Height of 11 years old of girls 2.1 meters, the mother is Yu Ying of the national champion before fe

Next Zheng Haixia? Before 2.1 meters of mothers are height of 11 years old of girls, female basket national champion loves double Zhan

Zheng Haixia is the giant star with Chinese female the greatest basket, her height 2.06 meters, be known as Chinese basket altar " Titaness " , in center of office of national group department, it is so main that part company, be known as is Chinese female basket the first person, chase after later smooth move for Chinese basketball 50 outstanding one of, ever attended WNBA to join in 1996 team of los angeles scintilla, she is born in Henan. After Zheng Haixia retires, chinese female basket also is seeking Zheng Haixia's successor all the time, nowadays height 2.05 meters Han Xu had become 2.01 meters Li Yueru and height the pillar of heart of planted agent of Chinese female basket, li Yueru and Han Xu ability is 19 years old, this two people have good performance on Jakarta Asia Game and female basket world cup, the height advantage of Chinese female basket is extremely clear still, the regnant power that does not pass this two people to follow Zheng Haixia still differs too big, mobile ability is not worth Li Yueru, han Xu is too emaciated devoid antagonism. Team of drill of Chinese female basket also hopes each province can emerge all the time reveal a few super nova, li Yuan aptitude of this small full back is pretty good, but there is too much talent on planted agent, and on November 19, expose to the sun the information that gave a hearten letting a person.

Shandong Jinan reading elementary school 11 years old the schoolgirl of 6 grade is exposed to the sun to gave height to had grown 2.1 meters, according to her classmate introduction, she already can single hand mentions with age male fellow student, her power is very great, and she is in elementary school when one grade already 1.6 meters, the student that compares a lot of 6 year is even high, for a short while this message detonates gregarious media.

A lot of people fear this child is those who have giant disease is unwell add up to basketball to move, but according to the report, this child calls Zhang Ziyu, her parents is professional basketball athlete, height is controlled in 2 meters, what so she is having outstanding basketball gene to just grow so is so fast. Adding parents is basketball athlete, him Zhang Ziyu also loves basketball to move, jinan life exposes to the sun later the mother that gives Zhang Ziyu is before female basket national champion.

Jinan life exposes to the sun the mother that gives Zhang Ziyu is before Yu Ying of female basket national champion, saving basketball team to become a coach in Shandong at present, yu Ying speaks of a daughter often very low-key, it is good that she thinks to want the child to like to play basketball only, want to see her individual develop, basketball is her hobby only now, the family can support her play basketball. At Ying everybody may be familiar with this national champion not quite, she is to follow Chen Nan, Miao Lijie's coetaneous player, in the Sino-South Korean 2000 female basket league matches and the East Asia 2001 can have come on stage, nevertheless her ability does not calculate strong, fail to be remembered by fan so. But the mother that one becomes a coach in province team, the road of Zhang Ziyu's basketball will be more even, she can accept the most professional training.

Zhang Ziyu passed parents' good chance, also like basketball very much, NBA star Zhanmusi - Harden, Lebulang - the God that Zhanmusi is her, she should be not met the basketball that enters physical culture school undertake major trains, because she follows Guo Allan,be to be born like such player basketball old and well-known family, have natural basketball atmosphere advantage, not little netizen expresses in succession, zhang Ziyu is hopeful become next Zheng Haixia. She just has 11 years old only just, want to accept professional basketball to train in a few years of future only, enter province team to be without a problem, her gene on endowment is very good, female to China basket is a very good complement for national group, she can enter national little group first, make national black group again, with Li Yuan, Li Yueru these players are same, one step by step rise national group covey, xu Limin's coach also is a coach that likes to dig latent capacity new personality very much, believe Zhang Ziyu future is hopeful become the female basket national champion as the mother.

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