Is hill of day of Xinjiang library car mysterious is big gorge amused?

Wither invite!

Library car big gorge, very marvellous, suggest you go looking strongly, 5 stars are recommended! Usually, go big gorge pass in and out 2, 3 hours are about the same, but I stayed one day fully inside!

I arrived more at 9 o'clock in the morning, came out at 5 o'clock afternoon.

Library car big gorge had better go in the morning, because the light is good, later afternoon when, there has been the light inside gorge, fun is a lot of less, take a picture to also be done not have so good-looking.

Library car big gorge, it may be said is male sheer unplug, if the knife breaks off axe to cut, very strong beautiful.

Before the uncanny workmanship of this kind of nature, the mankind appears how insignificant!

When the light is good, gorge has a kind to connect the beauty that appear.

This piece of photograph is one of my most satisfactory photographs above, the feeling at that time is such, gules red glow landforms is in of sunshine beamed below, appear bright lustre, very intoxicate, 100 see not tire of.

Gorge goes in, general a hour is OK after all, photography lover except, because be beautiful scenery everywhere, take a picture extraordinary take time.

A lot of places, turn anyhow an angle, it is a scenery.

When sunshine comes down from the come down in torrents in the aperture of gorge, you can feel, time is quiet.

I still see special height goes in with the shoe change, next again photographic.

Admire so that extremely admire!

Actually, I feel all the time, person and the environment all round, best can harmonious, place of a lot of outdoor, t-shirt jeans climbing boot, can follow more natural harmony higher than growing skirt, not be to take ad, do not have really necessary perhaps torment him do sth over and over again into in that way.

I am to put fly in September, hobby travel cate photographs, the welcome pays close attention to me, share cate beautiful scenery to experience together!

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