" Kun Chiyan " after all does horror arrive what degree?

Horrible film is very awkward, pat so that too horrible not horrible perhaps metropolis is hit small fraction, so we see a lot of horror piece grading is lower.

Little picture feels " Kun Chiyan " should be in at least 7.5 minutes of above, but regretful is this film on fabaceous valve has 6.4 minutes only.

So, " Kun Chiyan " after all does horror arrive what degree?

The propagandist language that resembles the movie is same, nearly 10 years most bloodcurdling Korea film, this honor becomes go up.

What film adopts is bogus newsreel film means, pat with home " in unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease " same. The horrible film that films with such forms can let a person have the feeling of be personally on the scene more, bloodcurdling experience is more direct also.

Kun Chiyan bughouse is Korea the place of actual existence, it is world-renowned horrible bethel.

Because here ever had produced event of patient collective suicide, and had experienced a war, appear very mysterious so, before also attracting a lot of audacious netizens, go exploring.

The film is from advocate sow recruit member to explore begin, the comparison of elaborate is much before film, rhythm is slower. But the characteristic that this also is bogus newsreel, look truer to yield a story, can take the kind that a lot of lives shed.

After entering Kun Chiyan bughouse, begin to become weird rise. It is a person first fearsome, to finally 30 minutes begin high-energy receive high-energy, if have barrage,estimation screen is met by cram.

A lot of people say not horrible, because watch shadow environment to differ,that is. If let you sit to the cinema to look, pitch-dark stretchs his hand one piece not to see the five fingers, can you fear? If rate of cinema seat of honour is not high, circumference does not have a few people a few meters, can you be afraid of?

Because of this film, korea appeared a new term " popcorn rain " , a lot of people are holding popcorn in the arms to go in, it is to think pastime originally, the result is frightened so that threw puffed rice.

Still having a lot of fellow students is seam through pointing to look, movie picture changes at any time, ha.

Film most a camera lens did not put bloodcurdling, him everybody goes looking. At first view of that camera lens can be frightened so that die partly, but look long instead be pregnant feeling.

Be very enchanted? Go looking rapidly.

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