Summer darling is unfavorable blow air conditioning for long, how should darling bedroom drop in tem

When darling in the sky contracts tone disease it may be met appear tired, nervous, be agitated, attention is centered hard, memory drops; Headache, giddy, cold, have a fever; Pharynx and larynx is painful, gastric bowel is unwell; The skin is dry, mucous membrane is dry the uncomfortable feeling expression that waits for different level, at this moment mom can be about to notice, darling is like occurrence above these symptoms, there is the habit that often blows air conditioning again in your home, with respect to the likelihood distrustful darling suffers from went up air conditioning is ill (of course, the possibility that also does not eliminate other disease) , answer to see a doctor in time to the hospital.

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Air temperature is exorbitant, can open air conditioning to darling, but do not let darling too depend on air conditioning, because this meeting makes,the child's temperature adjusts the function is reduced, to environmental suiting ability becomes poor. The parent should have mastered " degree " , can make ill the upper part of the body otherwise.

Air conditioning uses undeserved harm much

1. Temperature is too low, darling easy cold, diarrhoea

What if spend empty temperature adjustment,move is very low, as bigger as outside difference in temperature, ignore cold heat up suddenly, create the situation of baby cold and diarrhoea very easily.

2. Darling suffers from easily on " air conditioning is ill "

Air conditioning disease is a kind of integrated disease says without exception, if domestic average leaves air conditioning, and baby appeared again the following symptom, want to cause parental attention.

· is tired, nervous, be agitated, attention is centered hard, memory drops;

· headaches, giddy, cold, have a fever;

· pharynx and larynx is painful, gastric bowel is unwell;

· skin is dry, mucous membrane is dry, respiratory tract allergy;

The coma of hands or feet of · different level.

3. Use air conditioning baby for a long time to suffer from easily pneumonic

Because baby is hypodermic and fat little, blood capillary is rich, temperature adjustment centre have not development is perfect, the difference in temperature that adult cannot experience, cheeper can be experienced apparently however. Below the cold air environment in air conditioning room, cheeper blood capillary is contractive, sweat gland aperture closes, sympathetic excitement, splanchnic vasomotor, gastric bowel motion is abate, resistance is abate, in the sky add all sorts of bacteria inside tone, mould to grow progenitive, air is polluted, suffer from very easily so on pneumonic.

Mom Yo jewel: Darling blows air conditioning 10 ban --

No-no one: The mistake uses air conditioning

When use, should avoid room temperature of wrong adjusting control. Be in room temperature control commonly 27 ℃ of 25 ~ are advisable, difference in temperature of room inside and outside is controlled in 6 ~ 8 ℃ are beautiful; Wind speed shoulds not be too strong, special attention does not let darling the station is sending blast tuyere, avoid air cooling to be blown continuously, because be blown continuously besides air cooling profitless to the body besides, the most important is, send blast tuyere often the place that the bacterium creates, if face,send blast tuyere, arrive as blowing the bacteria in air conditioning directly in child mouth. Between air conditioning inside, do not wear too feebly to darling.

No-no 2: Indoor not take a breath

Answer to often open window take a breath, in order to ensure airy of room inside and outside is current. Through switching on the mobile phone close after 1~3 hour machine, open a window next eduction of will indoor air. Have the family of new student darling, when use air conditioning, open a window at least, maintain indoor airiness.

Because air conditioning room is average sealedder, indoor air is muddy, bacterial content can increase, the heighten of harmful gas chroma such as carbon dioxide, air quality is exasperate. In the meantime, the filter of air conditioning crosses the anion in much more adsorptive air, make indoor cation grow in quantity. Ion of yin and yang is normal proportional maladjusted meeting causes human body physiology disorder, bring about unwell.

So, even if had air conditioning, also want to use natural wind to drop indoor temperature as far as possible. Here recommends the way of on the net a few mom: Before sleeping in the evening, spend air conditioning temperature the left and right sides in 26~28 surely, time 2~3 hour, give darling cap rock thin rug. After 1~2 hour, darling enters deepness Morpheus, adult opens air conditioning into ventilated archives again, open a window to breathe freely appropriately, use namely so called " gentle breeze circulates " .

Additional, also can buy generator of ion of a kind of negative oxygen, assure indoor air quality.

No-no 3: Not clean air conditioning

The air of air conditioning filters hillock (filter film) , it is to be used filter airy. If time is too long,do not clean, bestrew the impurity such as the wool bits on mesh, dirt to be met insufflate is indoor, dispersed in air. Once darling is inspiratory these material, respiratory tract is met allergic or cause cough. So, about every other half month, the air screen pack that is about to get on air conditioning is torn open come down to be rinsed with many water, ability of indoor air quality is ensured somewhat. This pa Mom is OK oneself start work.

