaf through periodical later at 9 o'clock, the content that precipitates in order to work applies for decide on awards through discussion, with one action helps group and company enter finals ring, become Chinese head home to be seleted the IT enterprise of Franz Edelman award;

Some people can be in employee is taken to play table tennis when doing not have inspiration, go 4S inn sees a car, obtain inspiration from inside the super racing bike such as farad benefit, for electric contest mobile phone the design goes out original in of buy framework medicinal powder hot structure;

Return some after the person is accompanying the child to finish net lesson, the design that found opportunity of an organic whole is inspirational, guide whole group to be designed jump out with one action of new form Yoga 27 takes the chance of an organic whole that PC computer sets pattern next CES 7 award.

In their job, factory village is mixed after 996 should not delimit good number, grow to also do not have too big immediate concern with innovation efficiency when the job.

It is their real story below:

Civil | Small north

Editor | Chang Xin

9 o'clock hind factory village person is completely suffer from

21:02, zhang Yan just ended the one job of the day, preparation takes a taxi come home.

Result, show her ahead had discharged 61 people on software agreement a car, press before experience, this means her to lead need to wait for a hour to control ability to may sit to return the vehicle that returns Long Guan again in the office probably.

In the evening at 9 o'clock, it is all probably hind in the Internet popular feeling that factory village works painful.

On the land of the 2.6 square kilometer that is located in 5 annulus above of Beijing in this, collected many Internet company and famed, baidu, Tecent, Netease, sina... created Chinese Internet 100 million yuan of thousands of market prise.

In that one window backside that another late night still is shining, under cover the password of these fortune, countless Internet people that work all night sacrificed time, life, creat gave huge Internet empire.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | Below curtain of night hind factory village is street

But Zhang Yan feels, is all these worth after all?

She in some Internet of before domestic market prise 5 big plant works 5 years, do not have a day of 18:3 that can allege external in the company almostNext 0 time are punctual come home.

Even if the working shift to an ealier time of handle head was finished, she also must be in labour wait on 1 hour, just the opportunity takes a car, knock her to hire the door between the Xiaochan that answers Long Guan.

Also be in 21:02 minutes, in associate the Sun Zanyi that the academy works ends via washing gargle, lie on the bed in the home to begin to leaf through the biography of Elon Mask, the pen is taken out to tag in sensation point;

Do the Chen Jinshan of product research and development, criterion for company online class of his home child, his home child this year 5 years old, had begun to need those who undertake a few study and knowledge go up to coach;

The Jing Xudong that does a design just was fooled slept the child, put on kit, preparation goes down to the building night runs.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | In the evening at 9 o'clock, associate employee comes off work already, office building parking lot car very abundant

Compare with Zhang Yan, person of village of the factory after these passes it seems that too too " Buddha is " , but also let Zhang Yan envy indeed unceasingly.

On the bookcase of Home Zhang Yan, filled up with the new book that has not torn open model to seal. She always wants to there can be time to be leafed through before sleeping everyday, can get off every time come home to already was close to at 11 o'clock, wash gargle, clear away do sth over and over again to come down, she touchs a pillow to be able to be asleep immediately, do not have at all empty " ponder over life " .

The book reads before Sun Zante does not like to sleep, when next countless innovation that see Elon Musk especially, make a decision decisive when, he always feels happy the company that he can work evenly in and lives works.

"The person is looking up at sky absolutely when exceeding exhaustion, they can want to sleep well only shut-eye " , sun Zanshui.

Have show, beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang already was become discuss " 996 duty " the most enthusiastic area, because these local Internet companies developed, life cost tall, rhythm is fast, work overtime to already became normal state, also be full of with the 996 news closely related " overfatigue " , " inferior healthy " wait for a vocabulary.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

To this, zhang Yan compares kink, on one hand she feels the person is taken the advantage of with respect to this young struggle, go all out in work, reduce otherwise " field of 35 years old of duty is middleaged " want to struggle to also do not have an opportunity.

