Regret of Chinese male basket loses Poland, zhou Qi the moment of truth 3 fatal error, spot of Wang

Exterior reason, one, li Nan, li Nan is not a coach originally, why does Yao Ming choose him?

He how indescribable become candidate of national group coach to become national group bishop to drill, who knows inside story? Teach without professional group experience, achievement had better teaching before is to head group of Shandong full transport, be in annals successfully winning Shandong team brought back native place in preelection contest! In those days why can group of Shandong full transport choose him suddenly to drill when the bishop original very doubt letting a person. . . . . , more those who make a person interrogative is him searched Shandong team area after the car, became the coach of national group further actually. . . . , such contrail is very familiar, ZF is very much the 2 generation that are developed by the key are basic it is so indescribable contrail. . . . . . .

2, zhou Qi, magical successive error, not be intelligence quotient problem bets a ball namely, find the explanation with logical other very hard!

The reason of deeper administrative levels, one, basket assist system and leader problem, the thing with right what to do after is Yao Ming taken office as? Singled out Li Nan to be without so teach does the person of experience do national group coach?

2, the foreign aids policy of CBA must change, covey is most a foreign aids! Now two foreign aids of CBA, the job of domestic player serves basically namely and transfer, aggression, shoot a basket, the task of crucial ball is foreign aids, if things go on like this, national group is not chosen it is very normal to give to have the player that take on, they depend on be used to, degraded, won't play a ball game, won't attack, serve even sole own job to also be done bad!

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