The ideal of love lives the 27th collect: Dai Xixi's parents is very satisfactory white mother and

Hu Zong sends a car to send Daixixi to go to a hospital, duan Xu was informed Daixixi's father to make a heart straighten in hospital rescue, prep close behind drives the past ever since. Dai Fu enters surgery already 5 many hours, had not come out up to now, wear mother injury a person's mind to cry greatly more than, dai Xixi can be defended silently only beside the mother, duan Xu comes subsequently.

The ideal of love lives the 27th collect: Dai Xixi's parents is very satisfactory white mother and Wen Ruxue feel like old friends at the first meeting

After the program ends, after the Li Li such as work in the same placing goes, get busy about going out to dine together, the lukewarm excuse that be like snow is occupied do not want to attend, still remind them not to want isolated Li Li, shen Kuo also does not dine together, he follows the program inspect and learn each other's work that Wen Ruxue will come to to be heard in vain. Protect personnel through cure main rescue, dai Fu eventually come to one's senses, still can be very frail, wear Mu Caisong at a heat, her blurt out asks about Duan Xu, dai Xixi is forced to admit them two relations are very good, but still do not have establish to concern, dai Fu wants to call ask Duan Xu, duanxu as it happens does formalities to answer ward. Dai Fu had working thing with Duan Xuliao, wear the mother is very impatient, examine minutely their two conjugal things without preamble, duan Xu is very awkward, dai Xixi hastens from which rescue sb from a siege, duan Xu acceptance can take good care of of Daixixi.

Duan Xu should hurried back the company attends a meeting, he says good-bye hurriedly leave a hospital, the mother is informed Duan Xu to accompanied Daixixi to spend the painful phase that be lovelorn, just he and Liu Ke are a good friend, wear the mother is right Duan Xu more appreciate, persuade Daixixi not to have psychological responsibility. Liu Ke hears Daixixi's father falls ill, call to understand a situation to Duan Xu, his inconvenience was visited in the past, request Duan Xu to help Daixixi more, still examine minutely them hard two be in love, duan Xu lends oral message date bad hang up phone, chen Jiaqian communicates into what house hears them, know Liu Ke Hai cares Daixixi, flavor is not very in the heart.

Qi Yue takes care of the dietary daily life of Du Jia herd meticulously, call up Wen Xiaoyang intentionally still to look on, declare dominion to Wen Xiaoyang, wen Xiaoyang is unwilling also admit defeat, she indicates intention to Du Jia herd, and express absolutely uncompromising, qi Yue looks clearly outside the door, she has resentment to Wen Xiaoyang.

After the program ends, mi Ya invites Bai Xiangwen enthusiasticly to have a meal together, wen Ruxue comes in time to hear rescue sb from a siege for white photograph. Shen Kuo wants Wen Ruxue of take along sth to sb and Bai Xiangwen actively to go into town, do not open the door intentionally still to Bai Xiangwen, bai Xiangwen is forced to get on a car from the window, wen Ruxue and he sits in back row together, shenyang broad curiosity hears the concern with Wen Ruxue in vain, bai Xiangwen admits he and Wen Ruxue live together, shen Kuo is right his fleer, bai Xiangwen also not give the impression of weakness, to Shen Kuo recriminate.

Bai Xiangwen and Wen Ruxue come home together, did not think of white mother is in the home, wen Ruxue is very accident, white mother excuse should eat beef, go to Bai Xiangwen defray buying, wen Ruxue wants to go together with him, bai Xiangwen lets her stay in the home to wait. White mother examines minutely Wen Ruxue and the concern that hear in vain, wen Ruxue makes clear explain she just rents a settle or live in a strange place just, white mother nots comply not forgive, ask about Wen Ruxue's job again, house property, income and before having a few male friend, she replies according to the facts one by one, white mother feels they two very complementary, match she and Bai Xiangwen to be together to the utmost.

Wen Ruxue and white mother feel like old friends at the first meeting, exceed a seize a chance to seek private gain a little more, white mother is single close mother, she goes to Bai Xiangwen defray intentionally, want to chat well with Wen Ruxue namely, she is very satisfactory to Wen Ruxue, wen Ruxue also did not think of she is such halfback is free and easy, white mother differs to be heard in vain come back to clear away baggage to think. Bai Xiangwen hurrieds back hurriedly come, he sends a mother to leave, the mother urges him to concern with Wen Ruxue establish as soon as possible.

Bai Xiangwen excitedly comes home, admitted to lie before him, the house is him entire section buys, need to return a room to borrow far from, wen Ruxue can be here with be free from anxiety, also need not pay rent again, wen Ruxue gave mother and Wen Xiaoyang to turn respectively brushstroke money.

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