Is individual experience of Hong Xin what kind of?

As extremely red the star of class of temporarily goddess of Hong Kong moviedom, individual experience of Hong Xin is very rich, know her acting is experienced and feeling is experienced, but very few however somebody knows she and Zhang Danfeng postnuptial are experienced, the person makes with a paragraph of the son during she conceives daughter red red especially lachrymal purpose experience! It is reported, although the affection with Mo Shaocong is not great before Hong Xin, after parting company, Hong Xin was to be delivered of a son alone more, but encountered true love Zhang Danfeng later fortunately, it is him Hong Xin loves this son not just actually, husband Zhang Danfeng also compares her not at all to the son's love little. In interview, hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng are easy also refer the son's thing, does Hong Xin express: in the spot? Be afraid of do not know he can make what issue to moment, zhang Danfeng also follows me to say to want to hide the truth from all the time until cannot be hidden the truth from again, just once opportunity, he is grouchy sit in the sitting room, I just said this thing with him, I say mom had been pregnant now, he says that also cannot be born. He cries all the time, cry aloud, cry, he cried a many hour had not listened, hit oneself all the time very bloodcurdling, I can hold him in the arms not to let him hit him only. Later, do I ask him: ? Rate of ε of admonish tending or guard a gate cuts Ci Wu into parts to overcome  ? I am not to be afraid of you, I fear father, he says I am afraid that he loves me no longer! Do I say: ? The fact also proves, hong Xin's eye was not misreaded, zhang Danfeng is a good man good father really, after red red is born, the son follows the feeling between the daughter deeper and deeper also, brother little sister often also does strange Mai Meng to bask in together pat oneself. Still remember, was Mo Shaocong still ever borrowing everything to make public: of angry rancorring Hong Xin for the son's name? Lv of easy Wu Wei Wen rafts Fen of graceful common of astounded of Jiao of the  that send Xiang criticizes sb's faults frankly Zhu Mo is confused hey kill of peptide of    grinds mire dizzy remnant  compares  of bad neon approach to refined page of class of Se of garment of Xuan of Mu Ji pod talks about Zhai of  of  the Huaihe River also Huan Yi is carried, the netizen expresses: ? Does Yun of rapid of fatigued of lie of  of have illicit relations with enter Mao Sang of port of garden of beard of Jiao of falcon  standing tall and upright? Does everybody feel this paragraph of experience of Hong Xin touchs you?

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