Du Gao dog and bit dog sheet are carried, who is fierce?

Du Gao dog and bit dog belong to one of bandog, if is sheet carried so they who is stronger?

Although they belong to bandog category together, but plant according to the dog function, adept strong point is different!

Du Gao dog belongs to gundog, the king of so-called gundog

Breeding a purpose is to assist host to chase large prey, be like doughty boar, puma is waited a moment

Du Gao dog has doughty fighting capacity, extremely strong chase skill, hunt sex is dye-in-the-wood, face fierce boar, fearless, do not back down absolutely, unless it is flat, an outstanding Du Gao dog, always be bruise again and again, that is with prey wrestle reduces the scar that leave, belong to the decoration of Trojan, to gundog, become to chase, die to chase, battlefield is gundog is attributive

The dog puts Du Gao in one part bellicose gene, because Keerwaduo was joined to fight a dog in process of Du Gaopei Yo, this is a kind a bottle of fierce dog, had eradicated at present, but in the progenitive standard of Du Gao dog, prohibit be being used at fighting a dog, and systematic breed is met eliminate is bellicose gene, gundog is with group assistance host chases, each other be on intimate terms fights the action that is a mistake

Because chase,restrict, at present home has person of one little bunch, can use tussle of Du Gao dog, and combat gains is extraordinary

Bit dog belongs to a bottle of dog, so-called the king that fights a dog

Bred initiative purpose is to fight, have exceed strong fight, bone density freeboard, battle time testosterone is secreted make its keenly feel low, experience weighs an injury to also can continue to fight, do not absolutely refuse to to rest, unless one party is flat

Bit dog is so-called with weight inapproachable, the bit weight that has trained is in 80 jins of above, can seek hegemony all dogs are planted, in home the bound that fight a dog is had cannot the position of shake, although face the several times rival at oneself, also can conquer, can a string of 1 those dozen of weight are multiple the bandog at bit dog, if those large bandog are short-term inside cannot give bit dog deadly harm, the bit dog that exceeds strong staying power can gain a victory finally, reason bit dog has another nickname: The king of changeover

The king bit dog that the VS of Wang Du tall dog of gundog fights a dog who is fiercer?

If sheet is carried, bit dog has bigger success to lead

Reason one: Art line of business has specialize in, adept domain is different

Reason 2: Scientific training, directional breed, bit dog is in home already form breed in order to fight for purpose system, very professional, nutrition is tie-in, medicaments trains, example dog division, fight column to examine, say a word that separates nevertheless, high-end bit dog trains can to compare national athlete, world bit takes a fancy to a country!

And Du Gao dog is a purpose with fighting, it is a person of a few only, give priority to with field operations, dog lack is directional breed, the person lacks experience, if the system is directional progenitive number is acting, and train technically, probability of bit of conquer of Du Gao dog can adapt

So, at present Du Gao dog and bit dog sheet are carried

Plant by the dog: Du Gao has not made bit dog

Theory individual: Always have the presence that the ox forces

Attention is bestowed favor on know, it is a kind of support, it is one kind is encouraged

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