CBA | Head steel group loses big battle of another name for Guangdong Province of Guangdong gang cap

5 days, CBA match of the 4th phase continues to be in all and undertake, group of Beijing head steel with 83 than 90 lost Guangdong line. Head steel group surpasses 4 engage in a battle with Guangdong team in this sports season convention, without get the better of accomplishment.


Shang Brooks surpasses horse of foreign aids of Guangdong team core quarterly reports is sold, but team front line signs great outside help Jiesen Thompson, finished before this field is surpassed register. But team of this field match Guangdong shifts Hu Mingxuan a hair, comprised complete China class battle array. Head steel here continueing a groovy hair battle array, fang Shuo, Liu Xiaoyu, Wang Xiao brightness leads exterior line, planted agent of assume personal command of Hanmierdu, Li Muhao.

The first section head steel is continueing as before the match condition of nearly a few slow heat, aggression end cannot find feel, the ability when still having 7 minutes of 30 seconds till the first receives Fang Shuo to attack the ground to pass the basket on the ball to take right-hand seat to divide by Fan Ziming, a person of extraordinary powers of admire of after this plum still counteracted Xu Jie to produce collision to bring about latter to get hurt in covering process end. Aggression is adverse, defending Duan Shougang also is achieved early foul the frequency sends adversary more penalty shot. The Gibson that rotate enters the court and Zhou Yixiang hit the target 3 minutes to bite score closely one after another, and Guangdong respect also is in the first end paragraph enter the court Shangpusenpa, the CBA head that performs this sports season is beautiful. Head section head steel 15 than 17 lag behind 2 minutes, two teams contributed 17 error, guangdong has 9 times, head steel 8, so many error number is latter Beijing another name for Guangdong Province in big fight rare.

The 2nd Zhu Yan comes up to be being borne 3 times on the west foul in advance end rests, head steel exterior line did not find feel as before, half of a game or contest 3 minutes of balls 14 in 3, gibson also does not have a fervent feel, 7 times skill hits the target only 2 balls, head steel lags behind for a time adversary 10 minutes of difference. This also makes Yanisi is used in the 2nd foreign aids on gave Hanmierdu more time, big fellow also throws below 12 minutes of 4 bank in 8 minutes when enter the court the 2nd times, fan Ziming of a planted agent also is in attack prevent two end to have contribution quite, half of a game or contest chops below 11 minutes. Two people notch one after another in planted agent, half of a game or contest of group of help head steel 37 than 36 obtain exceed instead, it is Guangdong team 36 minutes lowest of this sports season half of a game or contest notchs.

Guangdong of the second half transfers into Thompson a hair, head steel Yanisi here go up without the clique Zhu Yan is mixed on the west Li Muhao, choose Qiu Tian however, but team still is faced with foul troublesome: Wang Xiao brightness is gotten early foul, the second half head the Qiu Tian of hair is more took 6 minutes 5 times foul must end. But fortunately team exterior line restored some of feel, ramon, Wang Xiao brightness hits the target 3 minutes one after another, head steel 60 than 56 banner enter the 4th 4 minutes.

The 4th Guangdong general on Weimusipa, hu Mingxuan, Wemyss pounds a basket of steel group goal to build continuously kill and wound exceeded score instead, the 3rd Gibson that hit a minute to be able to rest amply only did not look for turn around and stretch out one's hand to feel as before, fan Ziming is answering the helper in defending a process to be upgraded to foul to violate body by contest of dawn of the Song Dynasty, after this Fan Ziming fouls 6 times in attacking covering process. Head Wang Xiao of steel group profit from brightness a standard-sized sheet of exterior line firepower, only part scores a hit 4 write down 3 minutes of balls to bite score closely. But other player is ultimate hour is comprehensive dumb fire, zhao Rui faces Qiu Tian to cast in 3 minutes of balls establish the key the match is gotten the better of bureau, final a steel 83 than 90 lose Yu Andong line, contest of get down convention faces rival the 4 a bitter pill to swallow that are defeated repeatedly.

Hanmierdu throws below 18 minutes of 10 bank, brave brightness has Fan Ziming and king 15 minutes each enter an item in an account, gibson fails to continue a fervent feel, get 5 bank 14 minutes 4 secondary attack, benchangbi surpasses Fang Shuo 8 cast 0 in, rely on penalty shot to get 2 minutes only, but have 5 secondary attack with whole top group. After this battle passes, head the military successes of steel group comes 26 get the better of 23 negative, get the better of rate 53.1% . Review this field match, head steel group divides Wang Xiao brightness outside, feel of someone else exterior line is icy, 3 minutes of balls 26 in 5, in addition team is mutual foul 35 times, this is not a data that can win a ball, groovy contest still has 3 rounds, be opposite a steel group will tell, change the position that team heats up slow in time, look for turn around and stretch out one's hand to feel, the healthy competition after entering season just is the most crucial.

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