How many does Zhu Yawen still have to need theatrical work of sowed movie and TV?

Really, inchoate Zhu Yawen acting is good (it is famous play bedlamite) , pick the ability it may not be a bad idea of the play, act the leading role by him for instance " brave the journey to the Northeast " , " Sha of dear graceful tower " , " our flange on the west years " wait for teleplay, it is the work of high public praise.

Regrettablly, in last few years, knowing is Zhu Yawen chooses the ability of the play to become poor, it is good before to still be done not have because of market of drama of movie and TV, or the reason of each respect such as remuneration, work public praise of Zhu Yawen, drop quickly.

Small 7 checked, zhu Yawen still has 3 teleplay, 4 films did not broadcast.

In order to film date arranges:

1, " amative marathon " : Love motion motion picture, switched on the mobile phone 2016.

Main actor: The person such as Shen Jiani, Lv Liang, Zhao Bingrui, Yan Xiaopin, Wang Jingchun, Zhu Yawen.

Gut brief introduction: Film told about the professional magazine of independent self-improvement to edit Su Li, wait for the pressure of the respect because of feeling of duty field, family, think with marathon campaign comes untangle, pass in an another marathon contest in Cheng, she got acquainted with mixed runner, also loosen eventually come down, had the courage that continues to face the life.

The personate of wife Shen Jiani that the heroine of this film is Zhu Yawen, the part of Zhu Yawen personate is sealed, had pressed fast 3 years, also do not know when to can be shown.

2, " chase after money to amuse love Xiong Ren to press down " (renown " welcome to Xiong Ren to press down " ) : Comedic film, switched on the mobile phone on June 6, 2017.

Main actor: The person such as Zhang Rong look, Zhu Yawen, Wang Liang, Xiao Fan.

Gut brief introduction: Film is adapted from Thailand comedy " contend for Qian Douai ATM " , because the company prohibits,told about office amour, mix why with what work in a bank Meng Xiaoxian must have one individual abdication, just when two people are hesitant when, in a consecrate " ursine god " on small town, ATM machine appeared to take the money of one times to spit the breakdown of double cash, agree with Meng Xiaoxian why, who can most resolve this crisis first who stays in the bank...

Zhu Yawen personate why, he and the superior that are the same as a bank talk about love, do not want to lose the job again, volunteer to find out the debt of ATM losing to small town then, experienced the episode of a series of unimaginably queer however.

Thailand original " contend for Qian Douai ATM " fabaceous valve grading also is nevertheless 7, want to be illogical, why do we often turn over the film teleplay that pats others?

3, " poet " : Love film, on October 27, 2018 first show of Tokyo film festival.

Main actor: The person such as Song Jia, Zhu Yawen.

Gut brief introduction: Film was told about on century 80 time, chen Hui dreams for the poet of round man, be paid for its ceaselessly and sacrifice, till their love experience robs difficult, leave till the husband, chen Hui still wants the odour of tarry the other side and sign hard.

The marital Li Wu of Chen Hui of Zhu Yawen personate, it is a collier only originally, having poetic dream however.

Zhu Chuanwu and delicacy be in " poet " in renew leading edge eventually, regrettablly, love is remained brittle.

4, " big bright elegance and talent " : Ancient costume drama, switched on the mobile phone on December 18, 2017, killed blueness on July 29, 2018.

Main actor: Shang Wei, Zhu Yawen, Deng Jiajia, Qiao Zhenyu, Wu Yue, Liang Guanhua, Zhang Yi is promoted wait for a person.

Gut brief introduction: This drama adapts the novel from garment of lotus static bamboo " issue of 6 government record " , told about Ming Xuanzong the descendants of the wife of a prince of Zhu Zhan radical is like classics of small all previous 5 Di Liuchao's romaunt.

Zhu Zhan of Ming Xuanzong of Zhu Yawen personate base, it is complete in both respects of a civil and military, have factitive czar very much, regrettablly day truly year, he dies young, lived only 38 years short.

Looked premonitory, small 7 senses are not quite excellent, the dress modelling of Zhu Zhan radical how so flower resembling a factory? Disposition also seems to amuse it seems that force ah...

5, " the lion inverted image that bilks a cat " : City affection drama, switched on the mobile phone on September 9, 2018, killed blueness on Feburary 9, 2019.

Main actor: The person such as Zhu Yawen, Yang Zishan, He Junxiang, Li Yuan.

Gut brief introduction: This drama adapts prideful and fugacious novel " wife falls in love with me " , told about female president Mu Wanqing and " hobo " Liu Qing jubilates this pair the story that enemy loves after marriage first.

Liu Qing of hero of Zhu Yawen personate, it is king of troops of special type army originally, retire because of psychological scar, in Mao Yuan through the grandfather's relation the group becomes a common staff member later, good luck coincidence becomes the husband of female president Mu Wanqing.

Small seven before had introduced, origianl work novel " wife falls in love with me " be a standard hind Gong Wen, the female bosom friend of hero Liu blueness is not too much, nevertheless, teleplay may alter, but contracted marriage is too set also, rate of sensory great opportunity can attack street.

6, " 1949 · of Chinese are sweet Shan Zhichun " : Thematic film, switched on the mobile phone on March 21, 2019.

Main actor: The person such as Tang Guojiang, Liu Jin, Wang Wufu, Liu Sha, Wang Jian, Gao Ge, zhu Yawen gues-stars.

Gut brief introduction: Before film told about new 1949 China to be born evening, the leader of the Party Central Committee such as Mao Zedong garrisons Beijing the story that produces after Xiangshanzhi.

Part of Zhu Yawen personate is sealed.

7, " staking game " : Suspense drama, switched on the mobile phone in April 2019.

Main actor: The person such as Zhu Yawen, Jin Chen, Geng Le, Liu Yijun, Ni Dagong.

Gut brief introduction: This drama according to Japanese fictionist homonymic novel adapts Dongye Guiwu, the novel told about the layout case between white-collar Zun Jiu to be entrusted the denounce of gentleman of city of old boss arrowroot of the manufacturer is peripheral, have resentment between Zun Jiu, hide in Ge Cheng secretly big curtilage outside peep, wait for one's chance makes reprisals, who knows the bastard daughter that comes up against Ge Cheng however upholds put in order, although cultivate the daughter that manage is Ge Cheng, but be mixed by foster mother all the time little sister bully and oppress, the person of city of arrowroot of two bear grudges, made fake staking proposal one case together, but, the thing is done not have so simple...

Teleplay adapts the plot of a play temporarily sealed.

See this story brief introduction, zhu Yawen should be the part between personate white-collar Zun Jiu.

Although Dongye Guiwu is written this book is inferior to " white night goes " , " of suspect X devote " so famous so classical, but it is however set out with the angle of convict first, and this also is the play of the first net that Dongye Guiwu work adapts, hope teleplay playwrite changes well, must not be destroyed.

The article by " movie and TV is small 7 say " achieve formerly, the friends that like this article nod assist please, share, drama of more movie and TV are premonitory, continue to pay close attention to us please oh ~

Everybody is guessed, enter the theatrical work of these 7 movie and TV that performs to had not broadcasted by Zhu Yawen, a few meetings are become classical, the public praise that a few there are is very sodden?

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