What fruit is Shi Jia? What nutrition value is there?

Small fruit is like Buddha head

Green nutrition of intertropical name fruit is much

Pulp is snow-white mouthfeel continous is close

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It is this east

Shi Jia / the resume of sweetsop

Sweetsop (formal name: Annona Squamosa) , call Buddha head fruit, Shi Jia, Shi Jia again fruit, inferior big Qia child (point to its fructification) , inferior large tree (point to a fruiter) , forest Qin (area of Guangdong wet Shan) etc, belong to perennial plant of small tree of sex of half fallen leaves. Pulp is white and sweet. 4 come to will be opened in September, leaf shows ellipse chief body 3 times, color is light green beautiful body is flagging, send out grumous fruit is sweet. Fructification is born to get together if really, peel surface submits form of circle, heart, elliptic or conic form, unbaked fruit watch is bottle green, mature gains appears reseda or green yellow, appearance is alike in spirit litchi, friend original name sweetsop, because peel is protuberant head of Buddha of Sakyamuni of be similar in shape, because of this alias " Shi Jia " . "Shi Jia " the name has one additionally to say to should come from Indonesian language Srikaya, dutch from Indonesian the Taiwanese when introducing uses name of Taiwan speech interpret this fruit. Sweetsop seed is black Brown and elliptical appearance, smooth and hard; Pulp is snow-white mouthfeel continous is close, sweet take bit of small sick at heart again.

Sweetsop producing area distributings

Originate in intertropical American sweetsop formerly, much grow at intertropical area, the province area such as Chinese Zhejiang, Taiwan, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Yunnan all has help advance somebody's career. Whole world Taiwan is cultivated and at present most. In Taiwan, sweetsop distributings to reach the southern part at the eastpart part mostly, especially with the stage east cultivates sweetsop is most, quality is most good. Stage east what the county is full stage sweetsop is main teem with the ground. Additional, the city austral the stage puts in benevolence area 's charge to also be main source.

Of sweetsop picked

Sweetsop is hard ripe period timely adopt the standard that control, the scale order that needs postmortem fructification surface, colour and lustre and scale channel spread out degree to decide maturity. When scale channel small crack, when presenting grandma yellow, express to already can be collected close. If solid maturity inadequacy is collected,fall, sweetsop fruit is met cannot normal soft ripe, and reach edible value without commodity, if fact is too ripe, easy and fast soft ripe, cause a loss.

How is sweetsop saved

Collect the sweetsop fruit that receives to suggest to maintain presence cool, block shade, ventilated place, ideal temperature for the sake of 20 ℃ , after making an appointment with 5-7 day, begin soft ripe. Long Cheng is carried need to ark maintains 12 ℃ or last in order to refrigerate with ethylene absorbefacient tenability 10-15 day (flourishing comes sweetsop Atemoya temperature can fall to 5 ℃ above) . Sweetsop fruit is not soft ripe before cannot put freezer cold storage absolutely, will become dummy fruit to blacken otherwise harden.

Begin when sweetsop soft can edible, or deposit can lengthen in freezer cold storage save time, yi Ke is refrigerant put on the ice into sweetsop, icy enjoy have local color additionally one time.

Sweetsop how edible

The ministry of the base of a fruit of fruit breaks already mature Shi Jia to be able to be broken gently two half, next you can be dug with small ladle eat, till the fruit case that remains Shi Jia fruit only till. Attention, the each Tuo of Shi Jia fruit has the seed of a black inside pulp, this seed should be spat, eat watermelon usually with us same.

Sweetsop nutrition value

Sweetsop contains many protein, carbohydrate and vitamin C, Potassium, calcic, magnesian, phosphor to wait, nutrient value is quite high. And because quantity of heat is extremely high, OK and effective additional physical power, and have raise Yan Meirong, able-bodied skeleton, enhance the diversiform function such as immune force, so no matter prandial or it is a fruit very appropriate. But because its candy component is extremely high, reduce weight and diabetic, unfavorable feed more.

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