Is Taiwan economy backward really?

Taiwan economy is backward who is should seeing referenced boy or girl friend. Taiwan serves as once one of 4 small dragon of Asian, 90 time of 60 ~ pass the century on carry out exit to direct model the strategy, key development work is concentrated model machine an industry and realized economy to fly, arrived 90 time, chinese Taiwan has ascended the body develops economic system cavalcade.

If wait with Euramerican day,develop economic system appearance is compared, taiwan economy still appears backward many, because these developing,the GDP of average per capita of economic system exceeded 30 thousand dollar. With other 3 " Xiaolong " photograph comparing, taiwan economy progress is backward also many. Although Taiwan economy gross is resided in 4 small dragon the 2nd, but GDP of its average per capita is on end however. Hong Kong and Singapore are the world's important banking center, GDP of its average per capita exceeds 40 thousand dollar, and the Korea with body the largest amount, its the GDP of average per capita 2017 also has approached 30 thousand dollar. The GDP of average per capita of Taiwan was twenty-four thousand four hundred dollar 2017, want to know, go up century before 90 time, the GDP of average per capita of Taiwan is prep above Korea all the time, just be overtaken by Korea later and play big difference, this also confirm Taiwan economy progress is slower in recent years.

Compare with chinese mainland photograph, the economic standard of Taiwan is banner still. 2017, taiwan saves economic gross to be three thousand eight hundred and seventy billion two hundred million RMB, rank countrywide each province the 6th, GDP of average per capita is one hundred and sixty-four thousand four hundred RMB, it is in unit of 34 provincial administration of our country, also be next to Macao and Hong Kong. Of course, going up century 90 time, the economic gross of Taiwan approachs the in part of chinese mainland for a time, arrived 2017 5% with be not worth the mainland, future is met very likely also by the mainland more province exceed.

Scan widely world, the economic actual strength of Taiwan still not common, the economic gross of Chinese Taiwan was 571.5 billion dollar 2017, if regard it as,an economy system participates in world rank, so the economic gross of Taiwan can discharge the world the 22nd, more powerful still.

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