Intel issues a Yang Li to publicize information, gave buccal evil energy of life to male comrade rea

Of Yang Li do business small gain, if if not have,have,one shows fully in everyday one's words " acerbity " gas

Intel issues a Yang Li to publicize information, gave buccal evil energy of life to male comrade really?

"Also not be afraid of again from now on by small plait of person hold tight " hey You is fed, it is familiar enigmatic style as expected. This also shows Yang Li you this new era female still is not quite free and easy. With my acknowledge to you, at that time you are not to should stand high above the masses, this kind paltry thing is put after the head, place a kind " the Dai Yan that played old woman also is indifferent to " lofty stance? How with respect to hold tight are you small plait?

Allow me to find fault, "Hold tight small plait " it is the meaning that the analogy captures one the individual's defect or fault to be not put. does Yang Li think the one's words of affront male is wrong before her? I gave myself one slap, impossible, that can be Yang Li, character of surveyor's pole of new era women's right, acknowledge a mistake at that time how does she still master " fortune password " , oh not not, how to master her self-confident life.

May true Yang Li did not find appropriate term to come temporarily enigmatic, anxious " serious " do business. Just when take the place of,turn over " new new female fist " need to know Yang Li only this individual went, as to article table content, so nit-pick on words is dry. Like me this is planted " pedantry " the male, it is quite narrow-minded really.

Intel issues a Yang Li to publicize information, gave buccal evil energy of life to male comrade really?

Intel controller foolish? Do not know computer suffer numerous it is which consumption group, impossible. "Greet male and on " the consequence that looks for Yang Li Dai Yan to arise follows DG photograph of disgrace China advertisement is compared, also not show off let more.

It is individual hypothesis below. Controller of promotion of some computer brand finds Y fist (one is having the network fair-haired boy that exceeds vermicelli made from bean starch of much more female fist on gregarious media) .

"Mr. Y, you look can cooperate us to make an ad "

"Ah? You are not sell computer, not be cosmetic of what, the vermicelli made from bean starch that does not accord with me suffers numerous ah "

"Be such, we think so, above all we make a preliminary conduct propaganda first, the thing that regards spokesman as you is dispersed go out, next we know a fault to change again, act the figure of a return to the fold, cancel your spokesman, leave message of the speech that wear era, to Na Bangnan the gender gives an evil spirit to sell the product that gives us thereby "

"What profit does that have to me? "What profit does that have to me??

"Through us this is operated, your female vermicelli made from bean starch can develop them for certain in all affection ability, think this is their elder sister be in to " free " on the road by these sick man place block up, you attracted a white again not only, and still increased new round of heat, press your female fist old standard once more "

"Such word, you sell gave a product, I attracted vermicelli made from bean starch, still perhaps can pull a new Dai Yan, one arrow 3 carve. All right, came to an end cost goes to my settle "

"Nice, that you first busy, I go preparing "

Some computer popularizes chief to be retreated, y fist self-confidence laughs, lose a hand and stand, corners of the mouth shows a dark smile fully. "Ah, harum-scarum male, innocent woman. Fortune password has mastered, free gate spreads out for me from now on "

Stop! ! ! Above play is pure belong to my individual to make up write.

Intel issues a Yang Li to publicize information, gave buccal evil energy of life to male comrade really?

This is self-confident and not common countenance

Feel sorry, my so average person, how dare, how the so can self-confident idea that fathoms the person that women's right carries a vessel.

Instantly female fist special let me 100 considering a job that does not get its to solve is, they were not made from powerful oneself, seek the person that phonates for them however. Pass pair of men sneer at, debase will satisfy oneself. So I hope these female fists realize the ideal of themselves very much. Give out the following proposals.

Find oneself father first, interrogatory why should he be delivered of you, your mother realizes this kind of block up the thing of individual value, you want determined boycott, let your father give your mother and daughter two views.

You are even next interrogatory your mother, why should she be delivered of you and not be the freedom that goes searching oneself. You want learn a lesson, lest go astray.

Of course, not all female fist is so extreme. Some people think the child is born for the male, is not continue the child when the life that makes his.

You should find your other in part and child, tell them you those who get is unjust. And ask for the compensation that you should receive to them, if compensation is couldn't get in the life, that is about corporeal compensation, at the same time you should review yourself how to do ability to lead to freedom.

If you had not married, then I feel glad for you. Congratulation you, you should insist to do your. You should look for, house property card keeps your name, salary is handed in entirely, do not go out dinner party, next coming back that cook do chore. Had better have in you when nodding little sentiment, firm firm comes to on two a slap on the face to oneself, blame the man that oneself try hard not quite. Cheer, you are OK, agree to will surely be found.

I am thinking over, is the domestic position of a man he is earned come? If you are capable female, you worry about your rights and interests surely far from, yellow Bo of no less than describes, when you powerful the person beside is good person. If your other in part is do not consider be eager to make progress, do not have what skill, eat his head off to still have the person of a cruel tendency. Then you clutch leave him, what to say for the child, does one individual need spend your recognize for a long time? It is you only make a change without ability say demit stops.

Pull far, it is to say obviously " big the former feminine and negative learns the home " of Yang Li, one alleges the new era female that the man does not have a bottom line. If the play above me is true. Oh, I am sorry. Mr. Yang Li has a bottom line very much, just do not rot absolutely money.

Intel issues a Yang Li to publicize information, gave buccal evil energy of life to male comrade really?

Mr. Yang Li, have a bottom line! Just won't rot absolutely money

Enigmatic who won't, a man and a woman quarrel in the street. Most person, without giving thought to men and women, be in for a short while before knowing its fact, can feel this man is special drop portion, without bearing. I think, this also is Yang Li this kind of person says some men is check the number into the bottom enrages a place. In the final analysis, yang Li can " high-key " into now such, what depend on female group namely is indulgent.

Respecting this, still hope Mr. Yang Li can hold to his principle, the hope does not want to turn over, otherwise, let a flock of " confuse younger sister " the face became swollen, do not have the ability of subsidence of a swelling again, can search the next only again " Yang Li "

Intel issues a Yang Li to publicize information, gave buccal evil energy of life to male comrade really?

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