How does look upon break down the fashionable gain that girl counterattack makes little red book adv

God closed a window for her, opened another window for her however, she is a common girl only. Dash forward meet change greatly, describe oneself: "Be in everyday with destiny make a stand against, weekly metropolis has acedia hour. " see beside marry with age person love, the somebody in bazaar tries on beautiful high-heeled shoes, her metropolis is afflictive. She cannot wear high-heeled shoes like them. Her encourage annals story sees below with popular science together!

Of the 2nd life begin.

26 years old jade flower flow to be worth elegance and talent junior, like a lot of young girls, the dream that has oneself and most beg, but a traffic accident of arise suddenly, broke her original good life thoroughly. She is in take a car to go to capital airport, preparation begins to go when Singapore journey, produced traffic accident unfortunately, however driver injury situation is not serious. Still have another girl with what sit with her even, that girl does not have a thing basically, the girl changed a car to continue to drive an airplane on the spot. Have her only, 2, 4, 5, 6 cervical vertebra smash sexual fracture.

5 operations

In capital Beijing hospital, jade flower altogether undertook ICU 3 times, accepted an operation 5 times, to a girl, 5 the operation is how painful. After the operation, she accepts tracheal spile even, go up expiratory machine. More miserable is, she is returned cannot phonate, cough feebly, much phlegmy juice often is by card in throat cannot expectorate. Phlegmy fluid is how disgusting! We are normal when the person catchs a cold, throat has phlegmy wish to cough phlegmy fluid immediately. If cough,going out should be how disgusting with anguish ah.

Suck phlegmy

Because jade flower cannot own and expectorate phlegmy fluid, must want to do suck phlegmy. One the world comes, she was done 10 times suck phlegmy. Suck phlegmy when, the nurse inserts tube into her throat, like mixer, churn in her throat all the time, occasionally she still feels asphyxial. Queasy all the time, connect a meal not feel like eating. To us, when pipe is inserted into throat, we feel clinking queasy keck, plus make a round trip even agitate. Among them anguish and afflictive can be imagined.

Without consciousness

Experience in her these are miserable with anguish in, what make her painful most is, she is gnawing the bedsore of bite flesh to do not have feeling and consciousness to hip, touch till the open part of a sore sacrum. When the doctor undertakes a series of having achieve cure, because do not have consciousness, do not need anaesthesia so. The throat that she looks at herself helplessly is dissectioned, blood splatters, when leather valve transplants, listening to scalpel to cut dingdong to make sound. The skin that listening to oneself and muscle are in scalpel, the sound of a inch of very little rift, this is how dread affection.

Skull was gotten by the doctor 4 holes, lumbar above is secured by metallic bracket firmly, the nurse has given a cup of water, jade flower stream subliminal carry the hand goes receiving, can be a cup from her fall between the finger of faint enclasp, a spurt sheds water and tear.

How does look upon break down the fashionable gain that girl counterattack makes little red book advocate?

Break off come-and-go

Say adversity sees the real situation, but can you have to the person of her the real situation? After the men that once had chased her ardently send information to had asked her illness, each feared, had not seen her. What make popular feeling sour more however is, the friend in the past also did not come and go gradually. Perhaps fear to jade flower meeting complicity they, broke off contact so.


By day, jade flower shed the cloud that lies outside the window sees on the bed, change becomes such and such figure, wave from here over there. Also watch vitreous catoptric sun sometimes, "Look with respect to this appearance one afternoon " . Of the friend abandon, add the torment on body and soul, let her feel very helpless with despair.

She has wanted to commit suicide, died All troubles end when the main trouble ends. . But she yearns for occurrence miracle again, where is the life of ten thousand bout to before? Taking small yearning, she insisted to come down.

Like the baby

For rehabilitation, she stays in count home hospital, learn to turn over like the baby, have a meal, stand, like child child the exercise writes. Evaginate of right hand thumb, do not take a pen, she uses left hand to write, left hand thumb answers a hook, just can block shaft, copy early an English news.

Restore sense of pain

Eventually, huang Tian does not lose an observant and conscientious person, her sense of pain came back. That is person of injury of spinal cord caustic peculiar neuralgic. Ache to swim in her body change, appear and disappear mysteriously, although painful but she is unusual however glad.

Issue note

Till 2018, she begins to issue note on little red book. She had paid close attention to little red book before early. The destiny is sharp nowadays, she produced the strong desire that issues note suddenly.

Sit on wheelchair, spent several hours of ability to finish the experience that types her with a finger, introduce the seriousness that what is spinal cord injury and it to community user, remind everybody to be in the life the risk with potential avoid.

How does look upon break down the fashionable gain that girl counterattack makes little red book advocate?

Generation is resonant

After issueing these position, letting her do not imagine is, know exactly about sth comes from the comment of stranger hundreds times, she admits to look really one by one, at this moment she just knows to there are a lot of people with oneself on the world, bilateral the single mother with femur necrotic head, encounter the young girl that break down, the sort of they are clear pain, also follow her same, taking ache living. At this moment she and unfamiliar they had a lot of resonance, experience to oneself misfortune at the same time, had a lot of comforting.

Those who cannot prevent is beautiful

Although break down, but also cannot prevent her beauty, jade flower flow direction life gets back these beauty come. She is caught in home self-study hair, make up, dress is tie-in, share her to little red book, and still got of a lot of people love with the welcome.

How does look upon break down the fashionable gain that girl counterattack makes little red book advocate? How does look upon break down the fashionable gain that girl counterattack makes little red book advocate?

On little red book, a comment says to her: "There is principle of a kind of hero only on the world, that lives in recognize namely the life still is had deep love for after reality. We become everybody's hero without method, but the hero that can become oneself, conquer oneself are a hero. Conquer oneself are a hero..

How does look upon break down the fashionable gain that girl counterattack makes little red book advocate?

In the past can run she what can jump forever Tibet in the dream.

In the past went, treat mix now best in the future means, put down opposite to go namely hold read aloud, pick up him heart again up force.

Want to believe, living can have favour happening!

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