About vaccine have an inoculation and prevent daily accuse measure to whether can be adjusted, newes

21 days, couplet of joint defence of the State Council accuses a mechanism to hold a press conference, introduce the concerned case such as security of new coronal vaccine, effectiveness. See a point comb ↓

About vaccine have an inoculation and prevent daily accuse measure to whether can be adjusted, newest response →

  • Current, area of domestic low risk holds health to pass through " green code " , measuring Wen Zhengchang and can go out in order below the premise that does good individual to defend row, each district does not get raise the quota of do sth without authorization.
  • Up to on March 20 24 when, virus of new coronal of have an inoculation of report of countrywide accumulative total is vaccinal seventy-four million nine hundred and fifty-six thousand agent second.
  • Current, new coronal epidemic situation still is in the whole world is popular, without who can pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, vaccination is to prevent accuse the step with new coronal the most significant epidemic situation.
  • According to existing production arrangement looks, the vaccinal crop of annual can satisfy the vaccinal requirement of the people of the whole country completely.
  • The old person that has begun to had been compared with condition of system of the upper part of the body for 60 years old at present develops vaccine of new coronal of have an inoculation. Unit of vaccinal research and development also is being accelerated advance process of research and development, after clinical trial obtains data of enough security, effectiveness, will large-scale the vaccine that develops herd of old age of 60 years old of above is vaccinal.
  • 4 vaccine that at present home appears on the market examine approval through governmental director branch, it is safe and effective. Because each save what city purchases to appear on the market,vaccinal breed may differ, the unity that so everybody needs to visit town according to the place is arranged as soon as possible vaccination.
  • Our country reachs taller immunity level in crowd vaccine have an inoculation before, no matter whether vaccination, gather in the crowd indoor or close place, still need to continue to adorn guaze mask.
  • Of short duration is incorrect the vaccine that enter a country is vaccinal person avoid the measure that detect and keeps apart.
  • In the light of media reports, xi'an examines master already vaccination produces infection virus event however, chinese disease accuses central immunity to plan chief expert Wang Huaqing expresses, at present Chinese disease accuses a center to still be in undertake to this one case of illness farther understanding and check. At present our country has been approved appear on the market conditionally use, or approve in abroad urgent use vaccine, in early days 3 period the protective effectiveness of clinical trial is to protect most person not to come on, the effect that its prevent heavy disease is more apparent. The assessment after the vaccine that already used at present from abroad appears on the market looks as a result, after vaccination, still an others happening protects unsuccessful circumstance, unsuccessful reason still needs research and investigation.

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