Be pregnant 7 months discovery grew gravid grain below belly, what eliminate a method?

Pregnant woman belly grows gravid grain, the problem that a lot of pregnant woman can encounter later in pregnant metaphase. So why is chairman gravid Where is grain? Can gravid grain prevent? How to grow gravid grain to should do?

Pregnant woman grows the reason of gravid grain

Pregnant woman can appear gravid grain, because abdominal stretch fiber ruptures,basically be. The cause that causes skin flexibility fiber to rupture has at 2 o'clock

Inside 1. pregnancy, coriaceous hormone secretes candy the quantity increases, and this kind of hormone can let cutaneous flexibility fiber become fragile, when when coriaceous hormone accumulates candy to be measured certainly, stretch fiber ruptures, the skin appears gravid grain.

2. pregnant is terminal, the uterus increases, abdominal and stretch fiber and muscle also begin drawing, when exceeding certain range, skin flexibility fiber ruptures, produced gravid grain.

Can gravid grain prevent?

The on the market a lot of products that prevent gravid grain, but they can rise only alleviate action, can not prevent gravid grain thoroughly truly. The person has case beside, same product, a grain did not grow some people, some people grow gravid grain as before. This follows individual constitution to matter namely.

Generally speaking, belly is thick, grow gravid grain not easily.

How to grow gravid grain to do?

Major gravid grain or the black line among abdomen, meet after childbirth gradually disappear, need not do designed processing. Conditional friend also can buy professional product to perhaps go the orgnaization undertakes resumptive.

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