Chinese women football goes to Korea go on an expedition 5 days rose of abstruse preliminary contest

Chinese women football goes to Korea go on an expedition 5 days rose of abstruse preliminary contest is driven one's deceased father,

Decisive battle on the verge of breaking out, chinese women football is ready. (data piece) hair of Xinhua News Agency

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After a year of delay of 2 months, add contest should pull open area of Asia of preliminary contest of women football of Tokyo Olympic Games eventually big screen.

This is the last chance of Olympic Games of Tokyo of introduction of Chinese women football. After sufferring Australia is made the same score absolutely last year, need of Chinese women football and Korea women football carry add game two rounds definitely one victory or defeat, conqueror will obtain Olympic Games of last pieces of Tokyo " ticket " . Match of women football of Tokyo Olympic Games will have 12 detachment to attend, at present already 10 teams are taken take part in the match qualification, asian respect, sit embrace advocate the Japan of field advantage need not the match has taken entrance ticket, promotion also succeeds after Australian women football beats Vietnam women football.

On April 5 morning, finished after last training in rotation is experienced that day, the girls of Chinese women football from Suzhou city too International Airport of Pudong of sea of the upgrade before center of lake football sports sets out, set foot on the road of go on an expedition.

According to leg, chinese women football will first after the guest advocate. Add up to game time to be first on April 8, the place is in Korea tall this world; Match of the 2nd bout will be held on April 13, chinese women football will meet Korea team head-on in Suzhou.

"Women football girls, cheer! We believe, any difficulty cannot stop your ongoing pace, brave go out for a battle! Those who expect you is triumphal! " before go out for a battle of team member of Chinese women football, china is sufficient assist cheer for women football girls through gregarious media encourage. China is sufficient assist the training field that source of chairman Chen Qu also appears in women football girls, send a blessing for them.

To Chinese women football, a bout game April 8 is crucial. Before the match, korea women football withstands epidemic prevention pressure, recall the Li Jin Min of overseas effectiveness, Chi Xiaoran and Zhao Zhao Xiansan renown player, this enough sees Korea team contends for the determination of entrance ticket of final Olympic Games and boldness. Although with respect to historical military successes character, chinese women football is far get the better of Korea. 2019 French world cup, chinese women football is hit into 16 strong, group contest was taken 1 get the better of 1 smooth 1 negative, throw 1 ball into 1 ball; And Korea women football surpasses 3 battle to be defeated completely in the group, throw 7 balls into 1 ball. But the regression of a few abroad team member also will be Korea team probably inaccuracy of match infuse more decides an element. Tactics makes a way, certainly will of Korea women football wait around Li Jin Min " the sea returns " player make an issue of. Accordingly, head bout match, while the girls of Chinese women football are striving for a victory hard, of smell the other side " bottom " , for ready-made of second bout match.

Get victory is very important, the life safety of women football girls is Chongzhongzhi is weighed. According to information of Han couplet company, korea whole nation added diagnose case newly on April 3 in all 543, die 4, successive 5 days of Xin Zengchao cross 500. Korea heretofore accumulates case of illness to already exceeded 100 thousand people, 1744 death case of illness. In the meantime, korea team " the sea returns " the player also kept apart 7 days merely, still put in the risk.

For better safeguard women football girls are over in safety contest, health returns, china is sufficient assist the epidemic prevention officer that the Qi Jun with seasoned job of match epidemic prevention exceeds to hold the position of team visit in specially appointed. Last year, qi Jun ever by China sufficient assist specially appointed arrives in exceed league matches competion area to hold the position of group leader of working group of match epidemic prevention.

As we have learned, chinese women football arrives 5 days late local time head thereafter, can not head for city of match ground tall this world immediately, however collectivity accepts nucleic acid to detect first, after awaiting an outcome, head for match ground at setting out all right again 6 days morning.

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