In the meantime, air conditioning implement medium refrigeration dish also should clean regularly, this can seek advice to maintenance firm. Live for a long time in the darling in air conditioning room, parents should make sure they have proper sunshine time everyday. The room that installs air conditioning should prevent air pollution, open window take a breath regularly, also can fume disinfection with medicaments gush when necessary.

No-no 4: Food waters unreasonable

The summer eats fruit vegetable to darling more, drink boiled water to also can enhance power of its body immunity more, if often can use the boiling water such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum,become tea is drinkable, can have clear hot relieve internal heat or fever more, prevent the action that the bacteria attacks.

No-no 5: Devoid sunshine takes exercise

Live for a long time in the in child between air conditioning, parents should make sure they have proper sunshine time everyday, when temperature of morning and evening is not high, have proper outdoors campaign, enhance a constitution. It is outdoor perspire relatively a long time, should wait for sweat fluid first air conditioning of the reopen when proper retire, before open air conditioning, the sweat that should get on darling body is wiped, change garment pants of Gan Shuang. Ten million should prevent darling to send blast tuyere next plans in air conditioning temporarily cool and blow continuously.

No-no 6: Carelessly air conditioning room is protected wet

Still need to notice indoor humidity. Slow-witted in air conditioning room long, mouth of constant regular meeting does glossal impetuous, because the moisture in the body is evaporated by air conditioning,this is, and air conditioning did not adjust the ability of humidity.

The skin conditioning ability of darling is far be inferior to adult, suit harder so. If the family that has an infant wants to use air conditioning, want to drink water to darling more above all, want to increase indoor humidity appropriately artificially at the same time. Method has 3 kinds:

1) use humidifier.

2) place in the house with water of mount of a few container. Normally the water of a cup of 300 milliliter is evaporated about 9 days almost. Indoors, raise goldfish, place a few water plant, also be good idea, increased life interest already, can adjust well again humidity.

3) often open a window ventilated, besides can breathe freely, the humid air outdoor also can adjust indoor humidity.

No-no 7: Darling dress is unreasonable

Children skin is delicate, perspire more, dress is used expect it is good to should have soft, moisture absorption, permeability the characteristic that goes to the lavatory with catharsis, the pure cotton with light color, pure knitwear is advisable. In air conditioning room baby clothes wants many to compare an adult.

What must notice is: Wipe the sweat that goes up personally to darling first before fan the air is moved, had better wash a Wen Shuizao and wipe. Darling is between air conditioning inside an a place with a draught that should notice to fasten an air conditioning to darling, must notice heat preservation of the abdomen of darling, bound feet at the same time. Do not let darling be waited for all the day in air conditioning room, everyday early morning and dusk when the air temperature outdoor is inferior, had better look after children to outdoors activity, can let darling breathe fresh air, undertake sunbathe, the suiting that strengthens the body ability. And measure temperature for darling at least everyday, in case because darling blows air conditioning and have a fever.

No-no 8: The air conditioning before darling enters a room does not drop in temperature

Come home in darling air conditioning is opened before half hour, temperature set is a few lower, let indoor and rapid drop in temperature. Wait for darling to enter indoor, lift temperature 28 ℃ of 27 ℃ ~ , difference in temperature of such room inside and outside won't be too big, prevent darling catch a cold catch a cold.

No-no 8: Darling sleeps not to adjust room temperature

Air conditioning temperature is compared only outdoor low 9 Celsius, darling sleeps the lid does not build a quilt to do not have alleged. (result: The person enters deep Morpheus to control temperature adjustment capacity oneself poorer, do not cover the crucial position such as good abdomen, knee easier cold falls ill. )

Remind: Diagnostic catchs a cold to the whole body from cold of catch cold catch cold

Air conditioning disease is a kind of integrated disease say without exception, acute expression is cold of catch cold catch cold, sex of occurrence whole body of long-term and such meeting is chronic symptom, be like the skin hoar, hands or feet icy, have a poor appetite, vomiting, even nurturance irritability constitution, can saying is the body each viscera " cold " .

No-no 9: When perspiring direct blow a cold wind over

Not from microtherm indoor and direct outdoor take high temperature. Before going out, best preexistence has shady and cool local activity moment, before perhaps going half hours closed air conditioning first, in the local activity that high temperature reachs again after the body suits. Door window also is not opened immediately after shutting air conditioning, wait for window of the reopen after indoor temperature appreciably picks up.

No-no 10: Indoor temperature is too low

Evaporate accelerate, dry air is easy the moisture that snatchs human body, make person skin weather-shack, oral cavity, rhinal mucous membrane is stimulated, appear thirsty, dry cough, sound dumb, larynx is painful wait for a symptom, in Qiu Dong so air of season dry and cold is invaded when, cause extremely easily pharyngitis, tracheitis, pneumonic wait for disease.

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