Mobile phone market suffers heavy defeat, china to how do next?

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On March 31, china to release 2020 year outstanding achievement, its annual battalion closes and profit parts small growth 3.8% with 3.2% . Among them operation commerce Wu 302.6 billion yuan, grow 0.2% ; Consumer business is 482.9 billion yuan, grew 3.3% ; Company business battalion closes it is 100.3 billion yuan, grow 23% .

Suffer American punish effect, china for since September 2020 no longer can from the high-end chip under 10 accept rice is obtained over there the supplier, china the chip that is a mobile phone makes Cheng be given priority to with 7 accept rice and 5 accept rice, the Mate 40 that its released in October 2020, 9000 chip make adoption kylin Cheng is 5 accept rice. Lack chip to may be caused China will release in June for the P50 series remit to that will release in April this year originally.

OPPO, Vivo, add, millet and honor released new fund mobile phone in March, with the market that because the quantity produces new machine and cannot come out for nothing,loot China is -- 2020 2 quarters, china to be in China the portion of mobile phone market is achieved 47% , this number is right other brand of each old mobile phone means the business to search the opportunity of times.

Announce according to Counterpoint of data survey orgnaization in Feburary 2021 findings report of smartphone of portion whole world, china come to already glided in the portion of market of global mobile phone 4% , drop before going out 5. This is meant was 2020 China the consumer business that is as high as 54.18% to was contributed may be in next atrophic 2021.

In operation commerce Wu relatively stable state falls, china bed business emphasis will be forced to shift company business from consumer business accordingly. This part business is core with Hua Weiyun and computation, data storage and machine visual sense include below the banner, and the business group such as intelligent cooperation, the target is to drive enterprise digitlization.

Company business is China to was added 2020 fast the fastest branch. According to the data of Canalys of market research organization, 2020 1 quarter, hua Weiyun is ranked with the portion of 14.1% the 2nd, under 44.5% A Liyun's, but 13.9% what exceed Tecent cloud. On January 28, china also be appointed to be Hua Weiyun and computational BG for Yu Chengdong of consumer business CEO (business group) president.

If be forced to exit consumer business completely, grand covers an operating system also the company business that can be regarded as a kind to face developer.

On the outstanding achievement news briefing March 31, china for assistant president, spell president Hu Hou expresses, at present Hong Meng already was attracted " 280 more than 20 hardware manufacturers, application manufacturers participate in zoology to build jointly " , its plan next is Hong Meng operating system is rolled out on the mobile phone.

Our near future interviewed Hua Weiyun and Zhang Qiaoming of general manager of flat of efforts of department of computational intelligence cooperation, the product of the 2nd hardware that the group that he is in released Hua Weiyun and computational branch on March 17 -- synergic flat, it is compositive microphone, horn, photograph wait like head, screen, measuring projector, become the conference system of the office but interactive large Pad, intelligence is written, sweep a code to take away.

This hardware uses the operating system that install eminent at present, future will be grand newlier to cover a system. And, it is by the definition China the discharge that carries the market to enter B enters the mouth. In interview, zhang Qiaoming also spoke of China hardware of bed this company level and the relation of Hong Meng operating system and its zoology.


Z= Zhang Qiaoming

Yi: Whether is B carries the market China don't have to go special a field that covers?

Z: We began to serve business market 2010, home should is in domain of politics look forward to prior is compared inside big company. Inchoate it is center of WiFi of switching equipment, network, data, and the table aircraft that deploys for the enterprise, even desktop cloud, Pad. Just, besides these faces an individual end that offer to the enterprise, we think to also should want to have an end that faces collective cooperation, this end is intelligent cooperation (flat) .

Yi: Future, the system is cheated to grand from the switch that install eminent, can the function to the product bring much about-face?

Z: Hong Meng is content couplet net substantially operating system, its core ability is the join between many end comes true below an established space. The connection of systematic level will be closer. Cite a case, e.g. whole house intelligence, sound box of rice cooker of air conditioning, freezer, report, intelligence, they are accomplished with the join that ground floor can pass between the mobile phone without feeling, do not need a person to have been to much ground to intervene hold accuse.

Yi: Is An Zhuo done?

Z: An Zhuo is not done. Every product has his level previously, the standard that makes refrigerator is freezer, the standard that makes a TV set is a television... did not unite a standard at all. Household and home attribute different trade between house, they did not consider cross the join between the industry. Hong Meng is the logic of soft bus line, have distributed operation capacity, can span the standard obstacle between end and end, implementation interconnection each other is connected.

Yi: Beautiful have deepness collaboration with you, when they are developing Bao of meal of report of a few alleged intelligence, use An Zhuo will develop, will develop with use Hong Meng, does the development that developing cost and need have on ability how old difference?

Z: An Zhuo is the operating system that faces a mobile phone, and the requirement of content couplet net is, the first, dinky system, the memory of a few G is installed otherwise on you, memory demand is too big; The 2nd, content couplet net wants special province report, power comsumption is low; The 3rd, join wants very convenient, an Zhuo needs a very strong bandwidth. The place that the join way that the join that these 3 join that are content couplet net carry with the mobile phone, An Zhuo defines asks to differ.