But on the other hand, before a few this years she can feel body state is inferior to greatly apparently, work overtime late, excellent evening, after coming home, always still feel empty stomach rumbles and choose food taken late at night on one times, as time passes, what in turning everybody into the mouth, say " overfatigue is fat " .

There is the habit that sees friend group before Zhang Yan sleeps, "Everybody can be only in night confide aspirations " , zhang Yan says.

At night friend ases if in the circle have two parallel worlds, the taxi that the person of factory village is basking in him after queues up time, and the book that the friend of native place is basking in him to look, transmit a few interesting little articles.

"If after factory village continues to work, does life have exhaustion only really this kind of impression? " Zhang Yan heart thinks.

"The job and life, should not be antonym "

With what after factory village works 95 hind Beijing University doctor grandson assist never regrets to come to this place however.

In the artificial intelligence that associate the lab does the research of machine study and union of operational research technology before Sun Zanmu, sound this is one comparatives the time of cost head, cost, job that must work overtime to just can innovate, but grandson assist leaves a company after 9 o'clock rarely however.

Controlled at 7 o'clock every night, sun Zanjiu solved dinner around the home, go for a walk comes home read a book, see periodical, comb the working achievement that day incidentally.

"Periodical often can reflect the science and technology of foremost edge to consider to succeed, the person that does a technology must have time to see periodical, such ability won't be moss-grown " , sun Zanshui.

Before paragraph time, sun Zanjiu discovers in periodical by course of study inside praise use a field for operational research " Oscar " Franz Edelman award is being declared in, he report with the leader for a short while, participated in the appraise through comparison of this award.

Final, associate to be seleted finals circle smoothly, since becoming this award to was established 1972, chinese head home is seleted the IT enterprise of Franz Edelman award.

Grandson assist sighs with emotion, "Actually this is not my working job, tell me to say we need to contend for a such award without Leader, but bear the palm also arose to my job cogent, openly action. But bear the palm also arose to my job cogent, openly action..

"But if I just can come off work at 9 o'clock in the evening, I may do not have time, also do these things without mental efforts. Also do these things without mental efforts..

Join associate 10 years, the Chen Jinshan that makes hardware research and development, also be likeness experience.

Chen Jinshan gets online in for company child recently class, look more, the originality of research and development emerges with respect to factitious ground mind, he thinks a net class demand and the product photograph that associate are united in wedlock, make a convenient office, computer that attend class.

Meeting that paragraph of time, group of old golden hill also receives similar product requirement, the conventions that needs to do a breakthrough to have PC computer, product that lets a person shine at the moment.

Accompany the child to finish net lesson, chen Jinshan is in group in discuss with group member, "The configuration of jotter had finalized the design basically, table such an iron boxes, how can you do neatly interesting? How can you do neatly interesting??

Everybody thought of to rotate machine of an organic whole -- place of machine of an organic whole occupies a space small, screen is big, in order to is designed and do the result that show first-rate, with what this matchs the screen that is machine of an organic whole rotates function. But machine of an organic whole rotates to also put in a Bug: Measure is too much, the experience is bad.

To reduce the measure that machine of an organic whole rotates, chen Jinshan and group member see in daily life what arrives with respect to extend the meaning on the product, be in next group inside the possibility of discussion implementation.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | Chen Jinshan and group are debugging a product

For instance, a hand can rotate easily screen, the picture rotates along with screen comfortable match; Jotter of join of a Type C line, can share substandard of acoustics of 4K big screen, JBL to receive facility; Cast screen indefinitely, horizontal screen brushs drama, perpendicular screen plays tremble sound etc.

These drop are realized one by one by group member later, made the product form with brand-new machine of an organic whole -- associate Yoga 27, after the product is released before long CES is exhibited on the meeting, yoga 27 with one action takes below 7 large award, let everybody shine at the moment.

