How does ability come off work earn more extra income?

I am read promotion person, my pluralistic experience is before do an office work, things of next it doesn't matter when him develop comes showpiece.

1, write film review

This expends time quite, when introductory friend is written before me, the friend says a cinema to should spend 30 minutes, open a film 120 minutes, come home draw up come film review, whole be wasted in the evening.

I because really it doesn't matter needs a dinner party, and I feel this time sees a movie write film review, I also am one's proper business of it doesn't matter, also be wasteful.

What inchoate moment writes is bad, consequence of it doesn't matter, it is to submit an expense account commonly movie ticket, a film review 300 yuan. Wrote half an year to go up 500 yuan every.

My individual experience is knowledge of study film review, format these, referenced book has " how to write film review " " understanding film " .

2, write article of the book review, draft that say a book, draft that tear open a book, book list, note, net

This still is very between take time, I open writing class to teach everybody to write, recommend platform to do an autograph to make an appointment with an author, still be someone is saying, between this take time, after even autograph of a lot of people is made an appointment with, must resign formal job, full-time writing.

I feel main to read most between take time, so I read a book to be able to write these 6 kinds of plan, read a book to be able to earn contribution fee 6 times so, be sure to profit of this reading time the biggest change.

This price span is bigger, book review from 100 yuan go to 1000 yuan every pieces to differ every pieces, price of the draft that say a book from 500 yuan go to 2000 yuan 10 thousand every pieces to differ every pieces, price of the draft that tear open a book differs 500 yuan to 2500 yuan from every book, book list span is bigger, differ to 20 thousand yuan from 200 yuan, note basically is to enter small gain, small head activity, a number that a book picks is different, income is different also, the inspiration when net article reads namely extends net article contribute, 200 yuan differ to 2000 yuan.

3, first plan of high official position

This is the closest activity, today's top headlines rewards 100 everyday, every 300 yuan, actually not difficult, a lot of student took my writing class to be rewarded to this. Because a month can reward many 3000, and a lot of people read a specification far from, word number, format of what often is incorrect, medium probability is very big.

Earn extra income I recommend this book " the mom that can make money " the introduction that introduced a few methods about earning extra income, measure, state of mind, I was recommended a lot of times, a lot of people feel to have results.

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