15 years old of girls kill a mother to hide cadaver, did what moment also become tall danger profess

To happening in that matricidal tragic of Qingdao the other day, want to say what to nod all the time.

A word reviews: Girl of 15 years old preciouses jade precious jade (alias) , because become single close mother of the lawyer too severe to him certainly, left dead hand actually, was in strangle of close Mom while still alive on the bed. Subsequently, a calm still Tibet kissing Mom in boot, defend cadaver two days overnight, until be caught...

Reality cold blood and crawly, I can't help looking beside one face is innocent, simple kindness is foolish the daughter that play, backside cold sweat flows continuously.

This the manners and morals of the time how? When Mom, when to become a tall danger profession?

15 years old of girls kill a mother to hide cadaver, did what moment also become tall danger profession when Mom?

Murder is close | It is parents too severe, or children is too evil

Matricidal, event is bloody miserable intense, violate ethical principle constant, but however already not fresh. Conveniently investigates the congener case that investigates the last few years, the amount is far the impression that exceeds me.

At the beginning of 2020, sichuan a boy, quarrel because of producing a few with the mother only, immediately ended maternal life in violent rage. He has 13 years old only.

2019, jiangsu a boy, err thing, mom be kissinged criticized two. But he is acknowledge a mistake without the choice, choose to use a kitchen knife however, break off to the cerebral door of close Mom. He also has 13 years old only.

Still be in 2019, hunan still has a boy of 13 years old, he contradicts because of a bit family, killed parental parents clean directly, commit the crime the tool is Ma Jiajue is the same as a paragraph -- hammer.

2018, shandong Jinan, a mother that hope children will have a bright future abandoned everything, for company the 20 sons that come forward are far attend attend school of an alien land, weather of sincere mother love is poor see, can what redound does the son use she? A dagger, disclose wore her wind.

2016, it is Wu Xieyu of famous Beijing University student matricidal case, when be being caught finally 3 years when abscond, his name shook entire network.

Again forth, the student Xiaoxu that has Zhejiang gold Hua Sizhong is malcontent by check, raised hammer to smash maternal head; 2011, henan Zhengzhou one boy reports to father because of the mother he smokes secretly, flat chose to give close Mom kill a witness or accomplice, conveniently still killed a little sister...

One picket, , shocking.

This kind of murder kisses a case, if have only so 9, we still can comfort ourselves, this is accidental. But murder close case happens again and again now, evolved into a kind of your person to mind even not strange society phenomenon, how should we say again?

Because,should saying is network too develop, allow the thing that we knew to place of very much past does not know?

Not, the channel of this and transmission has nothing to do. It is us be opposite the child fathers to go up with the balance of love, gave an issue.

15 years old of girls kill a mother to hide cadaver, did what moment also become tall danger profession when Mom?

Traitorous | I jump over Yan Yue to love to you, push you further more however

Precious jade actually the mom that precious jade loves her very much. Parent of our great majority loves no less than oneself child.

Insider says, precious jade precious jade mom as female lawyer, very very outstanding, ambitious also. Did not remarry all the time from different hind, foster a daughter intently. She an all love, pour into was in on daughter body. The way that she loves, it is the meticulously on the life, 2 it is the severity on school work has add.

But apparently, she did not father to have very good balance with love to this kind, and make its look more resembling is a kind of authority, father even if love, love even if father. Touch unfortunately on green and traitorous period daughter, so mother and daughter the relation of two all the time very nervous.

In be precioused jade before two months that kill, precious jade precious jade 38 activities that mom attends daughter school, wrote a poem, the name cries " send a daughter " .

"Ju you in the mouth, be afraid that heat warm up hurt the tender bud early spring; Hold you in both hands in the hand, be afraid that temperature melted snow velvet flowers of Chu Dong " , "Daughter, look at me, the back that does not give me you " ...

This poem, precious jade precious jade very be fed up with, she says beforehand did not ask for those who get his to agree, read will make her feel humiliating. This also is the tragedy later, bury issued a fuse.

Go up in psychology actually, precious jade precious jade mom's state of mind is typical " overcompensation " , this is blemish of a kind of psychology, it is to point to a person to be short of in body respect or psychological respect existence when owing, can cause exceeding to amend act or " overcorrect " . Precious jade precious jade the parent that mom regards odd relatives by marriage as front courtyard, disposition very ambitious, very can easy afraid daughter is short of lose close favour, and overcompensation one part " father loves " to the daughter.

But this kind is paid have particular risk, because you do not know, your child wants, can bear this kind of love.

15 years old of girls kill a mother to hide cadaver, did what moment also become tall danger profession when Mom?

Shadow | Do good balance and guide, strangle devil in the cradle

Case of Swiss psychologist flourish has a psychological term, be called " shadow " , it is OK to show everybody is in the backside of sunshine state of mind that shows a person, more or less can a few cannot issue the dark psychology that appear in sunshine, time grew, the shadow becomes devil with respect to joint performance, ruinous occurrence.

Actually fortunately, the problem on mood of this kind of psychology, there often can be long behavior to show before complete out of control, the time with father due and enough female parent goes intervening correctional; But unfortunate is, many parental crack oneself up know a lot of advanced Yo concept, never pay close attention to the child's mental health however.

Educational child, not should the feeling of oversight child, it is good to cannot think the child wants to learn only, everything what obtain good achievement to need not care about the child encounter, perhaps ignore undertake to them character and morals is taught.

Famous psychology seeks advice from division Wu Zhigong to ever had said, the life that every child is independence is individual, not be mechanical system, they are not the requirements according to parents, do " poppet " go, they have their feeling, also watching parental every act.

If be in a family, the parent busies the job is scanty at education or care and communication; The child is shut oneself or not to be pooh-poohed elaborates heart door leaf at communicating with parents; Both can produce a kind of estrangement a kind disharmonious. Below the ceaseless scrape up of time and space, sooner or later, contradictory meeting erupts.

The child's action, either be taken what show off vanity with achievement by parents, life regrets and do not exist more, they are independent life style, they need esteem, need guiding, of need is to be nodded till severe the love with stop where it should stop.

If can accomplish this, how many devil can be strangled to be in the cradle...

15 years old of girls kill a mother to hide cadaver, did what moment also become tall danger profession when Mom?

Vigilant | Give sufficient the esteem to the child, also want to develop the ability of child self-communion

A hand is patted not noisy, said father and mother, also should say the child.

No matter after all to who who is wrong, how old estrangement, much deeper grievance, life power is exclusive, everybody cannot end oneself because of the anger in the twist of state of mind or heart or parental life.

But children are easy and actuation, they won't care about this, if want to make them sensible think, with respect to the ability that must develop their ego to meditate. Want to accomplish this, I think basically should be from domestic strip the head makes:

The first, too not doting child, do not let the child feel our paying is of course, do not understand finally be thankful.

The 2nd, should be the first the habit that reflects an ego introspection, let the child also can search his inadequacy self-consciously, often ego introspection, change and promotion, such abilities improve domestic concern and parentage jointly.

The 3rd, if our marriage appeared setback, do not want an all responsibility end at the other side, should not place the desire of all own unfulfilment on child body more.

The 4th, must pay attention to the child's mental health, do not engraft the viewpoint of value of adult twist to child body forcibly, prove oneself success with this.

Anyhow, yi Ziyi close, Yi Shiyi is friendly, just be normal parentage, do not let educational failure, highed high parents this profession!

# affection composes small hotshot #

I am say by the cloud, the welcome pays close attention to me.

15 years old of girls kill a mother to hide cadaver, did what moment also become tall danger profession when Mom?

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