Chen Jinshan says, "Our group never has work overtime compulsively, but this also does not hamper we have the capacity that innovates continuously " . He thinks, the person should balance good job, life, family 3 respects, just more those who be helpful for the job going up is dedicated,

"3 person be in contradictory condition for a long time, the person's thinking and thought are in groove very hard also. The person's thinking and thought are in groove very hard also..

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | Associate office environment

The Jing Xudong that course of study of charge for the making of sth. designs also approves Chen Jinshan's statement, he thinks, involve the branch of inspirational, originality especially, need stretch working system and environment more.

He likes to be being waited for in the office least of all, jing Xudong says, "The environment of the office special solidify, the stimulation that goes up very hard to person inspiration " .

Occasionally, he can choose to take group member to play table tennis, play happily, another chats, can remember the thing of certain oversight instead, spurt and certain very interesting key point. Also have some of time, he can take everybody to go car 4S inn,

"The car is the oldest pattern in products plan, see a car, talk about a car, occasionally also can the head is cruel an a few very interesting idea. Occasionally also can the head is cruel an a few very interesting idea..

Have second, jing Xudong received the demand of a mobile phone of the contest that make report, need add boat is strong, medicinal powder heat up the fast, function that charges to wait for convenient game quickly to use.

He suddenly from before inspiration found in the racing bike that has looked: Like farad the super racing bike of benefit, Lanbojini and and so on of the nimble when protecting can use the concept of the buy in engine, engine is the fetch of a racing bike, CPU is a mobile phone " fetch " , that can follow the structure of the buy in engine, in Where is buy CPU?

Come so, the buy in CPU, two side are batteries, calorific place is in among, won't affect the feel when playing game, also won't the hand is blocked medicinal powder hot mouth, this had basic in the layout of buy framework.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | Jing Xudong is taking a group to play game to make an experience

Through argumentation of a few days, well Xu Dongguo broke this one framework to blend in a mobile phone in, make went out to associate mobile phone of the person that generation is saved, and whole design acquires 2020 year " award of good now design " .

"The job and life should not be antonym " , jing Xudong says, if do not have the originality that offers on the life and inspiration, he is absolutely impossible to sit in the office to think up those to devise plan.

"Because here does not work overtime, I am initiative 996 "

Jing Xudong so say, come from the duty that at him the contrast after Ceng Xian passes same home company to spend change to give employee brought effect.

When the university graduates, jing Xudong is joined from clear colorful courtyard associate. At that time associate or send " style of old state-owend enterprise " ,

"Everybody values time particularly, after all you are 8:59, still be 9:01 go to work, difference of a minute, record of check on work attendance can differ completely. Record of check on work attendance can differ completely..

2004, associate to announce and buy IBM, company swarmed into a lot of foreign country employee, also make associate the working habit that interior begins to discuss system of which kinds of job to fit global stuff more.

"At the beginning, once do not hit card to go to work,everybody worries very much, can appear be late the circumstance of leave early, everybody works involuntarily " , jing Xudong says, they still prepared at that time a few " beforehand case " : If certain personnel is late leave early phenomenon is particularly serious, individual of separate requirement plays card, provide time going to work strictly.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Doing not have those who think of is, after the company begins to carry out stretch duty, jing Xudong and the circumstance with afraid place of other government layer did not happen, everybody commutes because of paying close attention to no longer instead the time that play card, and put more energy to working itself and promotion work efficiency.

"Manacle mandatorily decrease and did not reduce efficiency, opposite comfortable, the promotion that can bring efficiency instead " , jing Xudong says.

Disengaged when, he looks after children via regular meeting travel going abroad, look exhibit, see when him those are interesting, when the content that differs with the content of daily contact, he is unavoidable can think from oneself professional setting, these are new, interesting content, how can use to the job.

The life and labour oppose do not cut apart for him, the idea of his a lot of designs comes from the place in the life to see, be heard, earning, his life and job are each other connection, together forward to condition.

Through giving employee a more trustful and easy environment, instead aggrandizement the autonomy of employee, this also is the account that the Wang Jing Han that is born 97 years chooses to associate.

