Whether has Xu Jinjiang accompanied dance to Jackson after all?

Without, this is a bruit.

Recently, the netizen exposes to the sun a Jackson of · of Er of a paragraph of Michael 1997 concert of German Munich history " Dangerous " video, a dancing partner that back of Jackson of Michael Er · discovers in video grows very to resemble with Xu Jinjiang unexpectedly, it is bareheaded is wearing beard, connect height temperament special likeness.

After video exposure, make partial netizen alarmed and happy, even Xu Jinjiang of actor of hearsay Hong Kong once gave Jackson of Michael Er · to be a dancing partner, this view is incorrect.

Xu Jinjiang did not hold the position of Jackson to be a dancing partner. The picture that we see, should be Jackson is famous be a dancing partner Cris Judd, he also makes choreography division later, had married the Zhennifuluopeici after Latin day.

Additional, xu Jinjiang was defended eastward 2007 in inspecting dance forest congress, he admit is to learn dance for the first time, and this paragraph of video of Jackson of Michael Er · is 1997, so again confirm this is a canard.

The word says, xu Jinjiang's old division commander always is bumping into a face.

With free power Thor bumps into a face.

Also bump into a face with the sea king of DC.

Before paragraph time is homebred animation " protect a law greatly " heat is mirrorred, the leading role prince in drama, hu Youji of the black long cheek that deliver subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy resembles Xu Jinjiang.

Mr. Xu it may be said is specialist bumping into a face!

A few this years nevertheless Mr. Xu Jinjiang receives play amount particularly little, seldom appear in big screen or on the TV program, he is main energy is put on art and hobby, go up in brushwork attainment is quite tall, regard Guan Shan as lunar child, draw ability really extraordinary.

Him of connate grasping different, in area of art of Beijing annulus iron, found the atelier that suits oneself, be in 2015 Beijing times art gallery, held individual art to exhibit.

He still has very good wushu a copy kept as a record, perfectness north sends boxing standard, karate.

Xu Jinjiang did obeisance to Tang Jiezhong formally to learn comic dialogue for division on August 25, 2009, into the Tang Dynasty Laoguan door child.

So Mr. Xu is actor or crackajack painter not only, but not be dance really person, do not have more had accompanied dance for Jackson.

Finally, identify true body of accurate Mr. Xu Jinjiang please! (editorial office of film sodden tomato is fat fertilizer answers)

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