Why doesn't Qianlong establish your the wife of a prince to be empress?

Different love

Do obeisance to " return Zhugege " " if exemplary,pass " wait for braid play place to grant, figure of a lot of quiet government, make us common common people also was familiar with rise. Although, our familiar that individual, the true body that goes up with the history has very big distinction. Be play says originally nevertheless, if be interested, break up search history record, confirm, quite interesting also. Today, we for the empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of your the wife of a prince that says to give small swallow and crape myrtle to provide a help all the time.

Qianlong loves her very much actually

The your the wife of a prince on the history is a very fierce part. She is low-born, since lady-in-waiting doing, be served the earliest and the rich examine empress with Qianlong wonderful feeling. The likelihood loves me, qianlong settle on this beautiful small lady-in-waiting. Qianlong 10 years, seal its to be noble of the Kingdom of Wei (your the wife of a prince is person of the Han nationality, surname the Kingdom of Wei originally, right now year square 18) , seal later a concubine of an emperor for the Kingdom of Wei; After 3 years, for your the wife of a prince (rich examine empress dies this year) ; Qianlong is sealed 24 years for your high-ranked imperial concubine; Qianlong 25 years, she was delivered of the Jia Qinghuang emperor later (this season the wife of a prince 33 years old) ; After 5 years, she goes further be sealed to be Huang Guifei.

Do not have what family background as hind Gong Jiali, your the wife of a prince can come by right of the ability appearance of oneself only the favor of Qianlong of try to gain. In fact, what the family works is very pretty good, used time of 20 years, did Huang Guifei from noble, need one step only from empress.

In addition, she or hind birth champion of Gong Li, she and Qianlong cooperate, gave birth to 6 children 10 years, 4 male two female, still became an emperor later among them (Jia Qing) .

These historical facts explain adequately, qianlong is very favorite still her. Since such, after why doesn't Qianlong seal her to be?

Be not being sealed is to love her more

The practice of Everyman, be love desire its are unripe, evil desire its are dead, love a person, hate cannot all what can give is complete give him (she) , whats are disregarded reach. Dan Qianlong is not Everyman, he wants take into account have a lot of. After he does not seal your the wife of a prince to be, basically have two considerations:

It is one's previous experience. We often say: The hero not asks source, but the feudal society is exquisite however " one's previous experience is talked " , this is not their thought lags behind completely, however the backside of one's previous experience, often the association of political force and rich weichi. Your the wife of a prince is a girl of the Han nationality, his dad is the flunky that include the clothes, such one's previous experience (not be full person especially) be destined after she cannot be sealed. See two empress of Qianlong, one is empress of rich examine of female bosom friend, dad is examine Hal manager, the little brother is too protect great scholar; One is accept of La of the black after abandoning La, dad is assist is gotten slow Er cloth. Two empress highbred, more important is, it is full person. Your the wife of a prince is the Han people with an ordinary one's previous experience however, after although Qianlong establishs her purposely,be, the chancellery in face especially full chancellery is disapprobation. Later, qianlong is flat the work out of empty all the time empress, let your the wife of a prince the duty of the empress of identity act on one's behalf with Huang Guifei.

2 it is protection. The secret that Qianlong old age should invent according to old father Yongzheng is built store the system decides successor. Since be secret, before final result is announced, can show clues with respect to scarcely. Qianlong is final the son Yong Yan that of make choice of is your the wife of a prince, if, after he seals your the wife of a prince to be again, issued a very strong signal namely actually, elder brother of chancellery, A and the wife of a prince a concubine of an emperor people very easy excessive unscramble, be opposite already your the wife of a prince is adverse, adverse to Qianlong also, of Kang Xi face " 9 dragon seize of lineal descent " it is example. So, the Qianlong of experienced and astute won't take the grandfather's old road again absolutely.

Finally, after your the wife of a prince was not sealed, still having a main reason is her those who die is too early. Qianlong 40 years, she dies due to illness, when; And Qianlong 60 years, he himself unlock the secret that hides at the back of conscientious plaque, clear accuses the world Yong Yan to be crown prince, chase after its Mu Lingfei to be empress of filial piety appearance. Right now, qianlong is 84 years old, and your the wife of a prince has died 20 years.

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