Wang Jing Han and husband have formerly do not become the agreement of article:

"Do not go to Internet big plant, go to Internet big plant divorcing " .

They do not think the nip that be wrapped by the job lives, by insignificant inside bad news, involute and belt slanted life orbit, attend to one thing and lose another lost the job first heart. Wang Jing Han says she chooses to associate because,the reason of 80% is " do not work overtime " .

Associate talent of group whole world learns Li Huang of as senior as development inspector general to exhibit (Hwang Jann Lee, lee of the following abbreviation) amended this to plant further " do not work overtime " concept.

Lee is the 3rd acting Chinese that is born in Malaysia, he ever was in danger of friendly nation birthday, United States early or late international group holds a post, joined 2011 associate.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | Lee is being done to group member share

Lee still remembers associate for the first time when interview, he still thinks this is the civilian battalion company that a special China turns, interview his metropolis is a Chinese.

However, in 6 rounds of his interview, have interview of Kong Lai of 3 foreigners face, among them one is a black even.

He feels very open-eyed. He is when American company, the Leader of great undertaking Wu is American local commonly, the tall canal of the area that be not the United States also is by American mainland the person is expedited normally.

More those who make Lee open-eyed is the working environment that associate, the traditional China industry that thinks with him differs completely. Here does not need to hit card, stretch job, employee to be full of passion and originality, also become him to stay in the main reason that associates not to agree to leave for years.

Lee often needs and communicate in the overseas fellow worker of the United States, Europe, and of the Asia night is the time node that suits the whole world to communicate most, after so he often returns the home in the evening, communicate with other staffs, corresponding is, he often is met afternoon leave a company a few earlier, come home have a break, continue to work again.

"' do not work overtime ' do not mean do not work, just you do not need a regulation to be versed in in a go to work make " , lee explanation, associate to always use stretch working hours, do not importune employee 8 hours this to must be in a company, in labour finish the work.

"Some have the child's stuff in the home, often very difficult punctual at 9 o'clock in the morning go to a company, but this also concerns without what, because they often are met initiative go up full 8 hours, left again at 7 o'clock in the evening " , lee say.

The condition of this kind of stretch job, also be to associate the office atmosphere with hope relaxed and comfortable fictile: When stuff comes a company, the state of mind that taking excitement comes them, having full essence of life to enrage a god; Come off work when them when leaving, they also are happy, go back happily, come home the business that does oneself to want to do.

Because like the work that oneself do, associate the Wen Hui of ministry of research and development even " initiative 996 " .

Wen Hui can go to a company before 8 o'clock normally, he wants to use these time ego study. After eating a meal in the evening, he still can handle postal matter, miss the work tomorrow, sometimes even at 11 o'clock just " be reluctant to part with " the ground leaves work.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | Wen Hui is being taken " Qing Ning contingent " a group is built, the little label on the dress is the cyan lemon mark of innovation log group.

He is in associate to already worked 5 years time, became the governor of group of a 18 people. The responsibility of position means him to must expend a lot of time to be in everyday cross a branch to communicate, on group staff training, "Cost half hours each, one day also went " , wen Hui says.

But he still is willing to spend more time to enrich his, "Compare with the 996 photographs of other company, I am initiative 996 it is to charge to oneself, is not bring about because of the job of flow, small effect must stay in labour on inside bad news " .

He likes to use the time of sky beyond to study product function, see in him or think of interesting, valuable, when the product function of trend sex, wen Hui makes a model directly, this kind of habit is called by him " record innovation log " .

Last year in November, associate the product that the market group of Chinese area hopes Wen Hui faces Chinese market for Motorola is custom-built " business affairs setting " camera function.

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

In the system of Motorola, want to realize a such new functions, should pass user survey, research plan, check the ability after waiting for complex measure to make prototype repeatedly to NPI (taste newly guide) refer examine and verify, need 4 ~ the time of 6 months. But already drew near at that time appear on the market, time very drive.

