Yan Zhi of sibling of Zhang Changning, Zhang Chen explodes watch, ball ability is remarkable, asia G

Zhang Chen and Zhang Changning are born in volleyball old and well-known family, its father is before Zhang Yousheng of coach of Jiangsu male platoon. Suffer domestic edification and effect, zhang Changning and Zhang Chen were on professional road early or late, and more commendable is, zhang Chen and Zhang Changning hit the height of national group, in coming Jakarta Asia Game, 2 people will be sibling country effectiveness, and it is the character with indispensable team! Person beautiful ball is beautiful, it is appearance probably they are the most appropriate the vocabulary that does not pass.

Zhang Chen begins to contact volleyball as a child. Zhang Chen because appearance is brilliant be favorred by many fan. Feburary 2005, zhang Chen makes main force in Jiangsu male platoon, professional career is national group go on an expedition 10 one's remaining years, ever still held the position of the header of national group. Ceng Huo 2010 runner-up of cup of Asia of the 2nd male platoon, 2010 Guangzhou Asia Game the 5th name, male 2011 platoon inferior runner-up of bright and beautiful contest.

Zhang Changning year enter team of volleyball of Chinese woman beach 14 years old to undertake professional training because of outstanding body condition only, by 2013, be determined changes Zhang Changning play indoor volleyball and ban. Women's volleyball of Jiangsu of the delegate after lift a ban attends the volleyball league matches of later period, in attack and defence two end show tremendous potential. Ever obtained along with Chinese women's volleyball after entering national group champion of contest of cup of women's volleyball great champion, Liyaoao carried 2017 the multinomial honor such as champion of league matches of women's volleyball of champion, Asian cup champion, world cup champion, whole nation.

Sibling two not just the ball is hit well, its Yan Zhi is to explode more watch, belong to in volleyball athlete top class. Lang Shuai enrages Zhang Chenjun, zhang Changning is beautiful, qing Chun. Can such sibling combination let a person like how? Sibling looks in light of the atlas of 2 people.

Wish 2 people are in sibling the show that the Asia Game has had

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