Where does new rural area develop direction to be in next?

Acknowledgment invites, new rural area is being built big east area, development direction of future still is one direction east.

From the point of overall situation

New rural area is Zhengzhou one of cities of metropolitan area, campagna new developed area is proximate the boreal dragon lake of Zhengzhou, construction is very fast, it is the olive that new rural area blends in metropolitan area, had made the another economy point of growth of new rural area now. So new rural area still can continue to build Campagna new developed area next, accelerate the communication with provincial capital, blend in Zhengzhou metropolitan area.

Anew in light of development of countryside the city zone

New rural area now is one direction east, rely on tall iron station and college education natural resources, the city zone to the east outspread, my friend goes to work in custom of new rural area, as we have learned government of red flag district also has been entered halt, economic technology development also provides a model first. My spring also saw the construction strength that new rural area is here around small shop town last year, very much nevertheless place is very desolate still.

From economy development just looks up

It is better that the economic actual strength of new rural area is told in Henan, GDP2500 is much 2018, but some closer year also be faced with add fast the circumstance with unreasonable position of slow, industry, then the development of one pace accelerates new country namely industrial transition upgrades, involve 10 trades in all, 3 years of actions of new rural area also can see new rural area develops the determination of the change on mode in economy. Anyhow, new rural area has nice area condition and relatively solid economy base, be in next what also meet in development is better, big east although the construction of the area is endless but be full of a hope.

I am Henan these things, update interlocution of more Henan this locality continuously, like to add attention please, the welcome comments on bit of assist, thank!

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