How to evaluate Chen Xiuwen?

The Hong Kong of 889 time, the time with since fervent moviedom, also be each film person the time of like a rising wind and scudding clouds. A lot of people are to understanding of Hong Kong film from Zhou Xing gallop, begin into these actors such as dragon, have not only in their film do laugh, the camera lens such as acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, the most important is what heroine surpasses is beautiful. The teleplay of Hong Kong film at that time is held in both hands early or late rose, wait for actress like Li Jiaxin, Qiu Shuzhen, Zhu Yin, Wang Zuxian, Zhang Min, they have a common characteristic, that is beautiful!

And mention this individual, she does not have the setting of harbor elder sister already, also do not do not have the appearance that makes person Jing colourful, but her achievement is not as up-to-date as those still be called the female harbor bit of goddess is little, this person is " blue storm " medium reporter Zhou Wenliang, " front courtyard of one size emperor " medium law politics office is high inquisitor Ding Rou, " follow red top Bai Dasan yuan " Cai of medium fierce house later generations, chen Xiuwen of actor of Chinese Hong Kong. Speak of this individual, may some know some do not know, this basically follows her " inferior inspect one elder sister " renown head is concerned, her acting centre of gravity is on teleplay, very few film, do not became famous in mainland film market so.

Chen Xiuwen was born in an intellectual family of Hong Kong 1962, as a child domestic education is very good, parents also is to become knowledge in the future to her expectation, but did not think of Chen Xiuwen went however actor this road. She showed the talent to art in one's childhood, every kind of dancing, music is perfectness, study piano still is taken an examination of England is royally the piano of musicology courtyard performs the 8th step. 1978, chen Xiuwen takes an examination of predecessor of TV station of Hong Kong Asia " beautiful " TV station the 4th period art member training class study. It is the 2nd year for knight-errant drama " pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is tasteful " sing homonymic theme song, a series of special disc were rolled out later.

But singing is not her advocate course of study, acting in a play still is her expert good fun, since piece performed flourish to ascend one TV large award " 10 big TV programs " tertiary closes high inspect drama " comb oneself female " later, almost the phenomenal class teleplay that every work of her main actor is at that time, because of this Chen Xiuwen 1997, have the honor to win harbor drama " old black clothes " title. Be seleted Hong Kong 4 times " 10 great the most welcome actor or artist " , continue to hold a title for many times Hong Kong teleplay " optimal heroine award " , lifetime bear the palm countless.

Common saying says career and family cannot hold concurrently, vivid explanatory note receives on her body. Chen Xiuwen's husband calls Lin Guoxiong, mixing is an actor like her, because,they are become attached to of a play. Chen Xiuwen is cherished really to the husband, do not need others to one Ding Dian speak ill of him. Once scolded Lin Guoxiong because of the Ma Jingtao that cooperates with her, she immediately fall out, become shrew, chasing after Ma Jingtao to curse a street! Be troubled by even finally inferior inspect a high level to appear personally harmonious. But her husband is sneaking, after marrying 1983, chen Xiuwen suffers torment, the husband that is obsessed with buddhism exits recreational group, want to become a monk or nun for two times even, be pregnant finally because of Chen Xiuwen ability give u, because believe Buddha,was cheated again later Hongkong dollar of a few ten million. Deal also is no good, offend for many times on liability lawsuit, the remuneration that can rely on Chen Xiuwen only fills hole. Not only not repentant, still become aggravated to lend money everywhere with renown head of Chen Xiuwen, the close little sister that connects Chen Xiuwen also is troubled by because of this thing and elder sister form stranger together.

The Chen Xiuwen that is driven beyond forbearance finally ended 28 years of marriage with the husband 2011.

Evaluate Chen Xiuwen, how does the friend that I think to be able to see her say.

Chen Xiuwen is understanding, soft in the belt is firm, without the least bit frame, good get along, and mind is very clear, taking sport with her is a very comfortable thing actually.

-- Luo Jialiang

I most the female actor of appreciation is Chen Xiuwen, her major makes me be convinced. Take sport with her the meeting is very tired, but the most unforgettable.

-- Huang Rihua is judged

Chen Xiuwen's eye also is showing a clever spirit, and brains is very clever, can discuss a topic very easily jointly with others.

-- Cai Lan is judged

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