News of 2021.3.22 weeks of one finance and economics

News of 2021.3.22 weeks of one finance and economics

Collective attention

Hall of police of ocean of riverside of wood of Korea of quote of Han couplet company 21 days of messages claim, the sea alarm at before local time one day afternoon 1 when make, in complete Luo Na path Xin Anjun can live insular northwest way 96 kilometers maritime space intercepted and capture 1 to undertaking " catch illegally " Chinese book fisher.

Domestic finance and economics

Easy program of president of bank of ① China people: We have space of larger monetary policy adjusting control. Chinese monetary policy maintains from beginning to end in normal interval, tool measure is adequate, moderate of interest rate level. We need to cherish and had used normal monetary policy space, the successional, stability that carries policy and but durative.

Liu Changquan of director of room of economy of industry of system of technology of industry of milk cow of director of room of economy of industry of institute of development of country of ② the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, country expresses, if suckle the dairy produce of kind of total output and grandma of amount to raw material with home,import gross the sum to measure, dairy produce total demand achieved 54.31 million tons 2020, with photograph comparing grew 8% 2019, this also was 2006 since a growth of demand of consumption of Chinese dairy produce is the rapiddest year.

Data of ③ customs total office shows, before this year in Feburary, countrywide integrated free tax zone realizes imports and exports to be worth seven hundred and sixty-four billion nine hundred and sixty million yuan, grow 46.9% compared to the same period, add than whole of imports and exports fast 14.7 tall percent.

The newest data that bank of ④ China people releases shows, feburary, market of our country bond issues of all kinds bond in all 3.4 trillion yuan.

Foreign finance and economics

The lumber shortage condition that by new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation causes did not end ① . According to the data of Random Lengths of orgnaization of survey of global lumber industry, coronal of make a fresh start is pneumonic since epidemic situation is eruptive, global lumber price rose 188% . Up to became on March 11 this year, every 1000 board foot (unit of measurement of North America lumber) lumber price is 1044 dollars (be equivalent to every stere 442 dollars, add up to a RMB about 2876 yuan) , achieve the history top level.

② is control inflation, turkey Central Bank announces 18 days to add breath 200 base point come 19% , far supermarket field anticipates. Advocate the presidential Aierduoan that lower interest announces to discharge the duty of Naci Agbal of Central Bank president at 20 days, assume office malcontent the Agbal of 5 months, also become 2 years to come to the 3rd by the earthy country of presidential relieve sb of his post Central Bank president. This also is from 2019 in since, turkey president Aierduoandi dismisses 3 times Central Bank president. Authority of Turkey Central Bank again stricken below, after the analyst anticipates a Zhou Gu to assemble reopen after a cessation of business, turkey lira fears demote again by.

③ enters a country according to the United States and custom executes the law the bureau is newest statistic, the international student number that in the United States various school registered 2020 and go up year of photograph comparing dropped 18% , decrease reach 1.25 million. " wall street daily " 20 days of cite word of this unify computation reports, the main reason that creates this one appearance is United States of indulge in wilful persecution of new coronal epidemic situation, and government of United States of previous term or session implemented a series of Yan Ke policy that are aimed at immigrant and international student.

Money trade news

John Noonan of analyst of IFR of the media below ① Reuter banner thinks, the main central issue of market of prospective a week will still be the wave motion of long-term bond yield, especially yield of American national debt. Current market has reached consensus it seems that, the United States 10 years period national debt yield will rise at least to 2 % , this will produce the biggest effect to venture capital. Beautiful debt yield fluctuates considerably high probability is the activator that stock market callback and dollar go high.

② although lucky man has gone weak somewhat, but avoid considering lucky man the policy footing of danger attribute and current Switzerland Central Bank, predicting luck man is in future inside period of time go force will be more weak.

Author of ③ tall Ling holds CEO Zhang Lei concurrently participating in China to develop high-level forum to was met 2021 recently when economic peak is met, express, domain of " of " green new capital construction waits in technology of new energy resources, material, craft, tall Ling counteracts " technology route chart according to " carbon, thorough layout the industrial catenary such as car of smooth hot season, new energy resources and chip swims up and down. Grasp the investment concept that supports long-term principle, through supporting green the crucial link of burgeoning industry, we hope to become the important participator that promotes prosperity of whole of industrial modes of life and relation to their environment.

④ country contains negotiable securities: From A jam spends index to look, although A of a month have drop apparently, but trade jam is spent still be in exalted, the market still needs time or person the space will digest current and exorbitant jam to spend, namely market rear risk still exists.

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