Wen Hui opens his innovation log, from inside v the abecedarian prototype material that he makes so, inside the time of a week, make this one model, one of product window that taste its newly finally Edge S as Motorola and go up line.

"When employee is in a relatively relaxed atmosphere, his condition is disturbed with respect to what won't get not important thing " .

Wen Hui has a lot of to be the same as age friend, be in crucial node of 35 years old at present, fear age is optimized greatly on one hand, on the other hand body condition does not allow to continue really 996 jobs.

"The thing that everybody pays close attention to everyday is I needed enough time today, came late a hour can be seen " , wen Hui says, "But I do not have such apprehension all the time, we direct with eventuate, the business has been done, how much to spend to do not have inevitable connection with time " .

The optimum solution of innovation, not be absolutely 996

Zhang Yan has considered otherwise of very long period of time to want to leave one's post, but she is wary find new job next unit, still do not escape to cross the fetters and handcuffs of 996.

"Although a lot of enterprises say him not 996, but after you went, can discover, your even if is slow-witted full 996, also cannot finish the job " , zhang Yan says.

To can give oneself the time that breath, she always searchs in the company all sorts of " feel a fish " time, had a meal for instance in the evening at 6 o'clock, came back more at 8 o'clock, next again when hit card to come off work at 9 o'clock.

"Feel a fish " long, zhang Yan hard to avoid oppugns him, grow when the job probably enough, but should be oneself lifetime used in " feel a fish " this thing?

Sun Zanjian passes too much him doubt 996 meanings and find new job often, final still empty-handed youth.

"No matter make operation, sale, still be technology of research and development, what have type of work in production only is different, but the person's life is changeless " , sun Zanshui, if did not seek pair of groups, look for pair of appropriate company systems, no matter find new job a few times, likely by inside the dream that bad news drops him.

Jing Xudong says he can be in associate work 20 years, satisfying him to be gone after in the place in the life and job at here " delicate balance is nodded " .

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Graph | On April 1, associate every as usual held new money to raise national flag, see the New Year in ran, Pan Yan see the New Year in activity

On April 1, associate every as usual held new money to see the New Year in the commonweal activity such as brushwork of ran, Pan Yan, spot. In associate group president holds CEO Yang Yuanqing concurrently guide below, tall canal and employee a morning runs, receive new money year arrival.

Grandson the average per capita such as assist, Jing Xudong, Chen Jinshan, Wen Hui, Lee participated in this collectivity to see the New Year in activity.

"Annual most expect this one day, share price also grows continuously this year, everybody feels ran more hearten morale, also be helpful for new adjust more active job position one year " , say of old golden hill.

In 20/21 money year season of the 3rd money, associate group turnover achieves 114.2 billion RMB, grow 22.3% compared to the same period, net profit grows 53.1% compared to the same period, the group is all advocate the promotion that business Wu realized turnover and gain ability entirely.

Yang Yuanqing of no less than is in what what on one money says in every in-house letter, "Those fail to destroy us, will make us more powerful eventually. Will make us more powerful eventually..

They do not work overtime, make award of innovation, give oneself airs, why to have you only still holding to 996?

Deluke ever had said the father that modern management learns, "The person is the asset with the mainest business " . However, to a lot of compulsive for the enterprise of 996, the person is changed by the enterprise however the screw that consummate assures to the machine runs. Restore the respect to the person only, talent may be real release the person's ability.

De Luke ever still had said, controller must respect each employee, esteem is not a kind of courteous requirement only, more important is to be based on a such concepts: Employee just is the host with real company.

In associate, have a lot of jobs more than 10 years to exceed 20 old stuff with Jing Xudong even. The addition of a particular year, did not reduce their innovation motive force, contrary, below trustful and easy environment, force of the autonomy of employee, innovation is aroused, bring individual and enterprise more surprises ceaselessly.

Grandson assist, Chen Jinshan, Jing Xudong person of village of the factory after waiting, understand in some sense, the 996 only solutions that are not enterprise innovation, also not be optimum solution absolutely.

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