How much is income of ticket of a ball is being surpassed after NBA season, is income used in where?

The entrance ticket of the contest after NBA season is decided according to the stand or fall of team military successes normally, similar Trojan, rocket such allied despot, nature of entrance ticket price is when the river rises the boat goes up too, and 76 people, pedestrian is surpassed after these season " new face " , value of its entrance ticket is relative for want many low.

It is in order to guard line of Trojan of city of crown champion gold exemple, regard alliance as the most fervent team, trojan advocate the cheapest fare of field is controlled for 200 dollars (add up to a RMB 1250 yuan) . Of course, if you want to sit a good place, so this price will rise two to 3 times. Normally for, the average size of NBA ball house falls on 20000 people, such calculating come Trojan team advocate ticket income lowest also wants the Chanchangmen of the contest after field season to be controlled in 4 million dollar, it is really astronomical.

The price above just still surpasses first-run prices after season, go up the entrance ticket price of the team of total final Trojan of sports season all the way violent wind is red, 3 advocate the average fare of field is as high as 2000 dollars! ! And in opening to booking an activity, total final " grab 7 " average fare was to fry 3600 dollars more (did not hit) , such price to us these civilian common people want not to have the courage to think simply. This still does not calculate the value of field edge in front of, do not have a tens of thousands of dollar to deserve to sit in front far from.

Of course, these income are not all be taken away by team, set according to NBA alliance: The 25%-45% of income of every match entrance ticket wants alliance of NBA of turn over to the higher authorities, the money of turn over to the higher authorities will be used at extending to each team to need the travelling expenses, salary that pays the staff member such as judgment and security. Even if is such, every match team turns a millions of dollars are very poor also common thing, after all " in the long run " .

Last line surpasses entrance ticket lowest price a few times after season of alliance powerful group in recent years (first-run)

Golden city Trojan: 202 dollars

Houston rocket: 88 dollars

Toronto fierce dragon: 92 dollars

Bostonian Kaierte person: 60 dollars

Overcome Li Fulan's knight: 40 dollars

Shengandongniao spur: 45 dollars

Above is me to entrance ticket of the contest after NBA season a few share, the friend that have fun at can leave a message discuss, your dot assist and attention are the biggest to me affirmation, thank everybody

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