How to let gentleman orchid blossom?

Xiaoqi teachs a person to raise the time that spends this half an year, why to hear most problem not to blossom about gentleman namely? Very floriferous friendly metropolis says, the gentleman that I raise orchid, several years, do not blossom namely, what reason be? As it happens is the summer now, gentleman orchid falls for Xiaoqi, begin from now, blossom to in the winter. The content below if you look thoroughly clear, learned, gentleman orchid blossoms year after year.

It is the first pace above all, it is we should prepare a gentleman orchid first of course, if do not have, enter autumn, first proceed with a gentleman orchid, of course proceed with is pretty good also now, the basin goes up first after buying, the basin is irrigated later on show water, put shady and cool and ventilated place, see light perhaps does not see light is possible, basically not be born in now, soil is protected wet, let it get used to edaphic environment, arrived after the Beginning of Autumn just can grow quickly.

Summertime conserve gentleman orchid want namely little water, edaphic small tide, do not bask in by force, illumination of scattering seeing a drop perhaps does not see light is possible, but ventilated effect is close friends certainly, all the time such conserve arrive the Beginning of Autumn.

After the Beginning of Autumn, temperature begins to reduce, difference in temperature of day and night begins to increase, illumination intensity is abate, if you are raising gentleman orchid, change the optimal time of the basin to it namely now, gentleman orchid raised time of a year, what the nutrient of basin earth uses up is about the same also, change new soil, enough nutrient is contained in soil, gentleman orchid begins to grow, nutrient is enough, grow ability will be fast. Gentleman orchid changes a basin to use land, we had better give gentleman orchid to use special soil, corrupt leaf earth is the most appropriate do not pass, earth of the proper pine needle that increase a point goes in, adjust edaphic acid-base value, because gentleman is of the soil that likes small acidity, 4 become corrupt leaf ground add on 1 become pine needle, perfect and tie-in, of course we also can use and so on of him barmy leaf allocate on pine needle is used. (before soil is used, alexipharmic job must have been done, it is OK also that spirit of on many bacterium can be allocated in earth with much bacterium spirit add water irrigates first time to decide a water, the job that kill insect also should have been done, can iron earth to perhaps hold ground with boiled water hit with microwave oven in polybag)

Pick a pot: Qualitative to the material of the basin, this is indifferent to, as long as according to above match earth to use, water penetration and protecting ability in swimming is first-rate, the case that need not worry about sodden root completely appears, of course contented basin is best, what soil works is fast, not deposit, the basin does not choose as far as possible too big, plant is small, the basin is big, soil is much, water not to work for long, appear easily the circumstance of deposit, cause sodden root.

Go up basin when, we want will original basin territory above all full take out, check looks up root system to whether have cankered case, if have decay, putrescent root system is cut off, cut daub plant ash is much perhaps bacterium is clever, the place bag that above of newspaper general root uses after letting rises, showing root department only, put 2 hours are basked in below the sun, go going up again basin, the basin is on among place rooted fill on earth, put gentleman orchid into the basin, basin bottom fills up tile or appropriative basin mat, bit by bit filling, along the basin all around with squeezing ramming of hand general soil, the basin on the water level of a few centimeter finishs put apart. (lumbar fertilizer and base fertilizer are usable but need not, corrupt leaf earth has fertilizer, we give later period its fertilization even, this one pace can be dropped completely elliptically)

Go up after the basin, irrigate to it show water, go irrigating for many times, bottom outlet current comes down, again along the basin all around control territory, make earth sufficient be contacted with root system, do not leave gap. Put to next shady and cool and ventilated, the place that can see scattering illumination goes delay seedling, when to see begin to grow apparently, progressively addition illumination (see illumination of a hour the first day to it, see two hours the following day, the 3rd day 3 hours, round-the-clock finally see light, this irrigates step up) let it get used to illumination, begin normal government.

Average delay vaccine is successful, begin to grow, nutrient material is contained in basin earth, change a basin need not fertilize to it inside a month, a month begins to fertilize to it later, fertilizer chooses to use phosphorous potash fertilizer, namely phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium, chroma is not big, 1.8 the left and right sides can, we also can choose to spend great water dissolve fertilizer, this fertilizer not decorated fire, or abstruse green A2 also is possible, it is phosphorous potash fertilizer, abstruse green it is delay commentate fat, scatter in basin earth surface, water to be able to sink the one share in the basin every time, supply root ministry is absorbed, fertilizer efficiency lasts 3 months above. With Shui Rong fat frequency maintains control in 10 days, come out to Hua Jian continuously all the time, fertilization stops when be about to blossom.

Water during this, watch of basin earth soil is fully dry, with hold insert into earth, the feeling is less than moisture, irrigate to it show water, conserve environment is different, cannot go saying a few days to irrigate water, this is cook up purely, illumination must enough.

Another be difference in temperature, itself autumn is the season with big difference in temperature of day and night, difference in temperature of day and night is in the least 10 degrees of above, it is the phase that suits gentleman to divide unripe bud to blossom, we can put it outdoor, perhaps put to the side of the window, lowermost temperature maintains in the evening in 10 degrees of above, highest temperature is spent in 25-30 between, this difference in temperature controls a half moon to arrive the time of two months, gentleman orchid gives Hua Jian necessarily.

After Hua Jian comes out, fertilization does not listen, come out can add among Hua Jian mix model fertilizer, promote it to spend an arrow to unplug tall, place an arrow not easily, hua Jian grows certain height, when preparation blossoms, stop fertilization, in appear Hua Jian notices during this: One, difference in temperature continues to maintain. 2, fertilizer cannot stop. 3, illumination must enough. 4, cannot lack water. This 4 o'clock is to let gentleman orchid do not place shears key, be short of one cannot.

Suo of saying having a place, but the result that is oneself, if you looked, so the gentleman that raises before you orchid do not blossom, inevitable this year meeting opens full flower, can go trying. Feel Xiaoqi says you look understood, pay close attention to, not miserly your dot assist and transmit. Thank everybody.

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