How does forefront Piao step sports to release annual money signed up for 2020, net profit exceeds A

On March 24, how to step the government to release annual money signed up for 2020 (up to on December 31, 2020) .

On finance affairs and outstanding achievement expression, how to step the implementation inside 5 years increases gross earnings continuously, amounted to thirty-five billion five hundred and twelve million yuan of RMBs 2020, grow 4.7% compared to the same period; Gross profit twenty billion six hundred and fifty-one million yuan, increase compared to the same period 10.7% ; Implementation manages excessive benefit to be 9.15 billion yuan, rise compared to the same period 5.3% ; Partner should occupy profit to be 5.162 billion yuan, compared to the same period small fall 3.4% .

How does forefront Piao step sports to release annual money signed up for 2020, net profit exceeds Adidasi

Bring newspaper stepping money

Integrated money signs up for each data, outside dividing partner to should occupy profit to drop somewhat, how to step data of other core finance affairs to all maintain increase fast position.

Found 1991 how to step, was in Hong Kong 2007 bourse advocate board appear on the market. The brand combination that has below the banner at present includes how to step, FILA, DESCENTE, KOLON SPORT, and the Amer Sports Corporation of Finnish motion brand that bought 2019, still have Salomon, Arc ' Teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic, Suunto and Wilson degree of taller motion brand is approved on the international market. And the diversity brand matrix that how steps makes how step OK the consumer that gets used to class of different consumption layer on big limit, disentomb the latent capacity of the masses and market of high-end sporting goods.

The fact proves, this kind " do not put the egg in same in basket " yield results of strategy of much brand matrix is remarkable. Money newspaper shows, FILA branch continued to keep growth earnings 2020, increase compared to the same period 18.1% to the RMB 17.5 billion yuan; Mode of new brand hatch is more mature also, earnings of all and other trademark increases compared to the same period 35.4% to the RMB 2.3 billion yuan. Interest of excessive of integral management whole rises 5.3% to the RMB 9.2 billion yuan.

How to step to this state future will use professional campaign group, fashionable motion group, outdoors motion group brand of this 3 big campaign group will continue to push much brand strategy. Professional sport group include how to step, how to step children and SPRANDI, fashionable campaign group include FILA, FILA FUSION and FILA KIDS, outdoors campaign group include DESCENTE and KOLON SPORT.

How does forefront Piao step sports to release annual money signed up for 2020, net profit exceeds Adidasi

Bring newspaper stepping money

Advancing much brand matrix while, money newspaper is mentioned, how to step 2020 through deepening transition of mode of DTC(Direct To Consumer) , came true on certain level " person, goods, field " get through.

It is reported, how to step to started DTC mode transition in August 2020, in China 11 areas include the popular city such as Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangdong, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan to develop pattern of mixture battalion carry, involve how to step door inn to have 3500 about in all, there are 60% meetings about in the center by company straight battalion, 40% by join in business according to how to step use of battalion of new operation standard.

Outside dividing DTC transition, for get through sale channel, alleviate epidemic situation concussion, how to step a choice " complete member retail " the strategy, pass " direct seeding + electric business " outstanding achievement of sale mode implementation grows, 2020, the income of electronic trade business that how steps a group relatively grew 53% 2019, become the main impetus that drives outstanding achievement.

2021 is the day that how steps sports to hold water 30 years not only, also be to be about to greet Tokyo at the same time the Olympic Games and Beijing Olympic Winter Games was mixed 2022 incomplete a year of abstruse meeting. How to step express prospective general along " the masses, professional, new home products " the curve of high quality growth that cornerstone growth curve, FILA leads, the high potential that is dominant with DESCENTE and KOLON SPORT grows brand curve, achieve the further growth of outstanding achievement.

Suffer be able to bear or endure the influence of incident of cotton of Xinjiang of international brand boycott such as gram, Adidasi, local time on March 25, be able to bear or endure open quotation of gram share price drops greatly, dish even more drops for a time first 5% , adidasi share price also weighs defeat. What form contrast to it is, 25 days, a stock of Chinese dress spin goes strong in succession, that day on field of harbor stock market, li Ning closing quotation goes up greatly 10.74% , how to step sports to go up greatly 8.4% .

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