A few kinds of types is air gun cent?

With a ha breath out can you still discuss air gun?

Say simply, do not play for the most part anyway, regard as abound knowledge.

Say air gun is with respect to cent simply piston is amiable bottle type.

Piston of a high pressure passes the earliest to enrage musket in domestic popularity, use control lever or the air cylinder inside air gun of drive of gun body lever compresses air to hit lead to play, basically hit a spadger the question of what is not big, mr W returns the fly that can hit fetch down to go up in the wall with air gun in one's childhood before.

Those who want an attention is air gun either gas dog also is not BB shoot a gun, the principle is different. Air gun and BB play gun actually to have little distinction, no matter be dynamoelectric,BB shoots a gun still is manual can be in percussion when use a piston to compress gas to drive BB to play next, such gun body stability are very poor. If be air gun,be in when true forehand is sent, the piston is basically immobile.

Respecting air gun must raise gas dog, to achieve the athletic status of firearms, dog of gas of as above graph can use up capability of one part gas to use as movement of the sit back and wait after gun small box. The instability effect that can cause air gun shoots precision, real air gun is to do not have this kind of otiose of the movement.

Say lever air gun first.

Compress the air inside air cylinder to form high pressure inside air cylinder through lever, in pull gas is released to drive a bullet to advance when moving trigger. The air gun of some lever type can press lever to make so that,much air enters air cylinder repeatedly a chamber of air gun bullet also can achieve near 400 meters / the speed of the second has huge power.

Gas cylinder air gun:

Of gas cylinder, gas cylinder (fixed gas cylinder / can replace gas cylinder) inside store high-pressured air, the bullet of high-pressured gas drive inside air cylinder is released to advance when trigger is pulled. Do not cross gas cylinder air gun basically might is less than make excellent lever air gun.

Air gun and gunpowder gun photograph are taller than very quiet, stable, precision. But the fire of air gun is apart from not quite far, firing rate also far under common gunpowder gun. More moment air gun are chasing with respect to application now and battlefield of the and rather than in sports match.

Say again: With BB different, air gun does not hit BB to play those who hit is air gun special play, lay a plan, all sorts of air gun are played

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