Turkey 76-91 Czech, the Turkey as rich and powerful family why by unexpectedly? Don't they have a p

Turkey not enemy after Czech, with 1 get the better of 2 negative result to rank a group the 3rd, give a clue without the predestined relationship, what Osmanli destiny it may be said has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result with China is clever, two teams look true now is fellow sufferers.

Above all, world cup head battle, china is right Ketediwa, turkey is right Japan, china and Turkey photograph have absolutely advantage than adversary, although the process is endless same, but ending is same. Opening the victory of the bureau is the victory with China and sole Turkey, let them appear in this world cup not so extremely.

Second battle, china is right polish, china belongs to weak force one party at that time, but in us advocate, china is hit very stoutly, look at at the beginning very successful, and Poland is outer some break the string accurate, be squelched for long by China. Feel mysterious for certain when everybody sees China precede 10 minutes, when strike back of China of 10 much seconds holds 3 minutes of dominant positions finally, the hope that wins a ball burns in every fan heart, the time-out that final China team cannot understand is mixed for many times error of foul line ball brings about China to be turned over directly dish. Once the hope collapses, in quick succession is from the back is disappointed. Turkey also is this gut to the United States, the United States looks from the surface, actual strength affirmation is stronger than Turkey, but whole game, turkey resembles stronger team instead, final Turkey also is the hand holds a dominant position, but be exactly the same of 4 error of foul line ball that punish bos and China, forfeited for nothing finally auspicious condition.

The 3rd battle, perhaps be too too tired out, perhaps say consumed of World War II luck, what anyhow China and Turkey develop is bad, this one battle, adversary Venezuela of China actually not as strong as China, turkey also won't compare the actual strength difference of Czech, but China lost fight, turkey also was defeated by Czech.

See a result, some regrettablly, see a process, feeling to lose a ball again is inevitable, other need not say more, still retain to Chinese basketball hope!

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