Hong Meng wants dry thing, be as far as possible the ability ground floor (PASS layer) solidify comes down, the application development that allows SAAS layer next is simpler. Be based on An Zhuo's development currently, developer needs to make development from systematic level, the requirement to developing a language, demand that develops personnel ability is higher.

Yi: What intelligence terminal can office product future receive?

Z: At present we see more it is video of microphone, sound box, sound these component. Joining Hong Meng is the zoology that our whole blended in Hua Weiduan actually, also joined this zoology e.g. manufacturer of video of other in the future sound box, microphone, sound, attemper meet more convenient.

Yi: Does grand cheat mobile phone ability of the system to realize this kind to attemper? Apple but with?

Z: Want to use specific interface to just have capacity of this kind of butt joint, hong Meng has this kind of capacity, an Zhuo did not see at present. If the apple adds interface OK also, we do not eliminate any manufacturer to embrace zoology together with us.

Yi: Here involves two modes of life and relation to their environment, one is hardware zoology, one is software zoology, in software side, do you hope to gather together the software developer of what type?

Z: China bed Chinese application market is already compositive on 1000 application, we are the professional equipment that face B end to roll out, there is about a hundred collaboration now, we are comfortable also at the same time matched a few strange like love art application of level of this kind of spending, because we think it besides office, use likely also at recreation, for instance the leader watchs a TV during noon break, or the company has a small-sized Party to be celebrated for employee unripe.

Yi: Applied market of Hong Meng and China does bed applied market have at present how old distinction?

Z: What we use now is China bed applied market. In principle says, china to apply all App in the market we can download, but need makes equipment comfortable match, involve definition of resolution, screen, should do with applied manufacturer communicate with harmonious, make them comfortable deserve to give the version with corresponding bigger screen.

Yi: C upright product and the setting that B carries a product are not same, what can the application of industry level have?

Z: E.g. rustic treasure, education treasure, these are the professional class application that face an industry. Besides attend a meeting, the thing with this able screen still has a lot of. A teacher is for instance many righter student lecture, or a few students together in group delibrate.

A moment ago of respecting is the efficiency below established production setting and promotion, additionally one kind we say for cockpit. It is on economic history, the substantial level of information decided decision-making quality. In producing a course for instance visible, before is to carry subordinate report, but the information that subordinate provides often is met inadequate.

Again for instance on product line, go to those who check a few tag sticking a way whether correct, commodity has smudgy, or the solder contact of a few parts of an apparatus is successful, it is very difficult that eye of choose and employ persons goes examining contact of on 1000 solders, past is to use sampling observation to solve, if resemble a head through photographing or the machine goes solving, efficiency will be taller. These information arrived over there the policymaker, can pass us " cockpit " go judging. What machine vision solves is a machine between alternant, what we solve is person and person between alternant.

Yi: Your group and China what collaboration does bed machine vision group have?

Z: Attemper e.g. what center of command of national meet an urgent need uses platform, have a specific setting, take some to photograph through big screen attune namely like the head or the police executes the law the picture that appearance takes, wagon flow of traffic of real time understanding is measured or the information such as hill body coast.

Yi: Is common screen done?

Z: Common screen is about test bandwidth and join ability, if why you assure join effectiveness below the circumstance in low bandwidth, great delay time. So screen is ground floor only, the operating system of backside has more multilayer and different thing.

Yi: After changing to cover a system for grand, what value can you bring for Hong Meng?

Z: Carry a product as a B, the application that we develop is the application that faces an industry, teach for instance, some developer are good at the class at becoming a teacher; Face medical treatment industry, a few developer of hospital backside are about to answer the demand of the hospital, they are the application with industry very strong attribute.

Yi: If custom-built change so strong word, oneself develop oneself to use, do these add application newly to whole won't the applied market of big Hong Meng bring particularly big increment actually?

Z: Custom-built change cannot not go up on behalf of it frame, wanted to go up to use the market only, the client that has demand can choose. The characteristic that C carries is a quantity big, when be being put can have flow very quickly. Iatrical application is impossible to be used to education, but the circle that medical treatment industry has medical treatment industry.

Yi: To Hua Weiyun, whether is this your responsible product assuming whole enterprise ministry to cut a part that carries the market into B?

Z: Our mission becomes B to carry the entrance namely. But we each product also is to should have to commerce circulates.

Yi: Can you enter retail terminal to sell?

Z: In a planned way, the product is shown in our door inn.

Yi: Whether to expect the application of class of a killer, open the market quickly?

Z: We any moment apply in what seek killer level or the equipment of killer class, for instance 3G when, we think video communicates is the application of killer class, the result is not, however after Qiaobusi did IPhone, 3G network fire. 5G times, we devote oneself to more connection business, is not a certain application, because 5G is not individual hero creed, ignite the market won't be onefold application, more digitlization transition that are each industry itself.

Yi: Can portion of systematic wh what month change Hong Meng?

Z: We plan to be in this year or next year. Depend on our development plan.

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Mobile phone market suffers heavy defeat, china to how do next? Mobile phone market suffers heavy defeat, china to how do next?

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