What circumstance is parrot fish does not love to move?

To the problem advocate this piece of offerred picture, we does not say these two parrot can be moved first, if have the word that favour comes over alive,I had thought these two parrot a few days, that also has an idea only in the heart, : I want to beat dead only you, perhaps be beaten dead by you. One hill nots allow 2 tigers, unless one fair with one mother. Problem advocate aquarium is too small, make two work come over already, also can produce intense struggle.

Do not love the issue that use about parrot fish, general meeting has at 2 o'clock:

The a bitth fear into new environment first namely, slight fear, may look for a place that can avoid, side is worn the body hides hide just. More serious fear, that is a crock too small, hide to also not was in hide, do how? The thinking of parrot is, I laid down, you lose sight of me. Why? Chronic movement, my side lies in petrosal aperture, you cannot find me, do how without rock, that continues to lying!

at 2 o'clock, difference in temperature is too big. Suffer stimulation, stimulate cork on fishing line, cannot master a balance temporarily. Actually, this kind of circumstance is very few instead really.

Everybody does not think I am joking, actually the first kind of situation just produces the most likely. Bowl is big, when the place hides, won't produce side to lie absolutely phenomenon, psychology is exceeding and panicky, the place that avoids repeatedly is not offerred to the family, then they can choose them to think right kind, that lays down namely.

In viewing and admire a fish because of what be in a crock, because water is warm,very few meeting discovers low and at the same time two fish miss the appearance that float together, does besides aquarium heat mediumly won't the canal be a decoration?

But, here can have circumstance of a kind of extreme to appear: The water of former aquarium is warm before if two parrot are being bought,coming relatively exorbitant, with the problem advocate aquarium water is warm differ if exceeding 10 degrees of above, did not pass proper too lukewarm program crossing water again, so give directly at a draught work, this is very normal! Carrying Wen Cai quickly is crucial, below this kind of circumstance, can warm up directly in the hour partly 5 go to 10 degrees, that is no problem absolutely, probably 2 hopes that still work comes down. Say so, piscicultural processing technique is Protean, cannot go treat as the same, with unified methodological processing!

I am naughty, the problem that more views and admire piscine breed aquatics pays close attention to my head article chapter and interlocution please, thank!

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